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mikevago t1_jdd3xp1 wrote

Such a shame Hurley decided to sacrifice his sterling reputation for this horseshit. Wonder what Fireman offered him for his soul.


EyesOnImprovement OP t1_jdd5zir wrote

Probably has some locker room dirt on him.


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdddkam wrote

Nah I think Hurley just saw $$ and plays golf, so why wouldn't he help his buddies?


ryanwithkeyboard t1_jdh4ili wrote

I do not defend what Hurley is doing but I know he doesn’t play golf.


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdh5h2k wrote

I dunno man I just saw old white guy with money; odds are he plays golf


cmc t1_jdd826g wrote

Damn y'all. I think they just accepted money for the event without vetting and now can't back out. They deserve the outrage from the community but let's not stoop to trying to make stuff up.


doglywolf t1_jddqxwh wrote

you really think these guys even check anything they are there for the paycheck . Maybe a free golf membership.


Belindiam t1_jdejtyo wrote

All these coaches can't really hope only their program would benefit right ?


nuncio_populi t1_jde7ni3 wrote

I warned this sub a few weeks ago that the astroturf campaign was starting up again. It’s here in full swing.

Get organized. Write your representatives. Hell, go to 902 tonight and make your voices heard.

Show the People’s Park fraudsters what the people of Jersey City really think.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jddiivv wrote

We've exhaustively addressed this elsewhere, but here goes:

We are genuinely sorry for the outrage this has caused. We had no idea of the controversy we signed up for. It's too late to cancel it, but we will be much more proactive of knowing what we're getting into in the future. For what it's worth, we have been paid $0 to host this. It is a public event open to the community. Our only financial tie are transactions from attendees. We encourage you to come and communicate your frustrations with their plans directly. We want what's best for the community. We're sorry for the commotion.


doglywolf t1_jddrrfl wrote

I think most of us realize you were trying to just have a fun event and bring people in the doors ..not many people know the dark truth behind that organization so can't really fault you guys for not knowing a organization that presents itself as cleaning up and improving the park isnt actually made for the reason .

While i wont be at this event because i would not be a nice person to them and their lies so remove myself from the situation - you guys have my continued support


sutisuc t1_jddix3k wrote

LOL “we’re sorry you got offended”


PolishFlan t1_jde4qf5 wrote

Bullshit, you peddle Hurley's name on your product and he is hosting this event at your location while getting God knows what for pushing the People's Park agenda. You know exactly what you are supporting but money talks. Thanks for selling out LSP and all of its supporters.


moobycow t1_jdeavj6 wrote

Wait, you're getting on them for having a product with one of the most famous residents of JC? The guy is a local legend. Were they supposed to know beforehand that he would be part of an event like this?


aji04 t1_jdemixt wrote

So you’re letting them have the event for free?!


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdeoup3 wrote

Yes, as we have with countless others. Space is free, customers pay per beer like any other day. Any meetup hosted by an outside company, where we remain open to the general public, is essentially a large group meeting up at the brewery. We had a real estate meetup Tuesday, and Sustainable JC meetup yesterday. Both were open to the general public. Beers are the same price they would be to any person any other day. If you'd like to host one at our facility, you're welcome to. Email


jerseycityfrankie t1_jdevzy2 wrote

So you see it’s fine: we’re allowing the group that’s subverting your democracy and trying to rape the park for their personal gain because .... they’re no different than the other fine civic groups in town. They’re the same.


caroline_elly t1_jdfjoij wrote

>subverting your democracy and trying to rape the park



jerseycityfrankie t1_jdfxgq8 wrote

You don’t think these scumbags are up in our democracy greasing palms at the state and county level? Who’s being naive ?


plant_traveler t1_jdfrw5h wrote

Hey! Shit happens. You should host the community group friends for liberty state park and keep the communication channels open.

It was cool y’all hosted sustainable jersey city!

That said, I’m totally biased to preserving and keeping LSP a nature oasis.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdg7vg4 wrote

They are more than welcome to have an event here. As are anyone else in the community


RAWisROLLIE t1_jdhmq5l wrote

I mean, we have plenty of sex offenders in the community. What if they wanted to have a group meeting? Just curious where the line is drawn, if anywhere.


[deleted] t1_jdg29rl wrote



nuncio_populi t1_jdg5bel wrote

Yeah. Curious to hear the brewery’s response to this bit of information.

It’s all bullshit.


mikevago t1_jdg46sf wrote

That might be the worst part of it — at least other people who sold their souls to Fireman got paid for it. But don't worry, the optics of having a bunch of kids in your brewery at 9:30 on a school night filming propaganda for a cartoonishly evil developer who wants to bulldoze a nature preserve to expand his country club isn't going to come back to bite you on the ass at any point.


pineappleexpression t1_jdf813b wrote

Thank you for addressing this. It's appreciated that you took time to explain


pmax2 t1_jddb6tx wrote

Enjoy those trails while you can.


doglywolf t1_jddr3yj wrote

I like 902. I have to assume they don't really look into who is booking their rooms and don't know the truth behind The peoples Park Foundation. O paper they sound great and thats what they are doing hoping to drum up support for an organization that on paper looks like it just wants to bring more Req fields and Rec center to LSP is the unused space.

While for those that don't know is this is all just a cover for a Rich dude looking to put in event venues in the park to make money and ruin half of it.


nerdiestnerdballer t1_jdeao6q wrote

Councilmember at Large Amy DeGise speaks at a press conference in support of Jersey City breweries at 902 Brewing Co., Friday, July 15, 2022. (Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal)


Bellaboo1230 t1_jdej3pv wrote

She downed a few hazies then hit the road for some real adventures!


el_tigrox t1_jdfygen wrote

Take a look at the most recent posts. They allowed filming on their roof for videos featuring kids and people with scripts. 902 Brewing isn’t innocent - they know exactly what they did.


doglywolf t1_jdhuyu7 wrote

Ughh this is disgusting - i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt , but this is just too much. Hate to say it as i love the place but ill just go to Corgi and Depurated instead . Not that a small number of us on reddit will do much to their bottom line , but at least we know who they are and can tell others and maybe long term that will


el_tigrox t1_jdhvhrt wrote

The other post I started on this was viewed 25,000 times. Even if that’s a lot of the same people refreshing, that’s still a lot of people seeing this information.


doglywolf t1_jdhvn0u wrote

After seeing this there is no way they didn't know. They must have some deal or incentive with this guy or just afraid to say no to a billionaire.

Wouldn't be shocked if Fireman was their lease holder


mooseLimbsCatLicks t1_jdfrm69 wrote

902: lovely trails! Let’s pave over those to build stadiums!


nuncio_populi t1_jdg57ig wrote

We should tell them there’s still some baby seals that need clubbing in Antarctica.


GeorgeWBush2016 t1_jdf98vl wrote

It's funny they scheduled coach Hurley's appearance while his son is coaching in the Sweet 16.

He must really need that check.


Byzantium-1204 t1_jdel5jm wrote

I’m reading the 902 comments and it seems they may have made an honest mistake. I wonder though if this Hurley person had some undo influence as they make his beer.


Organic-Hovercraft-3 t1_jdezeto wrote

I am a jersey city resident and an avid beer drinker. I will no longer support 902 brewing. They have made their last dollar off of me.


Kowabungaaa1 t1_jdfcohw wrote

genuinely curious, what will become your new local brewery?


Organic-Hovercraft-3 t1_jdfrgrt wrote

I live near Grove Street Path. There are no shortage of good breweries nearby I frequent. Torch and crown, other half (3 locations), Grimm, interboro, ect. They are all a train ride away.

And in the warmer weather you can bike the Williamsburg bridge to OH Domino! Really nice ride.

And they all have cans in the area. Just go to cool vines or jersey wine and spirits. So will def support them that way as well.

For a more hyper "local" brewery -- we are walking distance from departed soles. Great ownership. And they are dog friendly.

But will def not be supporting 902 moving forward. It's a hard no for me.


Kowabungaaa1 t1_jdndn64 wrote

I fully agree on your NY brewery recommendations. Just wish we had at least one local JC brewery at that same caliber. Also it saddens me how difficult it is to find Other Half on tap at many of the JC bars given they distribute here now. I have had my fingers crossed for years that Mindful Ales may eventually open a JC taproom :)


Organic-Hovercraft-3 t1_jdnvbc0 wrote

You are in luck! Wurstbar regularly has other half on tap. And it is usually the beer offerings that they don't can that you can only get on tap.

And the food and service there is legit. They also have Kane tapped all the time.


nuncio_populi t1_jdg5kt0 wrote

Did you see the latest bit about a film crew being there to take statements from high school players? You’re telling me that they didn’t coordinate this with People’s Park at all?


allugo1211 t1_jddnmvj wrote

You guys are trying to be heroes and defame 902 brewing company. Instead of acting hardcore on reddit, do something active for the community.

902 brewing is just having events to bring people in the doors and get them to buy beer. They just want to sell beer, not have major effects on the geo-political climate.

I will personally be going to 902 daily and drinking enough stinky IPAs to keep their business thriving.

Its a cool place and the 13 people boycotting them will not be missed.


fruit__gummy t1_jddye5j wrote

“shut the fuck up because I can’t handle criticism of a place i like” -you


moobycow t1_jdebcyl wrote

It's the worst of the internet, multiple posts on multiple threads comparing it to Nazi rallies and Klan stuff. Get a fucking grip.


fruit__gummy t1_jdejj6v wrote

bruh it’s not saying that it’s as bad as Nazi or Klan rallies, you are purposefully misinterpreting those comments because you know you can’t counter the point that is actually being made. Stop playing dumb

The point actually being made by those comments is that 902 can’t hide behind “we allow anyone to use our space for events regardless of political affiliation and we are completely unaffiliated with people hosting events” excuse, when obviously they wouldn’t allow nazis or the klan to host events there


allugo1211 t1_jdeerma wrote

Thank you for understanding. People are so obsessed with cancel culture they are going after small businesses for having an honest business. At the end of the day its a fucking park, its not like 902 is calling for literal genocide


fruit__gummy t1_jdejo7u wrote

it’s not cancel culture, it’s people making decisions where to spend their money in a free market


moobycow t1_jdf1ibd wrote

I actually agree. What I could use a whole lot less of is the insulation that they are up to something nefarious.

You can buy, or not buy, whatever products you want and advocate for others to make the same choice. That's how our system works.

You can also do it without being abusive dicks to a company that seems to have made an honest mistake.


fruit__gummy t1_jdf3ouz wrote

Criticizing a company is not abusive, and in the context of doing what’s right, I care way more about who is actually advocating for the best things and not their way of conveying the info

If it were an honest mistake they would cancel the event, which they aren’t, which is why people are being mean to them. Because they are clearly lying about actually caring if they aren’t willing to cancel the event


allugo1211 t1_jdek8up wrote

Its one thing to choose not to spend money at 902, and another to make multiple posts with comments very clearly saying “protest and cancel 902”.

All im saying is anyone complaining is a dork and ironically could use a beer to loosen up.