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Washington @ Second St. They've been at it for a few weeks now but I haven't been able to find any info online. Seems like an odd spot for yet another high rise, but it would still hardly be a shock knowing this city...



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imaluckyduckie t1_jate9o9 wrote


jersey-city-park t1_jau7lx4 wrote

4 years is a long ass time. Some 60 story skyscrapers in JC were built in than 2 years or less


TrafficSNAFU t1_jawzufs wrote

For the scope of work stated, I'd say that sounds about right imo. Most skyscrapers aren't relied upon to provide critical infrastructure to a rapid transit system.


jersey-city-park t1_jax1l1p wrote

Substation #9 in Harrison was constructed and operational in 2 years. Theres no reason this should take 4+ years. We all know the inevitable delays will bring this to 5 years+ and half a billion over budget. Smells like a union job


TrafficSNAFU t1_jax7kh6 wrote

That substation is also on the same level as the trackage.


No-Practice-8038 t1_jatjqpn wrote

Ya never heard of the Jersey City Triangle? Many a cars were a lost never to blow past a stop sign.


W9019 OP t1_jaug6am wrote

I've almost been plowed over at least 3 times around this goddamn triangle, and more traumatically an additional 3 times on Second right in front of my building by some reckless asshole turning from Wash going 40+mph because apparently they were in a big hurry to get into the BJs parking lot. There was only one incident where the asshole behind the wheel even bothered to try to slow down. Can't say I'm looking forward to 4 years of construction here where they're cutting off lanes of traffic on Wash...dipshit drivers are gonna dipshit even harder. I'm seriously considering leaving JC at the end of my lease this summer. I don't need to feel like I'm risking my life crossing the street with the right of way just to drop off my dry cleaning, while paying premium rent.


a_trane13 t1_jatcavn wrote

They’re building a substation for the PATH


objectimpermanence t1_jauc24r wrote

This lot is shaped like a slice of pie.

They should disguise the new powerhouse as a giant slice of pie. It could be the largest public art piece project in the city.

After all, it’s in the Powerhouse Arts District. Why not have a powerhouse that’s also art? It could become recognizable as a symbol of Jersey City, similar to the Colgate Clock or the Peachoid water tower in Gaffney, South Carolina.

The Port Authority is probably going to spend an obscene amount of money on this new structure anyway. They might as well do something interesting with it.


ABrusca1105 t1_jaufkxi wrote

A pizza pie would be cool. Let the public on top and make pepperoni seats.


W9019 OP t1_jaujc4j wrote

Love the House of Cards reference. Well done. 😊


W9019 OP t1_jaujjhk wrote

I would vote Underwood for mayor at this point.


drkensaccount t1_jatd0az wrote

No high rise. But there will be a small building housing transformers for the PATH that's supposed to "blend into the neighborhood". Once they do that, they're taking down the old transformers in the Powerhouse. Then, they can start refurbishing it. This has been a very long time coming.


objectimpermanence t1_jatjgw7 wrote

To be clear, I don’t think there are any concrete plans to refurbish the Powerhouse.

Removing the active equipment just makes it easier to refurbish (or demolish) the powerhouse down the road.

I bet that building will continue to sit there and rot for the foreseeable future. There are still empty lots in the area where it would be easier and cheaper for a developer to build something brand new from scratch than it would be to try to repurpose a massive old building.


scubastefon t1_jau727y wrote

i feel like at this point, they should just knock it down. It could have been nice, but it's not going anywhere, and the amount of brain damage it's going to take to make something sustainable and agreeable is going to be absurd.


W9019 OP t1_jaui3pd wrote

Its an eyesore and it's ridiculous that it's a major part of the view for so many people around it that pay inflated rent to have to see it every day.


Goodbye_Sky_Harbor t1_jawkthe wrote

An eyesore?

Sure, a park would of course be preferable but I'd take the existing powerhouse over the urby or any other nearby high rise.


HigherSelfie t1_jaueew6 wrote

Probably a Jersey City Flatiron building. No patch of dirt left behind!


wandershipper t1_jaunpf7 wrote

Reminds me of that corner in the Godzilla movie where they dump a lot of fish to lure it in and launch some missiles at it, but end up getting their asses handed to them instead.


Sea-Walk7506 t1_javctsp wrote

For those who live in Urby Apartments or Modera Lofts, is the noise level tolerable?


Beba2022 t1_jawfrmv wrote

We need more parks!! Too many buildings being built we have forgotten what nature looks like!


u53rx t1_jatr172 wrote

mmmmmconstruction??? lmaooo jersey people are soo extra