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Jahooodie OP t1_j9u2jya wrote

Can't tell, does this version include the square about the developer he was pressured to add by City Hall mid-project? Because that's JC as FUC


LateralEntry t1_j9uedfm wrote

I was so unhappy when they painted that over a few weeks later, it was really cool, unique and local. It was a glorious two weeks or so.


Jahooodie OP t1_j9un9me wrote

It made no sense, and despite claims it was always supposed to be temporary I don't believe that shit. It was painted over because the artist spoke out against the pressure to change it to include the politically connected developer, and painting it over literally covers up the discussion. But that's just like, my tinfoil hat opinion man

It was probably the best public art they have done on the plaza. It was neat, kids loved playing on it, it was swell


LateralEntry t1_j9v1b40 wrote

By politically connected developer, do you mean Silverman?

I spoke with the artist while he was painting it, he seemed like a cool guy. I heard they painted over it because it portrayed cops as pigs and a kid of color in jail - something or other about negative stereotypes.