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areyouabletoseeme t1_j9fuaoh wrote

And this the best price in that section 🫠 the rest easily go for $1500


mickyrow42 t1_j9fu3wh wrote

doesn't it f'ing suck that thats not actually bad for a Beyoncé stadium floor seat lol.


bindrosis t1_j9g48ub wrote

That is WAY too much money for a concert ticket. What is happening to our world?


sutisuc t1_j9g4q4d wrote

Will only get worse if people continue to pay these prices


new_account_5009 t1_j9g55su wrote

This is why I prefer rock/metal music lol. The vast majority of concerts I attend are in the $30-40 price range, unless it's a multiday festival that's more like $400 for four days of music and 100+ bands across different stages. Paying $1000 to see a pop artist perform for a couple hours is insane.


Whole-Campaign89 t1_j9gbph7 wrote

Mods should be bouncing posts like this.

Not JC related and all ticket scalpers should be encouraged to get lost in the strongest possible terms.