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Billh491 t1_j5vxyoe wrote

What the heck are you talking about Google pays Apple close to 20 billion a year to be the default search on the iPhone.

That is pure profit! Apple is not giving that up unless Bing offers more. And even then they will not switch because everyone wants Google search results.


reallynothingmuch t1_j5wvt0z wrote

Or unless they think they can launch their own search engine that will make them more


Evilhammy t1_j5xhrx3 wrote

they probably won’t make a legit search engine because of how much goes into that, but they’ve been putting tons of work into Spotlight being a mini search engine built into the home screen, and i could 100% see them making a larger push for that so that users don’t even need to enter safari for most simple queries


p-rking t1_j5xprzi wrote

Doesn’t Spotlight use Google for the off device part of the search?


Business-Parsnip-939 t1_j5y3jwm wrote

Don’t know why people downvoted but yes it does currently, actually used to use Bing, which in my opinion had better results


A11Bionic t1_j614b0a wrote

Do you happen to know when Bing was stopped from being utilized?


tetronic t1_j5xxibz wrote

Can’t wait to use apple search and get the results of “I can’t answer that right now”


[deleted] t1_j5xj1ig wrote

That seems impossible since they have to compete against a >20 year old complex service


Larsaf t1_j5z2iro wrote

A service that has been degrading in quality for at least a decade.


EmergencySwitch t1_j5z477j wrote

Absolutely. I never use google without appending Reddit at the end since most searches results are for SEO optimized blogspam


Larsaf t1_j5z6cob wrote

Or take the time range for search result. If there’s something on the news, and you think you remember almost the same thing being In the news before, you could just go and set the custom range To to a month or a year ago. Boom, up came what you were looking for.

Now you get 5 year old articles with no relation to what you were looking for, but they were recently reindexed and the keywords of course appear in the „now trending on this site“ side bar. And it should be trivial for Google to ignore the side bars (or adds), but they don‘t.


SpaceForceAwakens t1_j5z8tw4 wrote

Or Pinterest, but you can’t see it without logging in. Fuck that noise.


Married_with_Meeples t1_j5zr5nt wrote

I just told someone to search this way when looking up reviews and how-to instructions outside of YouTube. SEO optimization has absolutely ruined objective and informative search results. The blogs are horribly written and then make small changes regularly to get them to show up when people search with the year at the end.


gordito_gr t1_j5y07jw wrote

What makes you think that they can compete with Google Search?

Bing has been trying forever


reallynothingmuch t1_j5yhchm wrote

I didn’t say I think they can, I said they might think they can


gordito_gr t1_j5yj071 wrote

>I said they might think they can

They know better, it's been a decade they been trying with maps and they still aint there.

There's no way anyone inside Apple thinks they can top Google Search in the near future.


gordito_gr t1_j5y053h wrote

>because everyone wants Google search results

That wont be forever


the_jak t1_j5yywai wrote

eh, i could take it or leave it these days. almost the entire 1st page is ads for shit im not looking for that are tangentially related to my query.


Pigeon_Chess t1_j5xtdoe wrote

I use bing on my iPhone because private relay bricks google search


Larsaf t1_j5z3qpb wrote

It’s almost like someone at Google is trying to make Apple look bad. But no, only Apple has such secret plans.


Delicious_One_7887 t1_j6m827h wrote

google would wanna make their top customer of cloud storage look bad? Well google is an idiot then.


Sm0g3R t1_j5y06p9 wrote

Well I mean the article still makes sense to some degree. Most of the things now widely accepted as the norm for both OSes, like scrolling, zooming, or even the current way to get back to your homescreen with edge-to-edge screens (homebar) were invented or at least first widely implemented by Apple...


Friendly-Rock3226 t1_j5wpfkz wrote

Not true. People are tired of Google following them & keeping records so essentially if you use Google you have no privacy.


squareswordfish t1_j5wzza7 wrote

With “people” do you mean a small subset of the population that is particularly prone to voicing their thoughts and frequents the same spaces as you?

Because most people don’t care about any of that.


ItsTylerBrenda t1_j5wxrad wrote

This whole thing reminds me that apple was rumored to be working on their own search engine. I wonder if that has been the master plan all along. Take the 20b from google, use it to create your own search engine, then use software update to set it as the default for all 1.2b apple devices.


ShaderzXC t1_j5x0jdf wrote

If spotlight is any indication of how it’s going it will be Apples biggest failure yet. Never had such displeasure using an Apple service or feature


WinterInfamous7213 t1_j5xhvv7 wrote

Yet everybody is happy to use google maps and google search. Google isn’t going anywhere in the close future, they pretty much have a monopoly at this point.


mgc418 t1_j5z7yrh wrote

You should rephrase that to: essentialy if you use a smartphone you have no privacy. Because Google isn’t the only one sucking up all your information.


m945050 t1_j5zho19 wrote

Between Google, Facebook and the government privacy ceased to exist long before Y2K.


Delicious_One_7887 t1_j6m8phz wrote

So basically if you open a browser and it loads google and you search on it, you have no privacy. That means millions of people around the world have no privacy and if they don’t why isn’t their info spread all over the world?


-im-just-vibing- t1_j5w8p44 wrote

i am buying a pixel if apple change to bing


WorldCupMexicanChile t1_j5wejck wrote

Lol you literally go to settings and change it back. This mofo would divorce a person if she decides to eat an onion ring.


-im-just-vibing- t1_j5wp9my wrote

do you not understand jokes? you are such an idiot honestly


Pt_Zero t1_j5wpls2 wrote

It wasn’t a particularly funny joke, bud…


badDNA t1_j5wtxus wrote

Yea he just sounded like a douche


-im-just-vibing- t1_j5x44ev wrote

i don’t care, bud


HAND_HOOK_CAR_DOOR t1_j5xplr8 wrote

Username does not check out


-im-just-vibing- t1_j5xrf0f wrote

it checks out when i’m not being insulted by people, is that not fair enough?

judging by the downvotes, i guess not. i’ll keep in mind next time to be really nice and friendly when someone attacks me for no reason and calls me a motherfucker.


Pt_Zero t1_j5yj8hn wrote

It’s the internet. You’re gonna need a little bit thicker skin than that if you’re going to tell unfunny “jokes” around here. No one’s even being particularly mean or anything and you turned it up to 11 and started calling people idiots. I’m guessing you’re a spoiled 14 year old who’s just trying to sound like a badass. If not, you act like you’re 14 and you should probably work on that.


-im-just-vibing- t1_j5yk0aw wrote

mate this is a subreddit for iphones, there’s nothing controversial, there’s no reason for me to be insulted. you’re saying i’m the one who started this, i didn’t. random guy replies to my joke, calls me a motherfucker, and says that i’d divorce someone if they ate an onion ring. the joke was terrible and barely made sense, but anyway. i was attacked first for no reason at all, this guy evidently just needed to vent some anger towards random people on the internet. not everyone knows that you can change your default internet browser.


dskatter t1_j5vwlh0 wrote

You don’t have to have google on the phone at all, just change the search engine to DuckDuckGo and move on.

Having Google on the iPhone is purely voluntary.


hollyflynn22 OP t1_j5vwxib wrote

so is YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps.


dskatter t1_j5vxrek wrote

Yes, and?

Those are all apps you can download voluntarily. Apple isn’t going to ban Google apps from the App Store. That’s not what the article is about.


gordito_gr t1_j5y09yo wrote

>You don’t have to have google on the phone
>at all

i mean, people want to have google services, that's the point


dskatter t1_j5ya8v1 wrote

Point entirely missed.


StebeJubs1000 t1_j5zv9jz wrote

Or maybe you did a terrible job at actually explaining your point.

Edit: he blocked me for this, incredibly soft lmao


dskatter t1_j5zw7wg wrote

Oh no, a four day old Reddit account has critiqued me. Whatever shall I do.


StebeJubs5000 t1_j5zwq1i wrote

The age of my account is completely unrelated to your inability to coherently express yourself.

Feel free to block this one too since you're this soft, not that it'll do much. 😘


Dazzling-Soil-8783 t1_j5w3cxq wrote

Apple is a large, for profit company. If they thought replacing all Apple services with Google ones would make the their executives more money during their lifetimes, they would. If they thought painting all the world’s bananas blue or promoting flat earth on Twitter would make them more money, they’d do it in a heart beat. Whatever they do, say, endorse, or sell it is for one reason and one reason only. Same for Google, Microsoft, etc.


AdonisK t1_j60p0za wrote

There will definitely be a legal battle between the two, plus country/region laws (against monopoly, user locking, anti-trust etc) might get involved.


scottied1984 t1_j5wamdg wrote

Don’t often comment here but… this article is describe a decade plus long pissing contest between two multi billion dollar companies. They’re simply researching what could drive profit and more eyes to their services. Google does the same. It won’t effect the ability to download Google based apps on your own free will. My iPhone is loaded to the brim with Google services. If apple did lose it and block Google, that would be anti-trust city. I am shocked that the texting ear hasn’t attracted government attention. Sad the IS has to rely on EU laws, like forcing usb-c, to help consumers. In summary, not worried and little to see here from the speculation of the author off the phrase “grudge.” This read like wrestling journalism.


Generalrossa t1_j6081j1 wrote

> two multi billion dollar companies

Apples a trillion dollar company


AdonisK t1_j60p5fc wrote

Alphabet too (if we are talking about market value).


DistinctAuthor42 t1_j5w0g51 wrote

Apple is a company, it doesn’t feel anything. It’s managed by professionals who act logically. It’s management is appointed by people who want to see growth in return for their investment. Apple will do whatever is best for Apple.

What’s best for Apple is being independent from other companies, especially from competitors. So yes, they are working on replacing Google services.

Whether they are successful with that is another question. Translate and Maps aren’t even close to being a full replacement for Google’s services. But that’s ok because users can still use Google’s alternatives like they used to while Apple is improving their own.

They will be much more hesitant with anything that replaces an existing integration (e.g. default search engine) because that would confuse users. Confused users are unhappy users, unhappy users are more likely to switch to competitors, users switching to competitors hurt the bottom line of the company and that conflicts with the management’s interests.


ImaginationSad16 t1_j5wiyqf wrote

See the thing is. I wish I could have nothing to do with Google. Too bad everything else is completely garbage


westcgb t1_j5xgt3t wrote

Exactly. Google Search, Maps, Flights, etc are all so well made I would hate to use alternatives.


Purple_Cauliflower11 t1_j5yl2ji wrote

They need to fix the problem of sending pictures to an android phone


notquitetoplan t1_j5ymuxq wrote

They don’t consider that a problem. To apple it’s a feature.


IGS_Reddit t1_j62wvui wrote

From daddy cook, he said that he just doesn't see users saying it's a problem. It's like he's inviting the bullying of preference. Wtf


Vivrosh t1_j60q9h0 wrote

Apple say android copy iOS if not wrong they both copy each other and I don’t think Apple will ever remove Google from iOS that will huge loss for them and consumers


kirino42 t1_j5vxwdh wrote

If I don’t have google services in iPhone anymore I go back to android


NeuralFlow t1_j5ws7ky wrote

Google services are just apps. So unless Apple gets in the business of banning competitors from the App Store… which the dance around now, but don’t usually plainly do, they’re just inviting every government regulator to break them up.


0000GKP t1_j5vyez8 wrote

This article talks about things that happened 10 years ago. Other than Apple selling the default search engine setting to Google, there hasn’t been anything from Google on the iPhone in a very long time.


Friendly-Rock3226 t1_j5wpaze wrote

Thank you, thank you thank you. Google tracks us & saves the info. We have no privacy with Google.


arein114 t1_j5yisz8 wrote

I just switched from android to apple. Part if the reason is that I could still use google apps, maps, calendar, keep, mail, and every use that as my primary password store. If that does happen I will probably switch back. Its ashame too


ArtVandelaySZN t1_j5ytrjd wrote

Damn. I like Google maps. Way better than Apple Maps.


CantSingCantDance t1_j5zjbub wrote

Hope not. Still can’t use Apple Maps as it so inferior to Google Maps. Half the time somewhere I want to find isn’t on Apple maps but hey look Google Maps exactly where it is. Last time I used Apple Maps it tried to take me across a field and a river rather than around the road!


spradlig t1_j60zc20 wrote

I used to be able to tap an address on my iPhone and it would open Google Maps. Now, if I want to avoid Apple Maps I have to type or copy the address into Google Maps.


pfx_9oV t1_j5w6vpw wrote

So why is google still safari’s default search engine ? Can’t we at least have startpage included so I can switch to ?


NeuralFlow t1_j5wrhcp wrote

You know you can change the search engine? You can “de-google” your iPhone right now.


pfx_9oV t1_j5wxhxq wrote

So how can I make startpage the default on safari ? Enlighten me please !


NeuralFlow t1_j5yu31v wrote

I’m not sure I understand what your asking.

How to change the default search engine on the start page?

Go to settings-> safari-> search engine and change it to the one you want.

I use 🦆 🦆. It gets what I want 90% of the time. Sometimes I have to open a tab for google. But now they get 10% of my traffic, not all of it.


pfx_9oV t1_j5z3j0u wrote


NeuralFlow t1_j5zay4n wrote

Oh lol.… that’s not confusing. I guess they haven’t done the work to get on safaris list yet. There are alternatives to Google though.


Delicious_One_7887 t1_j6m7ub7 wrote

So de googling would be, delete google apps. Delete Apple ID. Delete google account. Why Apple ID you might ask? Apple stores that info in google servers and also your iCloud.


schrod t1_j5wnwdu wrote

Google is one of my favorite apps on my iphone. I use it to give instant information on stuff many times a day every day!


pacwess t1_j5xmmbk wrote

As the article says this could just be the natural progression of Apple as a company.


hypohater t1_j5xxmbt wrote

If I have to use Apple Maps…


nokenito t1_j5y4w4h wrote

It’s just Linux at its core… so?


smaad t1_j5y7vh6 wrote

Lmao If they make that done I’ll quit as well bro I love my iPhone and my apple products because they are well made but if they start forcing using maps or their own app too much I guess It will be time to leave since in my country most apple service aren’t supported


Kohra_Kusakari t1_j5ynoan wrote

If they removed google apps from iphones, i would 100% move to android. I need them google apps


salutcemoi t1_j5yq9px wrote

Not gonna happen Too many people use Google apps/services

Apple would shoot themselves in the foot


Professional-Dish324 t1_j5z5z7d wrote

I couldn't see Apple beating Google at search.

I could see them potentially leapfrogging Google, now that we're entering the era of ChatGPT et al and traditional search slowly starts to fade when these AI/ML bots get really good.

...But then I use Siri and think not.

I hope that Apple doesn't beat Google at advertising.

I use Apple products as I don't like being a product and being advertised to.

If that happens, what is the major difference between Apple and Google? Not much.

Finally, I don't know why Apple Maps gets lots of hate - I like it more than Google Maps, personally.

Apple Maps has a much better approach to slowly zooming in when you get to a junction etc.

Google Maps often seems like a sports cameraperson is controlling the zoom.


duvagin t1_j5zduwf wrote

can't innovate then litigate


Hourly- t1_j5zhcym wrote

iphones don’t work correctly without google


superchunked t1_j5zm7nj wrote

Fair so long as it’s done by making better products where the benefit drives people away from the google application. I think that also has to be done in parallel with increasing the types of applications where iOS allowed final native default settings like the browser.


GodlikeCat t1_j5zyyy5 wrote

that must be why google maps got fucked recently. It resets cache every time you switch apps


Lurknspray2018 t1_j6059h7 wrote

They won’t.

What’s more entertaining was the no of morons who crawled out of their hidey holes for this thread


selw0nk t1_j60alby wrote

Just remove all Google apps from the App Store.


IronMan319 t1_j61l05d wrote

I don’t think anyone would want this


aman555017 t1_j5w93g9 wrote

I will go back to android soon if this news a legit!!

The best AI is google bro. There is alot google can do maps, youtube, search engine etc2

I admit apple have good software and hardware but they suck when limited to user manage. You buy the device etc but they control it 😌.


NeuralFlow t1_j5wr9l8 wrote

The best AI is not at google anymore. I think that’s one strength that Apple has. Siri sucks, but they can use other backend services if they wanted. And AI assisted applications will likely become a SAAS product in the near future.


Eazy3006 t1_j5wu9qs wrote

Apple would never do that.

For millions and millions of people, Google software is way more important than Apple’s hardware.

There’s nothing the iPhone does that other phones can’t do.


ImpartialHawk t1_j5xxf1w wrote

> There’s nothing the iPhone does that other phones can’t do.

  1. Get timely updates year after year.

_Pho_ t1_j5yf9ux wrote

2- Make me sound like a schizophrenic every time I use speech to text.


According_Can1875 t1_j5z207a wrote

You mean updates that hardly do anything for the user experience?


ImpartialHawk t1_j5zw2k7 wrote

Well, I'm mainly thinking about updates that patch known vulnerabilities. Android phones kinda leave you hanging in the wind for a while after the first year. Indefinitely, after 2 or 3 years. The iPhone 6s was supported for seven years.

But no, they don't reinvent the wheel with each update. Why would they? My wife just got a Galaxy S22 and it got the Android 13 update her S10 didn't. It's the same thing. Granted, Android has a lot more customization, but Samsung's Android 13 update certainly fit the bill of "hardly does anything for the user interface" that you're trying to paint iPhone updates with.


Kawi_rider_zx6r t1_j600guh wrote

And hopefully developers don't drop support for the previous version, rendering older, yet still capable iphones, useless.


joeyg151785 t1_j5xmajr wrote

This is pure BS and i don’t believe it for a second.


Delicious_One_7887 t1_j5xvhfg wrote

Yes that would be great. All iPhone users will have no youtube, no google search, no google maps and absolutely nothing with the word google in it. Safari will block and YouTube or anything owned by google and chrome will be removed and all the browsers will have to block and any site owned by google. Apple will be checking your phone every time and if they see the word google or YouTube in any part of your phone, they will delete that. If you send your phone in to apple, they will refuse if your phone ever had google software on it and tell you to get a life. Any picture with the word google will be deleted. If your phone detects a android nearby, it will shut itself off and then the screen will flash. If the camera detects the word google, your camera will be permanently blocked or if you film off the YouTube website, your phone will permanently shut off. No tracking, except by apple because they need to detect if your phone has the word google on it. Also, I don’t use an iPhone, I only use an iPad. Long switched from iPhone. I also wanna tell you that apple will lose their 8 million terabytes of iCloud storage because oh gosh it’s on google servers. Live without iMessage, iCloud, safari, google search, and literally all apple and google services. Hard? Well that’s the future you want so fuck you.


CantSingCantDance t1_j5zjfl0 wrote

Hope not. Still can’t use Apple Maps as it so inferior to Google Maps. Half the time somewhere I want to find isn’t on Apple maps but hey look Google Maps exactly where it is. Last time I used Apple Maps it tried to take me across a field and a river rather than around the road!


ricosuave79 t1_j5zm6bs wrote

Its not "allegedly". Android did.


IGS_Reddit t1_j62x2sv wrote

I can name pretty much a laundry list of things apple has ripped off of android in the last 3 years. Y'all are just so blind that you only look at what one side is doing.


LetsHaveARedo t1_j5x59ww wrote

Thas cool... I mean all these companies are basically evil in a similar way, but fuck google/alphabet especially.


Mikey_BC t1_j5yqwsy wrote

Fuck Google !


[deleted] t1_j5vy012 wrote

I'm fine with this. Google shit is annoying. I don't use any Google services besides Sheets out of necessity for work.

edit: Also use Google search and YouTube but only in browsers that block ads and tracking.


h_virus t1_j5vyey7 wrote

So you do, in fact, use Google services.


[deleted] t1_j5vz6wu wrote

I can stop using Google search anytime. Even now, I use it exclusively in Firefox Focus so I'm not tracked.

Sheets is just for work. It's not on my personal device.

YouTube I do use quite often in the Brave browser to be fair.

I guess what I was trying to say is that I don't use that much Google shit as-is, and I am all for giving up Google entirely as better alternatives emerge.


Xplrlife6 t1_j5wjcu7 wrote

I'd recommend trying DuckDuckGo instead of google search


Delicious_One_7887 t1_j6m7xtr wrote

Ya you do. Everyday. iMessage? iCloud? Apple ID? Those all are on googles servers so technically, google services.