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bigsmallhands t1_j6aetke wrote

That’s almost $1100 USD. I could find much better phones new here in the US for $1100. Hell I paid $1100 USD for my 14 Pro 256gb new but I know US prices are different than euros moneys.


Darkeoss t1_j6alwyq wrote

-> 512 GB <- and in euros, one year & 4 months ago, new was 1699€ aprox.


tgeekb t1_j6afqfh wrote

I just purchased a brand new 12 pro for half that. I don’t see it as a good deal.


taboo007 t1_j6ahtvk wrote

Yeah that's the price of a new 14 pro max at least in the states. I would look elsewhere or just buy new if you have that kind of money.


MrAwesome1000 OP t1_j6aid3a wrote

Thanks for your comments everyone! I will back off from this purchase. I will wait for a better deal.

Stay safe and all the best!