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doglywolf t1_jddr3yj wrote

I like 902. I have to assume they don't really look into who is booking their rooms and don't know the truth behind The peoples Park Foundation. O paper they sound great and thats what they are doing hoping to drum up support for an organization that on paper looks like it just wants to bring more Req fields and Rec center to LSP is the unused space.

While for those that don't know is this is all just a cover for a Rich dude looking to put in event venues in the park to make money and ruin half of it.


nerdiestnerdballer t1_jdeao6q wrote

Councilmember at Large Amy DeGise speaks at a press conference in support of Jersey City breweries at 902 Brewing Co., Friday, July 15, 2022. (Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal)


Bellaboo1230 t1_jdej3pv wrote

She downed a few hazies then hit the road for some real adventures!


el_tigrox t1_jdfygen wrote

Take a look at the most recent posts. They allowed filming on their roof for videos featuring kids and people with scripts. 902 Brewing isn’t innocent - they know exactly what they did.


doglywolf t1_jdhuyu7 wrote

Ughh this is disgusting - i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt , but this is just too much. Hate to say it as i love the place but ill just go to Corgi and Depurated instead . Not that a small number of us on reddit will do much to their bottom line , but at least we know who they are and can tell others and maybe long term that will


el_tigrox t1_jdhvhrt wrote

The other post I started on this was viewed 25,000 times. Even if that’s a lot of the same people refreshing, that’s still a lot of people seeing this information.


doglywolf t1_jdhvn0u wrote

After seeing this there is no way they didn't know. They must have some deal or incentive with this guy or just afraid to say no to a billionaire.

Wouldn't be shocked if Fireman was their lease holder