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Slaffterhouse t1_j62g1l5 wrote

You need to tap on the lizard to focus. Your focus is on the ground not on the lizard


PyxisNoir OP t1_j62hjcs wrote

I take hundreds of photos of these animals lol that didn’t work. I was messing with it all day trying to get it to focus and just ended up with a dozen blurry photos unless I move 10+ inches away and then zoom in on the screen lol


Goodnite15 t1_j661vlr wrote

Look how much more detailed the floor and lighting looks on the 14 plus though, I would just return it and get the Pro. 14Pro Max, With macro mode enabled, I can take crazy ultra detailed shots from an inch away with my lens basically on the object, no issues whatsoever. Then take it off for photos further away and those will show how good the upgrade is with distance detail, it’s actually incredible. You’d be surprised at the level of detail vs the XS it’s a big difference.


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_j63bx2i wrote

The iPhone usually detects the subject (in this case the lizard) and focus correctly.

This time however it’s a physics thing, the 14 Plus simply can’t focus as close.


Slaffterhouse t1_j64m7g3 wrote

Just tap on the lizard to adjust focus. The camera is focusing on the wrong thing you can make it focus on the right thing with a tap. This ain’t rocket science


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_j64zhav wrote

Not in this case. Of the camera can’t focus this close no amount of tapping will solve that, and it’s been known that the iPhone 14 series don’t focus as close as the 13 and previous phones.

It’s not rocket science alright, it’s optical science.