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G_Funk_Error t1_jb0vw97 wrote

Title this “what an idiot sees once a month right before they or their car gets hit by the light rail”.

Edit: not making fun of the OP. Making a joke about the regular occurrence of accidents with these trains.


st_igplg OP t1_jb0y5a5 wrote

Ha. I took this from the sidewalk. It's a camera gimmick on my phone.


G_Funk_Error t1_jb0y9ku wrote

No no I wasn’t calling you an idiot. Was making fun of the regularly occurring accidents with light rail trains. Apologies if it came off that way


scubastefon t1_jb2awxp wrote

I like the part where we can’t ever just have a nice moment without taking it to the other extreme.


G_Funk_Error t1_jb5iif5 wrote

Would you look at that? Today, a motorcycle hit the light rail. And my humor is deadly accurate yet again!!


scubastefon t1_jb5va09 wrote

huh. is this what it's like to live rent-free in someone's head?