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GRIS0 t1_j655ksi wrote

True, it’s heavy AF. Still want a “pro mini”


LittleIntroduction55 t1_j65ryd4 wrote

go to the gym


GRIS0 t1_j66b3ni wrote

I run ultra Marathons don’t need to


Hot_Mud7329 t1_j66n6cp wrote

This. Ran my 50k with my 4lb iPhone 13 Pro. Miss my 12 mini weight.


one_hyun t1_j67p802 wrote

Haha. That was always my joke. Just as in RPG games, you have to increase strength to wield certain weapons, you should work out to be able to wield a Pro Max easily.


ToffeeCoffee t1_j65mhx2 wrote

> Still want a “pro mini”

You mean pro camera, with phone addon!


GRIS0 t1_j65qeii wrote

Lol I think that the mini is the perfect size


IndependentYogurt965 t1_j67py3n wrote

No, he is saying that the camera would take up 90% of the back on a mini


GRIS0 t1_j67xg4c wrote

I know, thank you, but still think is the perfect size


IndependentYogurt965 t1_j67xogc wrote

The mini was the best small phone in the last two years no doubt. Sadly Apple just had to kill it for the 14Plus which has even worse sales than the mini. It was the only good tiny phone that you could recommend to everyone.


GRIS0 t1_j67yhzp wrote

Yeah, it has the perfect form factor. Size is just right, it’s powerful with a great camera. The only weak point is the battery life but it’s still what a lot of people wants from a phone. It’s sad that the plus is going no where, they killed a phone for Apple clients to produce a phone to bring more clients, the result? No more client and actual clients pissed off with their -old- beloved mini


IndependentYogurt965 t1_j67yx6s wrote

Not only did they recycle the base iphone 14, made an overpriced 6.7 inch phone which only has one redeeming feature, the battery life. Every big tech company is getting more full of shit the more time passes.


GRIS0 t1_j67zdd3 wrote

They are just going back to 1990: since 10 years ago Apple was a company capable to show (and tell) you what to want. Now they have lost the contact with reality and don’t know where they are going. They just need one iPhone, maybe two iPads, two sizes MacBook, two sizes iMac. Everything ridiculously overpriced


UAForever21 t1_j682o4z wrote

Right now the only good mini phone imo would be Asus Zenfone 9, but you gotta be okay with Android for that


Messiah_Knight t1_j69ydoz wrote

Pro mini wouldn’t make sense. Pro models are “high end”. The minis aren’t


jaeduet t1_j65fmvz wrote

100% agree.. I put this phone inside my drawer and always carry my 4 year old Xs instead.. Much lighter, thinner and not much different in performance.


Humorous-Prince t1_j65rv34 wrote

So… don’t get the Pro Max? I wanted one because of the biggest screen size.


jaeduet t1_j65sfmw wrote

It is a great phone if you like to enjoy big screen. I like a phone with a balance in screen size and weight.. My favorite phone is iPhone XR(LCD screen) and iPhone 13 mini..


Listen-and-laugh t1_j67ctax wrote

Who else here has dropped these on them selves while in bed. The literal moment it slips, I scrunch up my face and turn my head 😭


idaryabro t1_j66c14f wrote

Why would they do a Pro Mini when no one bought the Mini? Common sense champion.


GRIS0 t1_j66x4kt wrote

Because a lot of people love the mini and the plus is on the shelves


idaryabro t1_j66xxet wrote

If people loved the Mini how come it had poor sales? The Plus model will suffer the same fate come the iPhone 15 lineup because no one wants it just like no one actually wants to buy a Mini let alone a Pro Mini…


GRIS0 t1_j66yc4d wrote

Because a lot of people wants to look expensive but likes the mini


Misenk0 t1_j68gew5 wrote

Yeah, whenever I take my old 12 mini into my hands I can’t believe what a brick 14 pro is. Heavy AF indeed.


Idontmatter69420 t1_j68ykqg wrote

The 14 pro is heavy? Ive felt my dad's and i don't think it's massively heavy, but then again im the person who regularly just casually has a gameboy in my pocket


GRIS0 t1_j68yxlh wrote

Is really heavy, last year I’ve refused a 13 pro due to the weight and went with 13 mini


Idontmatter69420 t1_j690pom wrote

I find that my 14 isn't big enough but I couldn't afford the plus model, probably cause im an unemployed 16 year old


GRIS0 t1_j690xk1 wrote

Yeah I assume we use the phone differently


Idontmatter69420 t1_j691ck0 wrote

I do have fairly large hands as well so that'll have something to do with it


GRIS0 t1_j692a0o wrote

I have too but I don’t feel comfortable with the weight


Straight_Truth_7451 t1_j69co3i wrote

Its like 300g… how is that heavy?


faretheewellennui t1_j69lpmp wrote

It’s heavy compared to other phones. I came from the 7 Plus, it felt like a major difference at first (used to it now though)


GRIS0 t1_j69f02d wrote

A lot of people have hand pain due to phone usage, it’s not because all phones are lightweight


se7ensin t1_j65e62l wrote

I dunno man, Sierra Blue still wins it for me.


FarDoctor6200 t1_j665ska wrote

white is my favorite. apple products dont feel the same to me unless theyre white. its just a nostalgia thing, i went through a few ipods. i still run an old ipod classic.


se7ensin t1_j66bu4x wrote

White is a classic. Wife has always had white iPhones and they all looked fantastic and clean


tripl3_espresso t1_j65fl3n wrote

Not a patch on the 4/4S in my opinion.


PegasusTenma t1_j69gy83 wrote

I agree, I love my 14PM but the 4 was like a piece of jewellery.


ErenOnizuka t1_j66y1gz wrote

What do you mean? Every iPhone since the 12 looks the same.


RockyRaccoon968 t1_j670fkn wrote

I even think the 12 is more aesthetically pleasing because the camera is not absurdly big.


moxie-girl t1_j671rye wrote

I agree, even the 13 bugs me (my bf has the 13 pro) but the 12 and even the 11 pros look better.


WinglyBap t1_j67wxgj wrote

It definitely looks far too big on the 14 pro but I guess the camera is worth it.


Dry_Contribution9928 t1_j661l5m wrote

The XR yellow is truly underated


iapplexmax t1_j69h90y wrote

Don't like the yellow glass, but the aluminum side rails looked amazing on it!


Ankit-Ahlawat t1_j67h7qv wrote

Still can’t beat iPhone 4 and 5s design!


thundernutts816 t1_j65xjnr wrote

Got the same color. I wish I had picked space black instead. Love the feel of the pro though.


fluffballll1 t1_j68b2dm wrote

why do you wish you got the black instead?


thundernutts816 t1_j68nt0m wrote

I always got a black phone prior to this. This was my first time to go for any other color. I have seen few space black around with and without cases and I feel that color looks better than deep purple. Just my personal take.


fluffballll1 t1_j68pldn wrote

Fair. I used to get only black too, then I started getting white and now I’m sick of both colors lol.


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_j69c1gq wrote

It’s so much easier to accessorize a black or a white device since every color combines with them.

I had a green Apple Watch and even changing the straps the body was still green…I’d rather have black, or white. Of course I don’t have an AW anymore (no use for them) but if I were to have one again, it would have to be black.


fluffballll1 t1_j69i3q8 wrote

sorry i’m not a native speaker, what is AW? You’re right about the accessorizing thing though.


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_j69kxxd wrote

Sorry, I’m not a native speaker either!

AW = Apple Watch

Sorry for the confusion.


fluffballll1 t1_j69l3ym wrote

Ooh definitely makes sense haha sorry! I don’t own one and I have never thought of owning one so I forgot it even exists! Thanks for clearing it up!


AnaBlack90 t1_j67rm4g wrote

For me sierra blue was the best 😎


humbertog t1_j65n21u wrote

I still think the best looking iPhone ever was the iPhone 4/4S


Shiningc t1_j67dw95 wrote

It looked like a PSP. Of course the PSP was a good design.


UndertaleShorts t1_j651u03 wrote

True 💯

Thought after putting on a case it’s beauty would be nothing more than the past 😭


[deleted] t1_j65sr66 wrote

Yeah definitely it's not like we've had this design for like 3 years already.


Pipeudown1 t1_j66nk0n wrote

Same here, I went from a 13PM to SE because I can do the exact same thing but on a much lighter package.


VinWing13 t1_j695yzj wrote

I find the 13 red to be the prettiest. Not that I’m biased or anything 👀


SeaServalKing t1_j657dmc wrote

I just got the deep purple pro max. I have a marble case on it atm cause not going without a case. But I have a clear case coming to show off the beauty of it!


BillyBotThorton420 t1_j673bb3 wrote

I have same phone 512gb deep purple 14 pro max, it’s imo the best colour they have made yet and stunning. It is very large and it is heavy, took about 3 weeks to adjust to the heft. But in the (ESR classic hybrid clear) phone cleaned with white gloves on, perfectly & shined before being dropped in. Rocking the ESR armorite screen protector, zero effect on clarity, more oleophobic by a lot then the stock screen. It’s a beautiful phone


SeaServalKing t1_j673xps wrote

It didn’t take me too long as I had a pixel 6 pro that was quite heavy. I love the color though got it cause of my mom. Her favorite color is purple. Can’t wait to get the case I got to show off the color.


Worried_Kangaroo_331 t1_j69qwt0 wrote

I personally think the rose gold SE 1st gen is still the best looking


Kickmeiamadog t1_j6840lj wrote

What colour is it? I have the apparently purple iPhone 14 pro and the pictures don’t represent it in real life at all. May have well have gone space black as the purple looks more like the graphite of my iPhone X except in exceptional light. Bought a clear case thinking it’d be worth it over a aramid slim but ended up switching asap.


Kiergard t1_j68422w wrote

Boring af. iPhones peaked with the 11 pro. Since then downhill. Time for a new design and no dynamic crapland.


Common-Incident7705 t1_j68aw2r wrote

Why are you in a Apple group?


Kiergard t1_j68ckr5 wrote

Why not? I have an iPhone 14 pro here. Do i have to love everything which apple snorts out?


SingleTrack3hundy t1_j689v0l wrote

13 pro alpine green for me. Having a hard time upgrading because I like the color so much


_Deyz t1_j68b1yg wrote

My vents in my car are easy to move and finding a vent MagSafe adapter to hold the heavy asf 24 pm is hard


p1024breddit t1_j68i0e8 wrote

Honestly? It's unproportioned. It's like a person with a huge head. I love the tiny small factor though. Anyhow I stick with Samsung S22 that's more harmonic. My view.


RektPhoenix t1_j68yiku wrote

Absolutely. Got one today for my wife and holy shit am I in love


eferalgan t1_j691vxu wrote

Looks like the last year’s version


lemons507 t1_j69ifpu wrote

Honestly I’m a bigger fan of the red. On the regular 14 series. Sadly out of the pros there wasn’t many color options.


faretheewellennui t1_j69muo0 wrote

I have the same one, but it looks almost black most of the time 😭 I have a clear case, but it seems like it’s muting the color


bluegreenie99 t1_j69obtb wrote

It reminds me of spiders. Big yikes..


Alan_1375 t1_j6c2vfq wrote

people that say it's ugly probably don't own it! Enjoy it c:


urmomslame t1_j69pk6h wrote

Ugly imo. The iPhone 8 is the goat


Messiah_Knight t1_j69y662 wrote

The color yes. The cameras are WAY TOO big on iPhones now. iPhone 12 Pro was PEAK iPhone design


JuniorPoulet t1_j65rqdg wrote

acha bhai sahi hai bharam kya dikha raha hai