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FelixTaran t1_jdyrgaf wrote

That “news” outlet has 56 followers on Twitter and also is unhinged.


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_jdznx1r wrote

Just have a look into how Cooper Union. It used to be tuition free because of a massive endowment.

So what happened. Rich scumbags raided it to build a bunch of real estate projects for their own personal gain.

Cooper Union is no longer tuition free. Sure they're trying to get it back, but good luck.

This is the same old story. Some shitbag who is already filthy rich just can't stand the fact that it's something they can't leverage to make more money for themselves.

Some things are services, not businesses.


mikevago OP t1_jdyqni8 wrote

This was an exchange I just had online with whoever runs the "Hudson County Chronicles", a "news" outlet that largely exists to spout pro-Fireman propaganda in favor of turning Liberty State Park over to developers. And out of the blue, whoevers' behind the account made this comment about Sam Pesin (who no one had mentioned) which is way, way over the line.


nuncio_populi t1_jdzi2qm wrote

That is shockingly offensive. Also, Pesin's Friends of Liberty State Park raised money from the community for many of the amenities currently there!

The People's Park propaganda people are so deeply, deeply distasteful.


mikevago OP t1_je04fsz wrote

Imagine directing that kind of language at a retired kindergarten teacher who's donated countless hours of his time to protect the park, and in defense of a billionaire who owns a country club.


nuncio_populi t1_je05ssv wrote

Everything People's Park and Fireman's proxies do is garish and focused on division.


EyesOnImprovement t1_jdzjm13 wrote

Run by Bruce Alston, mortgage fraudster, convicted criminal and serial losing political candidate. Bruce, who has never met a check he didn't like, played a similar role in the airbnb debacle - parlaying the plight of the disadvantaged into a reason to support whichever cause is paying him.


kittyglitther t1_jdzhghf wrote

A "raven" looney? Top tier English language skills right there. They don't make writers like this anymore.


NewJerseyLefty t1_jdzsmxp wrote

as usual, rich elites trying to steal from the people to privatize it to make money for themselves. Don't fall for it JC!


mikevago OP t1_je0pzfw wrote

The funny thing is, I didn't use the word sellout. It's 100% him being defensive.


nuncio_populi t1_je0tgv7 wrote

The guilty conscience often makes an honest confession even while protesting its innocence.


oldnewspaperguy2 t1_jdznte6 wrote

Wow. Going racial on saving a park. Goddamn.


mikevago OP t1_je057k1 wrote

Every part of Paul Fireman's astroturf campaign to privatize the park is disgusting, but this tactic he keeps using — trying to pretend turning public land over to developers, and handing public land over to a country club with a $400,000 entry fee is somehow a racial justice issue.

He's somehow persuaded a few people at the NAACP to spout his propaganda. He set up a phony "protest" in the park last year, so Friends of LSP organized a counterprotest. The LSP group drew people from all walks of life, from every community in JC. The astrotruf protest was 100% Black, apart from the white guy telling everyone where to stand and what to chant. It's what's known in the business as "buying optics." It's absolutely shameless, but there's no low to which Fireman won't stoop.


Byzantium-1204 t1_jdztn7n wrote

I have never heard of Hudson Chronicals. What a terrible message. What is going on with 902 now? Have they issued an apology for hosting this staged event.


Electrical_Fox_193 t1_je55tvt wrote

They did issue a half-assed apology, but no one's really buying it since they doubled down when they got called out over it before the event occurred.


candyghost t1_jdzr4bx wrote

But it's OVER TEN YEARS OLD!!! goodness. steeped in history.


mikevago OP t1_je04a96 wrote

That was in response to an earlier comment where I suggested the Chronicle was launched solely to push Fireman's propaganda. Then again, he's been at this for ten years, so I might not be wrong.


49GTUPPAST t1_je02jrd wrote

Developers have been trying to grab Liberty State Park for years.

I remember signing a petition back in 1986 to stop developers from toch8ng Liberty State Park.


Substantial-Coach717 t1_je0fedi wrote

This Hudson Chronicle comment is so outrageously offensive, I am in a state of shock. It would be a repulsive comment against anyone, but Sam Pesin as a target is just absurd. Sam has been deeply committed to racial justice and equity for multiple lifetimes of the Chronicle. He was my kids' preschool teacher and they learned more about equality, justice and respect from Sam than they have from all teachers combined since. He had explicit, age appropriate conversations about racial justice and what it means to stand in solidarity with each other at a time when no one did.

The developers and their outlet are pissed because without a financier or publicist, Sam has fared so much better than they have. Sam holds values that align with what most of us believe, and has been organizing at the grassroots level with people who share his committment- two ingredients the Fireman crew lack entirely.


blizzWorldwide t1_jdyxh1s wrote

Who is Sam Pesin? Genuinely curious. New to the area and love liberty state park. They better keep it the way it is


Ainsel72l t1_jdyyf37 wrote

Sam Pesin is the som of Morris Pesin, who is known as the founder of the park. Sam has been fighting rather valiantly for probably 30 years to keep corporate interests from taking over the park. It never seems to end. The first thing I personally remember was back when Bret Schundler was mayor and someone tried to put a waterpark in there. Then they wanted to race NASCAR or something similar through the park and parts of Jersey City. There is more, but it just never ends.


nuncio_populi t1_jdzhwpj wrote

There were TWO separate race track plans. One involved Formula-1. I don't know what the other involved.


Ainsel72l t1_jdzsxj5 wrote

Thanks. This stuff never ends. It's a constant assault of one kind or another. I figured I had the name wrong, but that's all I could could think of. :-)


Sybertron t1_je07k4q wrote

Would a couple of fields, a dog park, and a few nature walking trails be so much to ask...


nuncio_populi t1_je09xau wrote

For us? It apparently is too much to ask.

For Paul Fireman, it's too little because there's no way for him and his friends to make money from selling tickets to sporting events, music performance, and charging the state fees to build and maintain a bunch of commercial properties.