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JerseyCity_Nuyorican t1_j6zuld2 wrote

You can use that bus pass on any NJ Transit bus to as far as each bus route's zone end you purchased the monthly pass at at no additional costs.


TrafficSNAFU t1_j6zv64e wrote

A monthly/weekly bus pass of two zones or more is also valid for use on all NJ Transit light rail lines too.


Jersey-City-2468 OP t1_j7046a0 wrote

Yeah but I don’t foresee myself ever taking the bus other than to/from work.


AdmirableEggplant919 t1_j7064b0 wrote

Depending on where you are in the heights you could take it down into hoboken or downtown JC for going out. + the elevator to the lightrail is our norm to get to/from downtown JC.


jgweiss t1_j708cnc wrote

this; if I had a need for a bus pass I'd use the 119 and 87 to get to the PATH much more often.


JerseyCityGeordie t1_j708hb9 wrote

That sounds like you don’t want to get good value for your monthly pass. Take some weekend trips to other great towns in jersey. Go into the city on a weekend. Idk what to tell you man, write a letter or something


CherryMan75 t1_j6zw1qb wrote

Yeah and if you get picked up on Congress, it’s 3 zones rather than 2


PixelSquish t1_j70k0q2 wrote

I asked a bus driver dropping me off on Congress and Hancock from the city and he said 2 zones


CherryMan75 t1_j70kbzp wrote

I should’ve specified, the corner of Central and Congress. I bought the 2 zones and the bus driver let me know it’s supposed to be 3


TrafficSNAFU t1_j6zvhbv wrote

That is correct. However, that bus pass will be valid on any NJ Transit bus route for up to that many zones. So not only can you use it on your normal bus to PABT but you can also use it on any local NJ Transit bus lines. Additionally, a bus pass of two zones or more will be valid on all NJ Transit light rail lines like the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail.


jgweiss t1_j6zrcwg wrote

yes its a $9 full fare (round trip) to/from Port Authority. makes it more economical for 2 people to drive in ... 😤


lucke0204 t1_j705duq wrote

Where are you finding parking less than $5.25 (assuming off-peak tolls)?


jgweiss t1_j70895s wrote

free on the street. agreed its not reliable, but is doable.


Blecher_onthe_Hudson t1_j704sf7 wrote

Only if it's off hours and you're not going to spend an hour getting in the tunnel. We use this math going out in the city where we'd need to take the subway too. 8 rides vs one toll. And then there's parking....


scubastefon t1_j6zq7b0 wrote

Nope that’s right. But you are saving on the housing side, so that’s something.


tsor00 t1_j72vos1 wrote

In the opposite spot. Currently in heights hoping to move closer to the path line haha. But i go into the city about 2 days a week take the 119 or 123 lines into the city. The 10 trip discount is nice on the njtransit app. You pay upfront for 8 trips and get 2 trips free. The only issue is ticket expires after 20 days so you gotta use them. Fyi use the transit app for bus times its the most accurate


Jersey-City-2468 OP t1_j74kntg wrote

Is the transit app the NJ transit app? Do you know how the 119 is in the mornings around 7:30?


tsor00 t1_j7da1vk wrote

Nah talking about transit app it looks like a lowercause un merged together. Its has a green logo. This app has been a life saver for me. Live bus tracking and is free. I take the bus sometime between 7:30-8 and most days i can get a seat. I’m by the Pershing field stops. During the summer the bus would be packed and i ended up taking the 123 but recently the 119 has been chill. maybe cause of the cold? Idk your luck can vary