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ffejie t1_japy0ud wrote

Jersey City has 4 times the population of Union City and gets $93M less in aid from the state. Can someone tell me what makes Union City so special?


Downtown-Prompt-6499 t1_jaqvskw wrote

it’s because Jersey City has the largest tax base in NJ - meaning we are the wealthiest city and the state expects Jersey City to pay for their own children’s education therefore removing its aid


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_jat13bz wrote

Winner winner.

JC is quite wealthy when many others aren’t.

Those funds were abused for years. JC should have had reduced subsidies starting around 2010.

The state warned for years, but nobody took it serious.


ffejie t1_jaqyzvi wrote

We also have the most children to educate.

You're right this is how the state calculates it, but it's a pretty unrealistic way to allocate budget.


EyesOnImprovement t1_jarall0 wrote

Nobody wants to hear it but Jersey City was receiving more than it's fair share in state aid and we are currently going through a correction.


Mindless-Budget9019 t1_jash4rw wrote

If that’s the case, we need to cut back on rent control and affordable housing in the wealthiest city in NJ. A lot of people aren’t paying their fair share.


Recurringferry t1_jaqmh63 wrote

Union City's mayor is a long time (and influential) state senator


ffejie t1_jaqsvei wrote

Yeah, he's our State Senator too! If this whole thing is Stack's doing, you'd think he wouldn't screw most of his constituents.


keepseeing444 t1_jar2iur wrote

HCDO & Murphy hate Fulop. Brian Stack on the other hand is lifelong inside guy. There will be a day of reckoning coming for Union City - their taxes are already high even with state paying most of the schools bc they’re Abbot.


ffejie t1_jas5ucb wrote

I guess we just need Fulop to get the Gov seat.


Ainsel72l t1_jas2z4x wrote

They think we are all rich here because the demographics have changed, so we don't need any aid.


micmaher99 t1_jarln93 wrote

Yea, taxes are going up. They've been telling everyone for years taxes are going up. Budget for another $1k-$2k a year in property taxes for another year or two.


Ainsel72l t1_jas3g8j wrote

That will eat up any future raises very nicely before they even hit the bank. Backward mobility. Nice.


Downtown-Prompt-6499 t1_jaqr04g wrote

We are definitely getting a tax increase from the City - How else can it buy ferries and French museums? The City should do a better job collecting the Payroll Tax


fastAFguy t1_jaqvrev wrote

The payroll tax schools be abolished.

Tax, tax, tax. Why is no one asking why it costs $35,000 to educate a student for one year?


Downtown-Prompt-6499 t1_jaqw69y wrote

stop gaslighting


fastAFguy t1_jasi6iz wrote

Unfortunately the problem will solve itself when the poor get gentrified out and there are no more low-income students because they can’t afford rent.