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BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdeoup3 wrote

Yes, as we have with countless others. Space is free, customers pay per beer like any other day. Any meetup hosted by an outside company, where we remain open to the general public, is essentially a large group meeting up at the brewery. We had a real estate meetup Tuesday, and Sustainable JC meetup yesterday. Both were open to the general public. Beers are the same price they would be to any person any other day. If you'd like to host one at our facility, you're welcome to. Email


jerseycityfrankie t1_jdevzy2 wrote

So you see it’s fine: we’re allowing the group that’s subverting your democracy and trying to rape the park for their personal gain because .... they’re no different than the other fine civic groups in town. They’re the same.


caroline_elly t1_jdfjoij wrote

>subverting your democracy and trying to rape the park



jerseycityfrankie t1_jdfxgq8 wrote

You don’t think these scumbags are up in our democracy greasing palms at the state and county level? Who’s being naive ?


plant_traveler t1_jdfrw5h wrote

Hey! Shit happens. You should host the community group friends for liberty state park and keep the communication channels open.

It was cool y’all hosted sustainable jersey city!

That said, I’m totally biased to preserving and keeping LSP a nature oasis.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdg7vg4 wrote

They are more than welcome to have an event here. As are anyone else in the community


RAWisROLLIE t1_jdhmq5l wrote

I mean, we have plenty of sex offenders in the community. What if they wanted to have a group meeting? Just curious where the line is drawn, if anywhere.