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interhslayer10 t1_j7xn903 wrote

As a Chinese person, my theory is that Chinese restaurants here are opened by newer generation who actually didn’t grow up here and just never think fortune cookie is a thing (it’s not a thing in China, and is actually inherited from Japanese immigrants because during WWII they were put in camps), and probably want to distinguish themselves from the older generations of Chinese restaurants that do serve fortune cookies (which is perceived as cheap unauthentic American Chinese food)


jonhuang t1_j7zpxfh wrote

I chuckled at first, but then I thought about it a bit. The joke is that the Chinese spy balloon is delivering american-chinese takeout food. Haha those ridiculous communists. But there are no fortune cookies in China. The people who work in these restaurants are not the CCP; and I know that's not what you meant but the joke implies that they are connected. Does anyone remember Freedom Fries? Bans on Stoli and Smiroff? That's all.


mictlanian t1_j7yejor wrote

Today I learned that some people give a shit about fortune cookies.


bindrosis t1_j7xdfib wrote

Oh I’ve noticed. I share your pain. I need answers.


Acrobatic-Season-770 t1_j7xuqoj wrote

Fortune cookies are actually Japanese and we're adopted by Chinese American places. I would not expect fortune cookies from places that are delivering authentic Chinese and only might expect it from places that are Chinese American style.


badquarter t1_j7zo7cn wrote

Fulop's fault obviously.


sandra22223 t1_j7xgu85 wrote

Taste of north China has amazing tasty Chinese food and they always give us fortune cookies


therealddz t1_j7xih1w wrote

Order from there this week for the first time and we didn’t! Great food though.


jgech OP t1_j7xh36w wrote

I’ve seen that place on the delivery apps. I’ll have to try it.


theulfberhtsword t1_j7xw7ne wrote

Chef Tan does and they’re really the best. Also depending on the place there are halal or more specialized Chinese restaurants which are not opened up by the families who have been here for generations.


DejaVictoria t1_j7ypipn wrote

This is what the Chinese spy balloon was trying to find out.


truebeliever23 t1_j7y6vzq wrote

Just got some in an order from Future two days ago


jgech OP t1_j81xfq2 wrote

That’s one of our go-to places and they usually don’t give them. You got lucky!


pchow16 t1_j83u74d wrote

Outrageous !! No fortune cookies!!


hardtalk370 t1_j7y5fah wrote

King Szechuan sends a few fortune cookies whenever I’ve ordered some soup and noodles from them


BikingVikingNYC t1_j7z6tu0 wrote

So outrageous I honestly didn't notice in my 3 years of living here


Suzyqzeee t1_j7zo8kr wrote

New Kellogg Garden near Acme on 440 does.


jerseyjoe50 t1_j80ex8d wrote

They had to cut back because of the out of control taxes and rent! (I hope that's not the real answer...)


DarkJokernj t1_j80txvu wrote

Damn….a Reddit post about a lack of fortune cookies… that’s wild


Socialworking8 t1_j8551bu wrote

A great question! My Chinese family says American-invented Fortune cookies were handmade and only in the United States are they a dessert giveaway. And, since the older workers retired, there has been few new workers to learn how to fold HOT soft cookie sheets into fortune cookies. Also, factories dedicated to making fortune cookies, once upon a time located in lower east side of New York City, now million dollar condos. Price of butter up, too, not worth giving away. No cookies for you, Jersey City!


[deleted] t1_j7xbm8j wrote



Jahooodie t1_j7z843j wrote

Americanized Chinese food is also to be loved as it's own sloppy thing. Plenty of places in town slinging classic Americanized Chinese