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el_tigrox t1_jdfygen wrote

Take a look at the most recent posts. They allowed filming on their roof for videos featuring kids and people with scripts. 902 Brewing isn’t innocent - they know exactly what they did.


doglywolf t1_jdhuyu7 wrote

Ughh this is disgusting - i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt , but this is just too much. Hate to say it as i love the place but ill just go to Corgi and Depurated instead . Not that a small number of us on reddit will do much to their bottom line , but at least we know who they are and can tell others and maybe long term that will


el_tigrox t1_jdhvhrt wrote

The other post I started on this was viewed 25,000 times. Even if that’s a lot of the same people refreshing, that’s still a lot of people seeing this information.


doglywolf t1_jdhvn0u wrote

After seeing this there is no way they didn't know. They must have some deal or incentive with this guy or just afraid to say no to a billionaire.

Wouldn't be shocked if Fireman was their lease holder