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FloatingWeight t1_janae03 wrote

This is a great project, actual income integration instead of concentrated poverty


TacoCityJC t1_jan5dph wrote

That neighborhood is called The Taint. SoHo West is made up real estate-speak.


FloatingWeight t1_janjemi wrote

I doubt you’re going to get much buy in for calling a neighborhood the Taint for general usage. No way parents are Going to tell their kids they live in the taint lmao


Nuplex t1_jani8mx wrote

So made up not once did Fulop say it in the tweets.

Let's hope the term dies.


mean-sea-level t1_jaogl3o wrote

This post is correct but I do like "Holland Garden" as a euphemism.

"Wow, after an hour biking on Jersey City streets, my Holland Garden sure is sore."


moobycow t1_janab28 wrote

I always liked NoHo, Not Hoboken.

Anyway, I'm glad this is moving forward.


Nuplex t1_jani059 wrote

I like the term Holland Gardens.

SoHo West.... nah. Even Fulop didn't use that term.


PostPostMinimalist t1_jaoleup wrote

Gardens grown from only the freshest Holland Tunnel exhaust.


Jahooodie t1_jar4iv6 wrote

But Brawndo's Holland Tunnel got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes carbon dioxide!


JerseyCityNJ t1_janit2u wrote

Fun Fact: that neighborhood used to be part of Jersey City's 2nd District, also known as the "Horseshoe".


WikiSummarizerBot t1_janiulv wrote

Horseshoe, Jersey City

>The Horseshoe section of Jersey City, New Jersey, was the second ward, and was the home of the immigrants, tenements, and taverns. The Republican-controlled Legislature gerrymandered the district in 1871 to concentrate and isolate Democratic, and mostly Catholic, votes, thus preserving Republican dominance in the rest of the state. The curved shape of the district was said to resemble a horseshoe. As competing railroads built cuts through Bergen Hill, they also built viaducts from the foot of the cliff which passed through residential districts to the waterfront.

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twanzetters t1_jan5peb wrote

I live in this area and I have no idea what to tell people when they ask where I live.


scubastefon OP t1_japoiql wrote

DUHTAO - Down Under the Holland Tunnel Approach Overpass


twanzetters t1_jar7ph5 wrote

What about ASHBNHT - Area South of Hoboken But North of Holland Tunnel


el_tigrox t1_jang90h wrote

They need to make some damn progress on the proposed light rail station over there. You have such a build up and planned build up of buildings and it’s still pretty far and remote to get to mass transit.


twanzetters t1_jao57uh wrote

What is the proposed light rail station you speak of?


el_tigrox t1_jao5kdn wrote

At one time, there were some plans drawn up to add a new light trail station on 18th st, between Grove and Jersey Ave - somewhere near there.


mooseLimbsCatLicks t1_jap1uzx wrote

Pretty sure theres gonna be a development there and it is still planned… but haven’t heard much about it


Brudesandwich t1_jaonk0i wrote

You can no longer claim being from JC using that name. Hand in your "jersey" card.


scubastefon OP t1_jaopxs7 wrote

Fuck that I’ve been defending jug handles since I was 17 years old.


StarrrBrite t1_jangm50 wrote

Where TF is Soho West?


The_Nomadic_Nerd t1_janan6a wrote

Where in downtown is this going to be?


moobycow t1_janc900 wrote

15tt & 16th between Jersey and Grove.

Basically, just East of the 14th St Garden Center.


Jahooodie t1_jao4qq2 wrote

It's on the other side of 78, I personally wouldn't call it downtown


kjrst9 t1_jaqwl82 wrote

where would you call downtown? It's like 2 blocks from the holland tunnel.


Jahooodie t1_jar3srq wrote

Yeah but it’s outside 78. Inside 78 and LSP are the boundaries I’d use.

We need rules or else we’re just animals, and the David Bowie Lofts and Holland Tunnel Exhaust Fumes District (or as the locals call it, DaBoLoHoTuExFuDi) doesn’t make the cut.


kjrst9 t1_jar5leh wrote

I guess we all create our own boundaries. You're the first person I've heard who considers LSP downtown.


Jahooodie t1_jar5rrc wrote

LSP isn’t downtown, but the edge facing downtown (which also used to not even have a car road) completes the boundary in conjunction with 78


kjrst9 t1_jar65mk wrote

like I said, we all create our own boundaries.


Jahooodie t1_jar6d7o wrote

And some people create their own neighborhoods, like SoHo West!


kjrst9 t1_jar6wie wrote

seriously. Realtors make that stuff up to try to make a "there there" when there isn't one. The biggest fail was trying to rename Hell's Kitchen "Clinton." LOL


sandman14240 t1_jao9lmn wrote

That area is behind god’s back, I thought it was just a gas station consortium over there


kjrst9 t1_jaqweas wrote

Calling this SoHo west is the most embarrassing real estate strategy.


BeMadTV t1_janaqbt wrote

"Who paid for your Paris trip" lol Twitter is hilarious.

But, question, when this was first proposed, someone mentioned this happening to another project and all those tenants weren't able to move back in after being... repositioned "temporarily" to somewhere else...close to Bayonne I think.

I lived on 15th Street across from the old church. It was cool having Hoboken and Hamilton Park at my disposal. And Jersey Social and My Mexico 2 Go. Rent was also $1400 in 2020. It was cool going to Target and spending a small fortune every day. Newport was only a 17 minute walk for the PATH. I'm rambling. If you're still reading that's amazing. I don't know what my point is.

But I think it's cool that the area is getting developed, but it's also why I moved. I can't really explain it.

Wish Cole St Park was done when I lived there.

Jersey City needs more one family houses.

End ramble.


moobycow t1_jancmu4 wrote

They did a lot of work with this project to make sure that anyone displaced has rights to move to the new building when it was done. Now, execution is always key, but they did put in work on the issue.


mikevago t1_janrknf wrote

As much as Fulop constantly gets shit for being "in bed with developers" he's done a terrific job from his side of the bed of pushing for affordable housing and green space amidst this mad rush of development (which was going to happen whether Fulop was in office or not).


moobycow t1_jao12g6 wrote

Yup, and no new pilots downtown. He's a bit scummy and self serving, but there also aren't a lot of mayors I can think of that I would trade him for.


jgweiss t1_jaotegy wrote

said it better than i could have; even if this is a favor to a developer, if it means that in 50 years there are still mixed affordable units close by the Holland tunnel, this is a big success IMO


YetiSherpa t1_janhtc7 wrote

I hope it works out for the current residents here. Apparently, it wasn't the case for Cabrini-Greens in Chicago when they went mixed income.

"And of the thousands of families who were promised they could return, more than 80% never did — some were disqualified, relocated or simply overwhelmed with bureaucracy. Many died waiting. Even today, 85 families who used to live in Cabrini-Green are still on decades-old waiting lists to move back. "


moobycow t1_jao0hta wrote

It wasn't the case for many developments, the city is well aware of it and has worked to try and see that it doesn't happen. The units are 1 to 1, so there is space for everyone. The rent price will still be 30% of income. They can't do new background or qualification checks.

I'm sure some won't make it back in, for various reasons, but it won't be because the city intentionally screwed them.


JerseyCityNJ t1_janlad4 wrote


They WILL find a way to ensure that NOBODY from Holland Gardens is allowed anywhere near the place once it is built. But I am sure well-connected politicians' kids who are studying in NYC and working part-time will definitely be able to qualify for affordable units to fill whatever quota there is.


No-Practice-8038 t1_jap6s9r wrote

Why are folks down voting this? There has been and always will be a war on poor people it's very much the American way.


JerseyCityNJ t1_jar4feh wrote

People here downvote common sense and uncomfortable truths en masse. They would prefer that their idealized utopian vision of Portlandia-on-the-Hudson remain unscathed by anyone pointing out reality.


G_Funk_Error t1_janin2y wrote

I could never tell when something is specifically cringe or douchey, but this is both.


Brudesandwich t1_jaon9af wrote

It's not healthy to talk about yourself like that. I can recommend a few therapists for you.


G_Funk_Error t1_jaonfgo wrote

Lol from the guy selling his dick pics online. Ok boss. I have no doubt you know a few therapists what with the trauma you must have been through.


Brudesandwich t1_jaonrfg wrote

So you buy my pics? How thoughtful, thank you. I always appreciate my fans.


G_Funk_Error t1_jaonw40 wrote

Weak. You can do so much better. Molested folks like you are usually so much better at projecting and insulting. Try again please.


Brudesandwich t1_jaoo34x wrote

Not an insult. I truly appreciate your patronage. 😉


G_Funk_Error t1_jaoo862 wrote

Show me on the doll where daddy touched?


Brudesandwich t1_jaop4kz wrote

Be on the lookout tonight for my new post. It'll be a good one, I'm sure you'll love it. 😊