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AutoGeek3000 t1_j64ueg0 wrote

I don't blame you, but the problem is not the hardware, it's the software.

They're doing so much post processing now and they haven't quite got it figured out since they added AI to the mix. I'm not happy with the 13 Pro a lot of the time either. So, I mostly use the ProCam app now, which takes much better pictures in most cases than Apple's camera app because it's not doing all that AI bullshit.

MKB has a good video on the subject of image processing in phones and how google went through a similar phase to what Apple is in right now:


3dforlife t1_j656kuq wrote

I always shoot at 48MP ProRaw, the post-processing is minimal and the results are out of this world. Then, I use a shortcut to convert the file to HEIC and delete the original RAW.


AutoGeek3000 t1_j659w2u wrote

Nice! Which app are you shooting with? Can you share your shortcut?


3dforlife t1_j6a0wp7 wrote

I'll try to find it and share here! Oh, and I'm shooting with the stock app.


PyxisNoir OP t1_j65gl83 wrote

If the issue lies in software will the camera functionality improve on the 14 line with updates over the years?


AutoGeek3000 t1_j65h7qt wrote

Hopefully Apple brings hardware improvements to the next model, in which case they can include software improvements for older models. If the only improvements in the next model are in software, I doubt they'll make those backward compatible.