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AccordingDependent47 t1_j62j0bu wrote

I’ve noticed it too.

It helps if you back the camera a few or more inches then zoom in and focus.

It will change your depth of field obviously but will be in focus.


pxm7 t1_j63cddw wrote

At least on the Pro models, you can add a button to the camera UI to force macro mode. Makes it much easier.

Do the regular iPhones have that? (Settings > Camera > Macro Control).

Edit: The macro feature seems to be only on iPhone 13 and 14 Pro/Pro Max models.


axerlion t1_j63jpyi wrote

I've got a Pro and found it annoying but better than nothing to use macro mode... didn't even consider the Plus models wouldn't have that, which is pretty bad!


Quin1617 t1_j65dkv8 wrote

Honestly macro mode is more annoying than helpful in my case, most of the pictures I take with it is lower quality.

I get better outcomes by just moving a few inches back for the main lens to focus.


heysavnac t1_j64ny9s wrote

Yeah but the macro mode is used by the ultra wide lens and it’s not very sharp and you’re so much better off just digitally zooming the standard wide lens


dry_yer_eyes t1_j63uo8x wrote

My 12 Pro doesn’t have a macro setting. At least not one that I’ve found.


Tomatillo_Medical t1_j6447t3 wrote

It doesn’t have a dedicated macro mode but you can take clear and sharp photos that are very comparable to those taken use the macro mode on 13/14 Pros


AgentUnknown821 t1_j64rhty wrote

it's an iPhone 13 Pro feature which drives me nuts because the iPhone 14 has the iPhone 13 Pro's same CPU / GPU so why wouldn't the Macro camera feature also carry over?

It makes no sense to me except maybe and with Apple this is a big's to keep prices down.

I hope the iPhone 15 does carry over though that feature. I also really hope Apple beats the rest of the competition with introducing Ray Tracing soon to it's new chips as well.


phillipby11 t1_j64su7o wrote

it pisses me off when i’m in an airplane and trying to record out the window. my lidar senses the window and goes to macro mode and blurs everything


Tomatillo_Medical t1_j692b37 wrote

I think with all these features there should be a way to turn on ans off some of them eg LiDar. Actually there should be a manual mode for photos and video capture.


FinanceStrict2128 t1_j65a8kl wrote

Well you have to remember the 13 Pro has a 3rd camera lens unlike the 14 Plus


CuteCatBoy69 t1_j65dm05 wrote

Just because it has the same CPU/GPU doesn't mean it has the same camera. Macro isn't just software. It uses a separate camera lens.


IncredibleGonzo t1_j65nf2z wrote

It’s because the Macro mode uses the ultrawide, which has autofocus on the 13 and 14 Pros. All other iPhones with ultrawide, it’s fixed focus. I think Apple absolutely should have put that autofocus ultrawide on the regular models, at least the one from the 13 Pro if they had to have another improvement for the 14 Pro, but given the hardware it does have there’s a legit reason why it lacks macro.


thebaffledtruffle t1_j66l2s5 wrote

The Ultrawide for the Pros have autofocus as far as I know, which I guess did not trickle down to the base models.

I think this difference isn't about cost but making clear distinctions between the models. Come to think of it, the 13 Pros also have the same A15s as the 14 base models, yet it doesn't get Action Mode and the Photonic Engine.


AreWeNotDoinPhrasing t1_j642ese wrote

All that does is forces the use of the telephoto lense, right? I thought I’ve read that the new cameras actually destroyed the minimum focus distance.


pxm7 t1_j64axos wrote

Assuming we’re taking about the Pros, the macro control button uses the ultra wide lens to take macro shots, and the ultra wide is much better than the 13, which itself was a big improvement over 12. It’s no longer a joke lens, this lens is a good camera in itself.

As a result, macro photos on the 14 are much better than the 13. Example.

The main camera lens is slightly better, with a 24mm focal length, so gets more of the scene into the frame. But it also requires you to use the ultra wide for close ups.

Ironically this is a physics issue you run into with better cameras — with more specialised lenses, you’ve to think about which lens you want to use … something DSLR fans have done for ages. Eg with a pic like this (macro taken with a 14 pro) the photographer needs to be able to decide if the focus is on the trees or the foreground.

Cameras can guess where you want to focus, but ultimately the human’s got to decide because it’s a subjective decision on the photographer’s part.

In the past, camera lenses were so shitty people never had to worry about this. Which is why “destroys minimum focus distance” is sort of a non-issue for people who care about the camera.

For people that don’t, I suspect mid-tier phones with their “jack of all trades” lenses + digitally retouched photos will work well. Or who knows, maybe future high end phones will have an additional lower-quality all-purpose lens.


AreWeNotDoinPhrasing t1_j64e4c4 wrote

Thanks for the information, that was very helpful and informative. I kept mixing up telephoto with ultra wide for some reason.


Listen-and-laugh t1_j67kylo wrote

Just always make sure depressed wide-angle lens regardless if the macro button is popping up


plaid-knight t1_j630y5q wrote

iPhone lenses have been getting larger over time, which means they can gather more light and produce better images, but the trade-off is that they can’t focus quite as close as smaller lenses can. However, recent Pro models can do macro shots — focusing extremely close to the subject — with the ultrawide lens.


gettheboom t1_j63ui6m wrote

This is the answer. The new phone has more tools and you’re using the wrong one for the job.


Tabard18 t1_j6f2p1p wrote

Is it better to use ultra wide even on standard phones for closeup?


plaid-knight t1_j6g0uxz wrote

Use whichever camera produces a better photo. The ultrawide lens on regular iPhones is not good at close-up shots because it lacks autofocus.


mustangs-and-macs t1_j63jfp4 wrote

This is just incorrect. Lens size has nothing to do with minimum focus distance. Each of the 3 cameras has a different MFD, but it’s not because of size.


Decent-Squirrel-6316 t1_j64n8f3 wrote

The closer you want to focus, the further the elements have to be from the sensor.


mustangs-and-macs t1_j69etp0 wrote

Closer than the other guy, but still entirely true. If that were the only factor in focus distance, you wouldn’t have 100mm macro lenses and 100mm tele lenses with wildly different focus distances.

Minimum focus distance is a factor of the focal length of the lens (not the “size” of the lens) combined with the nodal distance of the lens. This in turn determines your magnification ratio, which will distinguish a “macro” lens from a standard lens.

This is Reddit though, so it’s probably fair to say all the downvotes are from people who have absolutely zero clue how optics work.


newecreator t1_j62ic9e wrote

The iPhone 14 Plus doesn't have an ultrawide lens with autofocus so you would have to pull back because of the lenses have large apertures.


cereal-kills-me t1_j630u04 wrote

In future iterations, can they add autofocus to such a lens?


Kiergard t1_j632k7v wrote

Could yes but they want to sell their pros.


DunderMifflin-ThisIs t1_j645260 wrote

Autofocus doesn't have anything to do with this, it's because of the focal length of the lens.


didiboy t1_j64e7mr wrote

The Pro models can take photos of objects that are extremely close, because they switch to a “macro mode” where they use the ultrawide camera, which has autofocus. The normal models don’t have an ultrawide with autofocus, so they can’t do this.


kermityfrog t1_j64zxhz wrote

Even on the 14Pro/PM it sucks when you are not using the default camera app (e.g you are using another app to scan a QR code). The other app may not default to the ultrawide lens, and thus the QR code is impossible to get into focus.


cereal-kills-me t1_j645cm2 wrote

In future iterations, can they reduce the focal length on such a lens?


didiboy t1_j64egid wrote

Why would they move backwards with the main (wide) lens? The best way to fix this would be adding autofocus to the ultrawide camera so the macro mode works for the non Pro iPhones too. I bet it’s going to happen in a couple more iterations.


sputnikdrunk t1_j62orux wrote

Xs max has telephoto lens, 14 plus doesnt


TheWildTree t1_j681y7u wrote

this has nothing to do with telephoto, it's the ultrawide that's used for macro in Pro models


Slaffterhouse t1_j62g1l5 wrote

You need to tap on the lizard to focus. Your focus is on the ground not on the lizard


PyxisNoir OP t1_j62hjcs wrote

I take hundreds of photos of these animals lol that didn’t work. I was messing with it all day trying to get it to focus and just ended up with a dozen blurry photos unless I move 10+ inches away and then zoom in on the screen lol


Goodnite15 t1_j661vlr wrote

Look how much more detailed the floor and lighting looks on the 14 plus though, I would just return it and get the Pro. 14Pro Max, With macro mode enabled, I can take crazy ultra detailed shots from an inch away with my lens basically on the object, no issues whatsoever. Then take it off for photos further away and those will show how good the upgrade is with distance detail, it’s actually incredible. You’d be surprised at the level of detail vs the XS it’s a big difference.


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_j63bx2i wrote

The iPhone usually detects the subject (in this case the lizard) and focus correctly.

This time however it’s a physics thing, the 14 Plus simply can’t focus as close.


Slaffterhouse t1_j64m7g3 wrote

Just tap on the lizard to adjust focus. The camera is focusing on the wrong thing you can make it focus on the right thing with a tap. This ain’t rocket science


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_j64zhav wrote

Not in this case. Of the camera can’t focus this close no amount of tapping will solve that, and it’s been known that the iPhone 14 series don’t focus as close as the 13 and previous phones.

It’s not rocket science alright, it’s optical science.


Am3l1 t1_j63bige wrote

That's why I still love my Xs Max


Just_Zombie_6676 t1_j63jp5r wrote

iPhone XS Max is like Pro max and iPhone 14 plus is not pro version so comparing doesn’t make any sense.


Am3l1 t1_j63mzeo wrote

14 Plus isn't even pro version, so yeah


ender7887 t1_j6449d3 wrote

The 14 is not the same as the 14 pro. The pro has macro functions and a much larger 48mp sensor. The 14 had a 12 mp sensor and no telephoto lens.


joeyvesh13 t1_j63u70z wrote

I returned my 14 Pro. Was not impressed with the camera. Back on my XS, which is still stellar.


AutoGeek3000 t1_j64ueg0 wrote

I don't blame you, but the problem is not the hardware, it's the software.

They're doing so much post processing now and they haven't quite got it figured out since they added AI to the mix. I'm not happy with the 13 Pro a lot of the time either. So, I mostly use the ProCam app now, which takes much better pictures in most cases than Apple's camera app because it's not doing all that AI bullshit.

MKB has a good video on the subject of image processing in phones and how google went through a similar phase to what Apple is in right now:


3dforlife t1_j656kuq wrote

I always shoot at 48MP ProRaw, the post-processing is minimal and the results are out of this world. Then, I use a shortcut to convert the file to HEIC and delete the original RAW.


AutoGeek3000 t1_j659w2u wrote

Nice! Which app are you shooting with? Can you share your shortcut?


3dforlife t1_j6a0wp7 wrote

I'll try to find it and share here! Oh, and I'm shooting with the stock app.


PyxisNoir OP t1_j65gl83 wrote

If the issue lies in software will the camera functionality improve on the 14 line with updates over the years?


AutoGeek3000 t1_j65h7qt wrote

Hopefully Apple brings hardware improvements to the next model, in which case they can include software improvements for older models. If the only improvements in the next model are in software, I doubt they'll make those backward compatible.


A1ch3myst t1_j65co22 wrote

I found the 14 Pro to be much much better. Especially in low light situations. My XS takes really bad low light photos.


Puzzleheaded_Boot186 t1_j634a06 wrote

The 14p doesn’t have telephoto. This is what happens when you don’t look at the specs before buying.


PyxisNoir OP t1_j65h15j wrote

Well I looked at the specs but I guess my problem lies more so in not having a basic understanding. I saw it didn’t have telephoto and I googled what a telephoto lens did and Google gave me “A telephoto lens allows you to photograph a subject that is far away.” As the first couple answers therefore I didn’t think it affected what I was trying to take photos of which tends to be much closer up.


Jewels1914 t1_j6365of wrote

The base models don’t have a macro/telephoto lens. Those are reserved for the pros, which appear to be better suited for your needs.


Kranon7 t1_j63biwu wrote

The 14 Plus doesn't have an ability to take close up shots. The Pro and Pro Max would switch to the ultrawide lens at that distance to give a clear photo.


Str33ber t1_j62wqhp wrote

I mean, I have a Plus and I love it, but it looks like you might be better served with a Pro.


Turts-17 t1_j63wnzw wrote

I have the same problem with my 14 pro max. It won’t fix it


AreWeNotDoinPhrasing t1_j642zj7 wrote

You have to use the telephoto lens for macro on the Pro


iAmmar9 t1_j644q4i wrote

ultrawide*, also doesn't work all the time.


AreWeNotDoinPhrasing t1_j64dcii wrote

What’s the difference between telephoto and ultrawide? I’ve always heard it called the former.

ETA: NVM I’m a dummy


LargeBranch94 t1_j63rdd6 wrote

Different lenses on plus and any max/pro phone


ibex333 t1_j646sun wrote

iPhones take terrible photos in general. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the photos are just awful. Every time I take a portrait shot and zoom in on my face, it's a blurry mess. My macros on the iPhone are better, but regular photos do not stand up to scrutiny when zoomed in either.

The old Pixel 4 XL takes portraits where you can actually discern every facial hair on my face when zoomed in. Same with a Samsung S10s.


DunderMifflin-ThisIs t1_j649hk9 wrote

Yeah, I switched back to a Pixel after the 13 Pro Max. I just don't like the camera on the iPhone. It's a shame because the rest of the phone is great.


SirThunderDump t1_j64irml wrote

I'm getting the same blur on my 14 pro. Can't take up-close photos.


Brqdes t1_j6667yy wrote

i also find it impossible to take photos through windows cos it just focuses on the window


akil01 t1_j63xgkz wrote

Idk but trying to zoom in and take a pic of anything fcking sucks in the iPhone. I see my cute chickens few feet away from me and take the picture but it is soooo shitty.


PyxisNoir OP t1_j63y3uu wrote

Yeah and when you’re working with little bouncy lizards who can be 3ft away in a blink you usually want to be closer so you can grab them if they start making a sprint for a ledge lol and being too far away and trying to zoom in will be pretty tedious


iAmmar9 t1_j644etu wrote

same with 13PM in certain conditions (even with macro mode enabled)


IndependentYogurt965 t1_j64aq8i wrote

Larger sensor=terrible focus Samsung learned this the hard way on their S20 Ultra. God that was a shit experience for anyone who had it. Seems like apple needs better hardware for this one as well.


bbitadmin t1_j64gk71 wrote

14 Pro Max and this happens macro on or off. First iphone camera I've even had to this. Super annoying for QR and barcodes I need to scan.


Goodnite15 t1_j65xt1h wrote

For me macro mode (little flower button pops up when close to an object) enabled (also macro control I have enabled) and the issue was gone, you sure it’s on? May be an issue with yours then, same thing was happening to me when I first got my 14PM and couldn’t figure out why. QR and barcodes were so annoying. Now I can take pictures literally an inch away with my lens almost on the object, and it looks amazing, the details are crazy even without RAW 48mp.


Spectolux t1_j64jmup wrote

Have you tried the macro focus component in the Halide photo app?


TechiePcJunkie t1_j64ll6p wrote

“For new users, the Halide app is priced at $2.99 per month or $11.99 per year, or $49.99 as a one-time purchase.”

😂😂😂 no thanks!


Spectolux t1_j654lfs wrote

True, but people that aren’t aware of the serious advantages of this RAW app, which includes macro capabilities, might consider it an investment in quality software and results.


kpt1010 t1_j64jv3w wrote

It helps if you use the wide angle lens for close up photos


WhosCandicexD t1_j64nijc wrote

use macro, its just 12Mp but still looks awasome


CaramelCraftYT t1_j64qa1j wrote

They made the minimum focus distance on the entire 14 line further away.


Goodnite15 t1_j65yoi7 wrote

14 Pro Max, I can take pictures with my lens almost on the object or a couple inches away and it’s ultra clear, just had to enable macro mode. Never had an issue since, just wasn’t aware at first.


Dihkal22 t1_j64rn3n wrote

It works better if you turn your phone sideways abd slight towards whatever your filming. It will also be able to tell if you’re trying to focus on something in the foreground, or in the background faster and differentiate.


Dihkal22 t1_j64tvk6 wrote

Otherwise, you’re working with a slightly still buzzed cant decide if i want to sleep it off, puke it out never ending battle of indecisive.

The end product look is either 1000% what you actually see when wasted your eyesight goes in and out of black to blurs both close and in background or it’s perfectly clear crisp 100% sober field of vision as the end result

No in between and you’re also playing whack a mole with road runner. Its slim odds of actually succeeding in getting the picture you were going for and eventually trying to snap at the perfect moment is given up and you settle for best of 5 minutes work of 300 snapped that look exactly identical to everyone else but you.


Albako442 t1_j64vet3 wrote

I seriously don’t understand macro mode on iPhones. I get it that it came with 13s so the 12 lineup doesn’t have it. It is only (currently) on iPhone 13 and 14 pro/max and those phones are using ultra-wide lenses to go into the macro mode. As I said it is only on pro/max and it uses ultra-wide lenses. Literally every iPhone 13 and 14 has ultra-wide lenses. Why is it only on pro models? Is it because of the LiDAR Scanner? Or is it just another apple crap


Relevant-Response-53 t1_j64z044 wrote

I believe on the new 14 non pro's and even the pro's actually you have to back up a 2 inches exactly for auto focus to work


Goodnite15 t1_j662u2s wrote

Pros you don’t, 14PM, enable macro control in settings, then hit macro mode that pops up when close to an object in the camera. You can take pictures centimeters away from an object super clear and detailed.


perfectly_peculiar t1_j6582h6 wrote

The iPhone 14 Plus has the UltraWide lens that the XS Max does not. Due to the UltraWide lens the 14 has a minimum focus distance larger than the XS Max, meaning, the 14 has to be farther away from the subject to be able to focus because the lens is wider to gather more light. With the 13 & 14 you have to back up a little farther to get focus and zoom in for a closeup.

The 13 & 14 Pro & Pro Max have a Macro feature that you can enable that will allow you to get a close up shot without having to move back then zoom in, but again, that is only on the Pro models.


Alarming-Ad8758 t1_j65badm wrote

The pro max has that issue too. It’s mainly to do with the software and programming of this years models. Hopefully it gets better with updates.


SavageSalad t1_j65euhe wrote

Lol apple must have had an issue with people taking super high-res closeups of weed.


backstreetatnight t1_j65ev45 wrote

Minimal focus distance is bigger now since the Lens are bigger


PerpetuallyOffline t1_j65hz77 wrote

Larger sensors (like the 48MP sensor on the 14 Pro) have a narrower focus. Move the camera back and zoom in 2x. It's not a defect, that's just how it works.

You can also use the macro mode, which will automatically switch you to the 12MP Ultrawide camera, which has a closer focusing distance.


fredczar t1_j65szn8 wrote

I have to stand 1m away to scan a QR on a restaurant menu


Sad_Row6221 t1_j65vtxn wrote

Have you tried using .5x sensor, they’ve optimized software so it can take good macro shots


BMDJENTSEN t1_j66t36f wrote

I have a 14 pro Max and I turned on macro mode which fixed this for me


antoniorocko t1_j66tbm0 wrote

Sorry about the camera but nice I like the partial Dalmatian crestie


PyxisNoir OP t1_j6773z9 wrote

Thanks! He was a saint sitting so good for me for over 10 mins while I took dozens of pics of him comparing my phones 😂 he’s such a good kid. I own over 50 of them!


JamesQHolden47 t1_j66vkog wrote

How different is the XS Max from the XR?


hoecooking t1_j6740ox wrote

Did you try using .5x zoom it’s there for this exact purpose


cschiada t1_j67c8xs wrote

For $20 on Amazon, you can buy a little kit that has a dozen or more of close lenses and telephoto lenses that attach onto the lens part of your iPhone. They’re really good I was quite surprised.


PyxisNoir OP t1_j67gwcn wrote

I own a $40 clip on macro lens that I’ve been using for years lol I’ve adored it for little photo shoots but at that point carrying around additional hardware when I’d love to snap quicker shots becomes more tedious


Aggravating-Hair8355 t1_j67kdxs wrote

I think Some youtuber made a video on it and its because of the lenses


judelow t1_j67sv74 wrote

Use Hallide Macro mode. That’s what helped me cope with the new focal distance of the new lenses.


SaiyanC124 t1_j6a15i8 wrote

I noticed that with the base 13, I think their lenses have gotten so wide it’s harder for them to focus close up.


PyxisNoir OP t1_j6a9fjx wrote

Yeah that’s what I’ve gathered from all the comments. I own a nice quality clip on macro lens for my phone but even that doesn’t work as well on the new one, so I’ve gone forwards with an exchange to a pro max with the knowledge that the focus will be a bit further away but it will have a built in macro to help balance things out for me lol


scroggyyy t1_j6bfjcc wrote

I miss my X, it got stolen and I felt forced to upgrade to 13pro


Alan_1375 t1_j6c36sk wrote

one is focused on the reptile other is focused to the floor... lol


Ja-Szczur t1_j631vel wrote

I was going to buy 13 mini soon. It does not have macro, but I don’t want to spend so much money for pro model only because of this feature. After reading this I consider to buy xs, but not max - it is too big for me. Would it take close up photos like xs max?


YesReboot t1_j632f5e wrote

I have this exact issue, only thing i can do is move the phone farther away and then bring it back closer, slowly


sah0724 t1_j64en8h wrote

Yeah 5x zoom tops, big reason i didn't go for the Plus


Floss called it a peasant phone for a reason.


I have the s21 fe and it's 25x but it's a inferior OS by far.


TechiePcJunkie t1_j64i7xr wrote

After owning the iPhone 14 Plus for 3 weeks and dining out the inability to take macro shots, I returned it for the 14 pro max.

If I remember correctly, I thought even my iPhone se2 had the ability to take macro shots, so why not the 14 plus? My guess is they’re artificially removing features to get you to upgrade to the pro.


chubuking t1_j66g5ho wrote

iPhone 6s Plus takes better photos than the 14 lol


daddymedved t1_j63dwyh wrote

My iPhone 8 Plus do better photos then XR


bottom t1_j63wtot wrote

You absolutely can. It has a macro lens. Your phone might faulty as it works very well .


AreWeNotDoinPhrasing t1_j6431el wrote

The plus doesn’t have telephoto lens.