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objectimpermanence t1_jatjgw7 wrote

To be clear, I don’t think there are any concrete plans to refurbish the Powerhouse.

Removing the active equipment just makes it easier to refurbish (or demolish) the powerhouse down the road.

I bet that building will continue to sit there and rot for the foreseeable future. There are still empty lots in the area where it would be easier and cheaper for a developer to build something brand new from scratch than it would be to try to repurpose a massive old building.


scubastefon t1_jau727y wrote

i feel like at this point, they should just knock it down. It could have been nice, but it's not going anywhere, and the amount of brain damage it's going to take to make something sustainable and agreeable is going to be absurd.


W9019 OP t1_jaui3pd wrote

Its an eyesore and it's ridiculous that it's a major part of the view for so many people around it that pay inflated rent to have to see it every day.


Goodbye_Sky_Harbor t1_jawkthe wrote

An eyesore?

Sure, a park would of course be preferable but I'd take the existing powerhouse over the urby or any other nearby high rise.