Submitted by Forward-Fan-7273 t3_11ev1xf in jerseycity

Does anyone know of indoor pools that offer lap swim in the mornings. Near journal/McGinley square, is this something the colleges might offer with a membership?



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_homegrown t1_jagas4z wrote

Pershing Field

St. Peter's


JCwhatimsayin t1_jahaxos wrote

Does St. Peters have community memberships? I inquired during the pandemic and they weren't doing them. Same with NJCU which recently confirmed no community access. Pershing is great though!


Jctexan t1_jaitmwx wrote

They stopped during the pandemic and I am still hoping they start up again soon! Haven't called in almost a year, tho.


No-Practice-8038 t1_jaixv8q wrote

Man I have been looking for an affordable swim option forever. :(