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Hot-toddy1234 t1_j87dvv2 wrote

Saw it all happen. Called 911 at the beginning of the fight. Couldn’t get through for 20 minutes. Cops didn’t show up until 25 minutes after I called. Great job Jersey City!


Bravelittleroaster t1_j87eqmn wrote

Live across the street & turned on the police scanner after the action. Dispatch didn't come through until 11:07 (a couple minutes after an ambulance & ~7 minutes after this post ) & then it was described as a fight.

Cops show 11:10 & it's not until 11:40 that the situation is clarified to list two pedestrians struck as well as structural damage to Taqueria & it's reclassified as an aggravated assault, detective dispatched.


kokoromelody t1_j87gnkt wrote

Damn, so it was intentionally done? What an a-hole, I hope they're able to ID them!


Hot-toddy1234 t1_j87h9bb wrote

There was a fight between staff and patrons. Apparently the staff cut off a group of patrons and they didn’t take it well. Fight spilled out into the street where an SUV was idling on Grove. Someone jumped in the SUV and attempted to run over the group fighting. They hit a couple people and then started doing donuts in the Grove/Grand intersection. Sped up and down grand a few times and while trying to drive away reversed straight into the building. A bunch of cars on grand seem to have been sideswiped but I have not heard an update on whether they caught the guy. Insane.


whybother5000 t1_j88f2i6 wrote

That is so messed up. Aggravated assault, attempted vehicular manslaughter, these are not small crimes. What kind of trash would do this?


SyndicalistCPA t1_j89hh81 wrote

> What kind of trash would do this?

The kind that had to be cut-off at a restuarant.


Anonymous1985388 t1_j8983py wrote

Can also throw in thousands of dollars of repairs to a building and to cars. And I don’t know if there’s a crime committed by causing all that damage and then driving away? Like causing several thousand $s in damage and driving away?


whybother5000 t1_j89brpc wrote

Just walked past the place. Open for business still but workmen are doing repairs. These criminals wrecked it up good.


Investorgator t1_j89fmul wrote

They had this place back and operational in less time than it took Amy Degise to report her own hit and run.


Jahooodie t1_j8a9lw7 wrote

HOW though? I saw them working on it around noon, pieces were literally coming down in chunks letting me see through into the kitchen. Dang that's commitment


StoryofTheGhost33 t1_j88w6nb wrote

Did they put out a description of the people involved? Seems odd nobody mentioned it.


Ilanaspax t1_j894zlm wrote

Are you new here? This really isn’t that shocking when you pay attention to criminal activity across the entire city.


Economy-Cupcake808 t1_j87mbgq wrote

Eh not necessarily. These preliminary charges they do prior to investigation will get changed/modified as more facts are uncovered.


drew_z t1_j88b5yp wrote

JCPD is kinda useless


WarrenBuffetsDriver t1_j88q76q wrote

Funny thing is there's always cops at Bob White just a couple blocks away. They should have been there in a minute.


drew_z t1_j88sy8i wrote

and never any on Grand where people routinely blow red lights and nearly lay out pedestrians 🤔


hep_a_derp t1_j89gago wrote

Literally wrote to this wards council person about this last week. Eager to follow up to ask what they’re doing following this incident …


texasflyboy525 t1_j8a3tpd wrote

We should talk about the not being able to get through to 911 for 20 minutes part too. Why does it take longer than most crimes/incidents would last just to get through.


Jahooodie t1_j8aa52u wrote

My car has been hit less than 2 blocks from police HQ, an hour later I called and they "couldn't find me and gave up". Thanks


ZootheGod t1_j87fbuk wrote

They were busy monitoring a teenage party on communipaw and by that nasty bar on westside.


idkinfo t1_j88r925 wrote

That’s west district, taqueria is Fulops beloved East district.


SoundMachineJC t1_j88zdx8 wrote

>Looks like there are camera's on two traffic lights at Grand and Grove. (google it) Hopefully they are working.


Jahooodie t1_j8a9z2i wrote

As someone who has had my car side swiped on Grand, and know more than one neighbor who has been hit in the cross walk: they're just for fucking show, fucking shame on this town. Maybe this is the 1 out of 10 times they actually were on


whybother5000 t1_j87euzg wrote

Just walked past this situation. I think we need to embrace NYC style camera enforcement.

Saw a Toyota highlander being prepped for towing .


Investorgator t1_j89ffmc wrote

100% - NJ let the program expire and then politicians falsely claimed that it cost more money than it was worth.


JournalSquire t1_j89qei4 wrote

The traffic violence in JC is getting out of hand. Any suggestions on what residents can do to influence electeds? Any coordinated efforts by safe streets and bike groups that we can mobilize around?


Jahooodie t1_j8aagq1 wrote

First the bad drivers came for the bikers, and I did not care as I don't bike.

Then they came for the pedestrians, and I did not care as I'm too aware to get hit.

But now, they come for the Taqueria.... if this doesn't motivate change this town is NOTHING


ZootheGod t1_j87f6ry wrote

Damn I just picked up food from there an hour before this 😮


Ilanaspax t1_j895nwa wrote

I hope this detail is included in the police report. Sounds important.


cfjs132 t1_j88q3gv wrote

Cops are useless


fillb3rt t1_j8aec2l wrote

Listen to me when I tell you JC has the absolute WORST drivers. Blowing through stop signs and traffic signals, cutting people off, speeding, etc. and hit and runs now apparently.


Jahooodie t1_j8ak1ch wrote

Now apparently!?!?

Our fucking council people get slaps on the wrists for blatant on camera hit and runs, bruv it’s mental


fillb3rt t1_j8al8zg wrote

I don't hear about hit and runs. I can only speak to my own personal experience driving around. But I believe you.


Jahooodie t1_j8amgws wrote

It’s been on this sub, it’s in the header, it’s been covered by local national media outlets, and the video is widely available dude.

Council person Amy DeGise did commit a hit and run. It was blatant and on camera. And eventually pleaded guilty. And refuses to step down.


fillb3rt t1_j8ao4cd wrote

Hey man, I said I believe you. I agree. It’s ok, just calm down.


Ilanaspax t1_j8b86gh wrote

You might want to be more informed if you’re going to open with “listen to me” and then proudly announce that you are oblivious to anything that doesn’t involve you


fillb3rt t1_j8bat5c wrote

Lol whatever man. I gave my opinion of my experience and you freaked out. Just relax.


Ilanaspax t1_j8bzb50 wrote

Oh no not the “u mad? Relax bro” routine


fillb3rt t1_j8c4trl wrote

You are obviously way more upset in this context and I don't understand why. I never disagreed with you and I don't understand why you're being such a douchebag. You need to really get a life my friend.


READTHEBOOKJC t1_j89c0i6 wrote

Who did this ???? We should elect them to city government !!!!!


mickyrow42 t1_j87dg5q wrote

Like crashed into taqueria ??


SoundMachineJC t1_j88xcqa wrote

Looks like there are camera's on two traffic lights at Grand and Grove. (google it) Hopefully they are working.


PEPE_22 t1_j8a3r0s wrote

Taqueria or an adjacent home must have captured this on camera as well.


red__what t1_j88j0wf wrote

Saturday nights here keep getting wilder!


idkinfo t1_j88rf8j wrote

Just move to the hill there is always action. 🎥🎞️


carne__asada t1_j89jwqm wrote

Not the first hit and run at that corner.


PICHICONCACA t1_j8bgiz3 wrote

At least the hospital was close by.


stevel024 t1_j88vb9e wrote

Holy shit I live right across the street and had no idea it happened last night....


[deleted] t1_j88copt wrote



Ok-Information3591 t1_j8ayc7o wrote

My Gf and I were gonna go here last night! Damn! 25mins??!!


xanstark t1_j8caxlf wrote

25 minutes???


phatphuck88 t1_j8j0qqd wrote

they are out there protecting deguise probably


G_Funk_Error t1_j88g38k wrote

I mean this is technically acceptable behavior now. Not sure why it’s news?


Saywhat50 t1_j88v1cs wrote

Lmao, people don’t like the truth.


Ilanaspax t1_j895iqa wrote

Someone has desecrated Taqueria downtown! People getting shot and murdered in this city will never garner this kind outrage lol


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_j87k4eo wrote

I mean Taqueria isn't quite what it used to be (it's more inconsistent these days)... but that's an over the top reaction.



G_Funk_Error t1_j88v5ur wrote

Man, the people here still have no goddamned sense of humor. Lighten up, ya slack jawed plebes.


Jahooodie t1_j8aazg2 wrote

Give them time to come around, they're just flooded with emotion over the possibility of loosing the one "ethnic" restaurant their visiting suburban friends like going to


G_Funk_Error t1_j8acmyf wrote

“It’s just like Brooklyn, you’ll see!”