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dskatter t1_j61ww53 wrote

If it’s new and you’re getting a great deal, sure. The 11 was a decent phone and I liked the one I had.

If not, then no.


KenRodriguezz t1_j627tt1 wrote

A 12 is out of budget? You can get the new design, MagSafe, 5G and more


ratsandpigeons t1_j62ltyi wrote

If you never had an iPhone I would recommend you try it. I’ve been a long time Android user and made the switch to the iPhone 11 about three years ago. I’m still using the iPhone 11 and it’s running strong. No lag, no overheating, constant security updates (recently updated to iOS 16.3) and the battery life is amazing. I would totally recommend the switch. It will be worth it.


newecreator t1_j62okru wrote

The 11 is a great starter phone who wants a middle ground between old enough that it is cheap and new enough that it has benefits like the larger screen and larger battery.


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