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CuteCatBoy69 t1_j58nka7 wrote

Non-jailbroken iPhones can't get viruses to my knowledge. Android phones can but only if you install apps from outside the app store. Viruses aren't just something that happens to devices, they require user input to install, with a small handful of exceptions on PCs.


2Adude t1_j58uczh wrote

Android can and so can iPhones. Very unlikely if you only download legit apps on the App Store or google play store.


lalalalalalal1701 t1_j593ck1 wrote

The iPhone can not get a “virus”


Nawnp t1_j5b39zy wrote

Don't live in a bubble, viruses exist for devices now, you're right they're behind some sketchy actions in iPhone, but that doesn't make it impossible.