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Hello Jersey City Reddit,

Does anyone here know of any local companies here in Jersey City that sell shipping barrels to the Caribbean/Jamaica? I've checked on yelp and other places the majority of these places are in Newark and further out which I'm not familiar with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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B9Jupiter2 t1_j8xl190 wrote

Try these guys - . They provide the barrels and also the shipping. Though not in JC, they should be able to pick up and ship without a problem.

It's been a while but ACME on 440 used to have the barrels above the refrigerator section on the right side wall of the store. The blue ones. Call them and see if they still have them available.


FloydGaming t1_j8xl63n wrote

My friend does this for people. I will pm you his information. he ships barrels to Antigua and other places.


FloydGaming t1_j8xlghs wrote

I texted him this link. SO hopefully he will reach out to you.


frommars6 OP t1_j8xmr5t wrote

okay thank you man.It's going to Jamaica, I mainly just need the barrel for now. Since im still gathering items etc.


GoHuskies1984 t1_j8x0xlj wrote

What kind of barrel is this and what's inside. If this is any kind of alcohol or food substance you'll need help because there will be all kinds of documentation and permits involved.

You're best off asking for quotes from freight forwarding services asking for a spot quote on an LTL shipment. This basically means you'll be secured space in a container of other goods routing to the same Caribbean ports. They can help with the details and if necessary arrange all transportation to door. This might not be cheap but it will be far easier than trying to do this alone.

Type and size of cargo matters. If this is just a small barrel of non regulated cargo then bring it to your local UPS or DHL office.


fastAFguy t1_j8xw7la wrote

Tell me you don’t know what you’re talking about without telling me you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s very common for Caribbean immigrants to ship non-perishable food and other supplies in barrels (drums) to their families back home in the Caribbean.

UPS and DHL are not options. 😂

OP is asking for a freight forwarding service. I personally go to NYC for better rates. Don’t know any in JC, unfortunately.


frommars6 OP t1_j8ymsxs wrote

I know of Denis shipping in Brooklyn but its all the way in Flatbush my old neighborhood was trying to see if there's a closer option. Was trying to avoid renting a car and toll etc.


Dependent_Map_3940 t1_j8wx311 wrote

Where in the Caribbean?


frommars6 OP t1_j8xmld1 wrote



Dependent_Map_3940 t1_j8xnj7z wrote

I ship all the time, but to the Dominican Republic. The big blue barrels can be bought at any supermarket in the Greenville/West Side area. There is a bodega on Monticello & Belmont that sells them the cheapest in the area. As per an actual shipping company, try asking someone that works at a Jamaican restaurant or any other Jamaican business. Someone in one of them has to ship back home😅


frommars6 OP t1_j8xpa0w wrote

Do you have the name of the Bodega?


Dependent_Map_3940 t1_j8xpjf8 wrote

I’m not too sure. But if you go, it’s the only bodega on the four corners.


frommars6 OP t1_j8xzcmz wrote

Okay thank you man i will check this area out.


guccifarmer28 t1_j8yzocj wrote

Laparkan does a lot of shipping to the Caribbean


Otisnj3 t1_j900kk1 wrote

Sea Venture in South Kearny ships to Bermuda and the DR


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j8xeyyt wrote

Not really the main point, but I think the term you're looking for is not "barrel", unless you're actually planning on transporting a liquid of some kind. You'd want a shipping container/crate or some other thing with right angles.

If no one here has a good answer (and that's a pretty specific ask), perhaps go to some Jamaican restaurant or shop with Caribbean goods and ask them.


sutisuc t1_j8xnvn1 wrote

Nah I’ve seen them it’s legit big blue barrels stuffed with clothes, food, etc