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ambiverbal t1_j6goc1p wrote

• Save the file to iCloud.

• Download iCloud for PC, and sign into your iCloud account.

• Find the file in iCloud and open it.

• 'Save-as' to another location on your hard drive.


newecreator t1_j6gokka wrote

  • Use a cloud storage service like Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • Use a flash drive with a lightning end to it then share the file using the Files app.

Ken-Popcorn t1_j6gyag9 wrote

When I plug my lightning cable into my PC, I can use the browser to pull files to the PC. I back up my photos this way


Whiplash104 t1_j6h15oo wrote

I save to icloud drive, then just log in to on the web browser and download from there. I do have a lightning to USB adapter and do it through a USB flash drive when I actually have it handy.


Shrewbacca t1_j6h700a wrote

I use Documents by Readdle while my phone is plugged in.

It goes through iTunes, but it’s been the most reliable way so far.


White_TCR t1_j6hr6f1 wrote

I‘m using sendanywhere app, just enter the code shown in the app and the transfer happens instantly. Love it so far


Capable_Candle_5905 t1_j6h30ok wrote

This is the quickes way, provide that you have your iPhone and PC connected to the same wifi


SaintPepsiCola t1_j6h6qle wrote

Really wish windows had airdrop 🫠🫠


SherrifsNear t1_j6itklo wrote

I wish Apple would just bake bluetooth file transfer into iOS. It drives me crazy that we still don't have this in 2023.


Au-l-hiver t1_j6i0oal wrote

Tailscale. Just add both devices to your personal network and you can share whatever you like in which direction you like. Plus you don’t need to be in the same physical network since Tailscale creates a virtual network for you.


CanadaTuzi t1_j6ji8rk wrote

Create a windows share in your pc and add it as a server in the iOS files app and just copy or move the file to the shared folder


UMBRUCK t1_j6jq684 wrote 🔝