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EmploymentStrong8675 t1_j58mta0 wrote

Some carriers support sms read receipts, it’s much harder to opt in on some devices and you need to usually be on the same carrier. Old CDMA and GSM phones offered this, usually symbolized with one or two checks.


Remarkable-Sector-44 t1_j58vnf2 wrote

They do not support them in the native message app on iOS. The carriers that do support read receipts either A. Have their own app, or use Googles version of RCS.


sean101v t1_j58htxj wrote

This has happened to me before too with an Android phone. Same situation where they have never owned an iPhone. It only happened once and I have no clue why it happened.


Monniica OP t1_j58ncb0 wrote

Ok hold on. I went back to all my other non iPhone messages. They all say “read” on the last message I had with them before I lost my phone. So I lost my phone dec 26 on a cruise and received my new iPhone Jan 4. All messages prior to Dec 26 say read!!! That’s weird.

Update: I had put my phone in lost mode/suspend with my carrier around Jan 2 when I got back to Miami from the cruise.


Remarkable-Sector-44 t1_j58vioa wrote

It’s a bug that happens when downloading backed up Messages.

iOS doesn’t support RCS, so it’s impossible for read receipts to work for anything other than iMessage.


Monniica OP t1_j5ct2ku wrote

Yes now I believe it was because I restored my new phone from a backup. Everything is backed up to my iCloud now since I have so many pics/videos/messages.


kapilbhavsar144 t1_j58mruc wrote

It’s a bug


2Adude t1_j58u7wu wrote

Nope. It’s a read receipt. iOS and android both have it


Remarkable-Sector-44 t1_j58vde0 wrote

Read receipts don’t work for normal text on iOS. You have to support RCS, and iOS doesn’t.


2Adude t1_j58wc34 wrote

Nope. Not true at all. My bro has an android phone. I get read receipt after I text him and he reads the text. I have the iPhone 14 pro


Remarkable-Sector-44 t1_j58wwe0 wrote

Not using the native iOS messaging app you don’t. Apple and iOS doesn’t support RCS so what you are saying is impossible. Meaning you are lying


[deleted] t1_j58zvzi wrote



lalalalalalal1701 t1_j592uzf wrote

Wow! Definite anger issues here.

Anyways, I would assume they are going to say you are lying, due to the fact iOS and Android using the native messaging apps doesn’t have the ability to send read receipts back and forth. It’s impossible from a software and communications standpoint at this time.

If what you are saying is true, instead of getting mad, as another user has stated, you could just provide I screen shot or video?


knightlife t1_j590vuh wrote

That’s so cool! I wanted to see this for my android friends for a while. Do you have a screenshot of it?


NoSoulRequired t1_j5anhdb wrote

This happens after you restore from backup, only time I’ve ever seen this myself.


ommmyyyy t1_j58vcn3 wrote

I noticed this too when I got a new phone (iPhone 12 to 13)


Remarkable-Sector-44 t1_j58z6vr wrote

It’s a bug that happens when downloading messages from iCloud to a new phone.


Justin-Sirois t1_j5d3bc7 wrote

That’s not true, if you google it it’s a feature apple added support for reading android texts LMAO u gotta do your research buddy


[deleted] t1_j5dblk4 wrote



Justin-Sirois t1_j5dbsrm wrote


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Justin-Sirois t1_j5dcfm5 wrote

I’ve used apple through so many iterations and followed every feature addition, this was added in iOS 12. Research it yourself I’m not gonna waste my time to prove it to you when I already know the truth and have been living with that as a feature for years now😭😂


Justin-Sirois t1_j5dbpxv wrote

It did happen, they added that functionality in iOS 12 lmao your not very up to date are you? Spreading mis information all over this thread


Remarkable-Sector-44 t1_j5dbx52 wrote

Post the link please?? As not 2 months ago when Tim Cook was ask if this was ever gonna be supported, his response was to “Go buy an iPhone”


Justin-Sirois t1_j5dc7sa wrote

The thread your commenting on has a photo proving you wrong that it’s a feature LMAOOO


Justin-Sirois t1_j5dcomd wrote

Your links truly are incorrect because multiple people in this thread posted photos from recently and years ago proving you and your childish articles WRONG. It is a feature and always will be :) I’ll explain how it works if you’d like to learn and close your trap!


lolalalala1701 t1_j5de5fs wrote

They posted links showing something that is a know bug when restoring or downloading messages from iCloud. You post a support thread from years ago, that POINT out in the comments it’s a bug, your own “proof” disagrees with you.

You are the one acting childish and trolling.


Colefinney1234onyt t1_j5c61ox wrote

It usually happened when you have low data you can send messages as a regular message insted if iMessage.


Usernamedwho t1_j5c7cbv wrote

A lot of android have read receipts and reactions now. A lot of people android users included don’t know. Also their still working out the bugs. Also there’s a new company that figured out how android users can now use iMessage with their app that will be launching soon.


Casual_Adubs t1_j5bjdm5 wrote

Way beyond “sms read receipts” it’s an entirely new sms technology that brings them on par with iMessage. However, apple is trying to prevent sms users from functioning properly on iPhone. Some are able to work around it. Others can not.


ev6jester t1_j58nxag wrote


Recently switched to iOS from android and remember receiving the ‘reactions’ from iPhones. Might be starting two way comms


gregra193 t1_j58sk32 wrote

The reactions are something that Android supports for compatibility. Apple does not support RCS.


Nawnp t1_j5b32x5 wrote

Apple uses iMessages only, Tim Cook recently replied "Buy an iPhone" when he was asked if Apple will update to support RCS.


WEEDPhysicist t1_j58gzb5 wrote



CuteCatBoy69 t1_j58nka7 wrote

Non-jailbroken iPhones can't get viruses to my knowledge. Android phones can but only if you install apps from outside the app store. Viruses aren't just something that happens to devices, they require user input to install, with a small handful of exceptions on PCs.


2Adude t1_j58uczh wrote

Android can and so can iPhones. Very unlikely if you only download legit apps on the App Store or google play store.


lalalalalalal1701 t1_j593ck1 wrote

The iPhone can not get a “virus”


Nawnp t1_j5b39zy wrote

Don't live in a bubble, viruses exist for devices now, you're right they're behind some sketchy actions in iPhone, but that doesn't make it impossible.


2Adude t1_j58u4ro wrote

It’s a read receipt