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EyesOnImprovement OP t1_je4ywmj wrote

Check out one of Rob Van Pelt's 6 friends, Cindy Witherspoon, she's a divorced mom living in Hoboken but originally from Spring Lake, NJ and she is totally real and not at all made up and wasn't created using stock photographs.



surrendertomychill t1_je510ko wrote

LSP as it is sucks for hiking or walking, everyone knows the most scenic walks happen in the parking lots of for-profit stadiums.


doglywolf t1_je5d7my wrote

the trails maybe shot to hell and in horrible shape but still 10x better then luxury concrete walks planned in this guys plan


Ainsel72l t1_je5pi8a wrote

His idea is that the entire future LSP event crowds and usual people park visitors will use off-site parking... which he alleges will be the light rail parking lot....


friendsoflsp t1_jefxjmb wrote

If tgecbillionaire and his funded surrogates brought their sports and entertainment complex plans to Manhattan for Central Park, they’d be chased out of town, but here in NJ, the billionaire has a governor who is in the bubble of the billionaire and his lobbyists, and who ignores 46 years of the overwhelming voice to the people for a free park without the kind of exclusionary admission fee plans that the billionaire is pushing. The DEP is going to stay with their longtime plans for nature, habitats and miles of paths and also their decision a couple of years ago for 61 acres of free active recreation so fireman is wasting his money and lies and smear attacks.