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possums101 t1_j9ox5u3 wrote

It’s not about amenities sir some of us are poor


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j9pj4ja wrote

An in-apartment ATM that lets me withdraw from the landlord's account, rather than my own.


kittyglitther t1_j9oth14 wrote

Is "located on a charming street in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan" an amenity? Is free rent an amenity?


blondieboo12 t1_j9q4tid wrote

As someone who lived in one of those buildings until this week, no amount of amenities can justify that price. We had a rooftop pool, TWO gyms, study space, lounge space, w/d in unit, etc and while for the first few months it seemed worth it, long term it was horrendous. Doesn’t matter how many amenities you have if the actual apartments are badly built and small and after a year the building raises your rent $500 more.


ahhhzima t1_j9ouogf wrote

If they could double my salary as an amenity, sure.


oreoz2002 t1_j9pesom wrote

Since you can get that price right on top of the Path station with zero walk and pretty much all the amenities, I'm not sure why I'd bother living a 20 minute walk away.


meljny t1_j9pgxo8 wrote

Amenities can not replace location. If you can pay 3.5k for a rent, I would live in Manhattan.


mikevago t1_j9qzfam wrote

Amenities also can't replace space. I live in a 3-story, 4br house with a sizeable backyard, half a block from Lincoln Park, and my mortgage doesn't come close to $3500 a month.


JCwhatimsayin t1_j9vt5z5 wrote

Yes! Show me a building downtown with two fishing holes, six basketball courts and a football stadium! Just for starters...


badquarter t1_j9pwndi wrote

Is this a shot at Cast Iron/Soho Lofts? That crowd might take free White Claw.


ButACake t1_j9rz6mi wrote




PowerfulCobbler t1_j9pb4hg wrote

just like a really nice huge apartment with private outdoor space and huge kitchen with island. i can afford it and i’ve looked, none of them are worth it imo


mikevago t1_j9qz7wq wrote

And for $3500 a month, that island better have a palm tree on it.


FinalIntern8888 t1_j9p1s93 wrote

You’ve gotta be kidding me lol. I also don’t think that price is worth it even if you’re right on top of a path station. You’re still in JC.


ohnjaynb t1_j9reyst wrote

One of those Chinese machines designed to extract samples at sperm banks. and maybe a parking space.


SlaveToPizza t1_j9p7oah wrote

A pool, gym, study rooms, pool tables, a tailor in the building. Idk though I feel like at that point you're better off living somewhere cheaper or just paying a mortgage.


LootFroop t1_j9pi14j wrote

My own butler?

I already live 2 blocks from the path, and I pay a fraction of that per month, and it comes with a washer and dryer.


mikevago t1_j9qz4gh wrote

$2000 in cash every month


Olumn t1_j9r2ddn wrote

Wouldn’t pay over 2500 for anything.


nomad1987 t1_j9ouxcu wrote

Decent pool, well equipped spacious gym, shuttle to the path station


NJ_Bus_Nut t1_j9pgfh1 wrote

I ain't paying that much to be far from the PATH.


HappyArtichoke7729 t1_j9q7jgl wrote

How about at 46th Street near Madison Avenue? It's 20 minutes away from PATH...


boojieboy666 t1_j9rjecl wrote

If it was somehow less than a mortgage on a house.


beezly66 t1_j9opi3n wrote

I wouldn't pay that much for a one bedroom, with ammenities


HappyArtichoke7729 t1_j9q78vo wrote

A place at Madison Avenue and 46th Street is a 20 minute walk to PATH and that would get me to pay $3500 for a 1 bedroom.


GoHuskies1984 t1_j9r5vwf wrote

If the equivalent one bedroom costs much more in NYC.


shootthemoon88 t1_j9rnxfb wrote

4000 sqft with robots who clean everything and a full workshop


djn24 t1_j9sa9yj wrote

$2K/month stipend.


[deleted] t1_j9sbswb wrote

A foot massage in the morning and a a hand….at night