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Paranomac t1_j3yrne0 wrote

if itunes already runs good on windows since a lot of time, why not those apps?


vabello t1_j3zcomb wrote

Wait, so you have a special version of iTunes that runs well on Windows??


mrharoharo t1_j40060a wrote

Just going to throw in that I never had problems with iTunes on Windows.


vabello t1_j41hphh wrote

It behaves like a normal Windows application for you and not a slow clunky one? That’s always been my experience on every Windows PC. Certain clicks don’t register right away and it makes it feel very sluggish.


Paranomac t1_j3ziras wrote


vabello t1_j41i3n1 wrote

That’s just a wrapper for the normal version, but without Apple Update or any iCloud sync… if the latter was part of iTunes. I can’t recall now.


Nikokuno t1_j3zwwde wrote

Didn't know they had a Windows Store vers. of it. Well colour me surprised!

And it ran well too?! Because iTunes never ran well like they did on purpose on Windows rig.


Paranomac t1_j426qnr wrote

Windows store kinda does bad but the .exe in my opinion does well


Slow-Positive8924 t1_j4b2yib wrote

When it comes to syncing photos to your iPhone, the windows .exe is even better as my MacBook. Funny but true. While iTunes on windows isn’t transferring very few photos, my Mac can’t sync several hundreds of photos, because it can’t transfer photos of that type of codecs. „Your iPhone doesn’t support that file type“. But ALL the photos and videos come from my iPhone, so I know that it supports that file type. And even windows iTunes can transfer them. Strange isn’t it?