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EyesOnImprovement OP t1_je4ywmj wrote

Check out one of Rob Van Pelt's 6 friends, Cindy Witherspoon, she's a divorced mom living in Hoboken but originally from Spring Lake, NJ and she is totally real and not at all made up and wasn't created using stock photographs.



surrendertomychill t1_je510ko wrote

LSP as it is sucks for hiking or walking, everyone knows the most scenic walks happen in the parking lots of for-profit stadiums.


doglywolf t1_je5d7my wrote

the trails maybe shot to hell and in horrible shape but still 10x better then luxury concrete walks planned in this guys plan


Ainsel72l t1_je5pi8a wrote

His idea is that the entire future LSP event crowds and usual people park visitors will use off-site parking... which he alleges will be the light rail parking lot....


friendsoflsp t1_jefxjmb wrote

If tgecbillionaire and his funded surrogates brought their sports and entertainment complex plans to Manhattan for Central Park, they’d be chased out of town, but here in NJ, the billionaire has a governor who is in the bubble of the billionaire and his lobbyists, and who ignores 46 years of the overwhelming voice to the people for a free park without the kind of exclusionary admission fee plans that the billionaire is pushing. The DEP is going to stay with their longtime plans for nature, habitats and miles of paths and also their decision a couple of years ago for 61 acres of free active recreation so fireman is wasting his money and lies and smear attacks.


FelixTaran t1_je4sph5 wrote

It’s amazing that for all that money he can’t even hire a decent troll.


cC2Panda t1_je6ib8w wrote

What do you mean to me they seem totally legit.

-Guy Realman


nuncio_populi t1_je4v9kj wrote

This is the kind of insane community politics I live for.


jerseycityfrankie t1_je4z5q3 wrote

Yah it’s pitiful that such a blatant low-effort AstroTurfing campaign isn’t enough in itself to fully discredit “people’s park” and the rebok turd in the eyes of everyone in town (and in Trenton). I guess the good news is that when his bought politicians blatantly favor him it’ll be clear to everyone that they’ve sold their office and have zero integrity. It’ll hopefully end a few political careers or at least cripple them. As it should.


friendsoflsp t1_jefwkry wrote

One local politician, who took money for his nonprofit from Paul fireman, and is on the board of the fireman front group peoples park foundation, headed by Bob Hurley, is county commissioner Jerry Walker. He organized the counter rallies to the LSP Protection Act rallies, and brought a busload of propagandized people to Trenton to support the fastracked Fireman LSP non-protection law that killed the Protection Act and Walker signed a letter to the governor in 2021 with total lies about the Protection Act.


jerseycityfrankie t1_jeg03z2 wrote

It’s pretty fucking gross when you google him: “The People’s Park Foundation, a coalition of Jersey City community leaders and stakeholders led by Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Bob Hurley, Former Mayor Gerald McCann, Hudson County Commissioner Jerry Walker, and Attorney Elnardo Webster today announced their formation as a Jersey City based 501c3. The Foundation aims to assist the state and local government in revitalizing, improving, and endowing Liberty State Park for generations to […]”.....


friendsoflsp t1_jeg56u5 wrote

yes, those are the leading surrogates for Paul fireman. Elnardo Webster Jr. has been the lawyer for the first front group “Liberty Park for All and maybe is a lawyer for the 2nd front group of Hurley. Commissioner Jerry Walker‘s nonprofit has gotten money from fireman and and it’s probably likely that Hurley‘s basketball nonprofit is getting fireman money. Former mayor McCann has been one of the biggest liars and smear attackers to kill the LSP Protection Act and as a supporter of both front groups.


TacoCityJC t1_je4vx8j wrote

Well…he did buy Bobby Hurley Sr.


EyesOnImprovement OP t1_je4wkgu wrote

"Probably on a tenner a day, and I know what for! 2 pound 10 a tit and a fiver for his arse!"


surrendertomychill t1_je503qe wrote

Did you guys hear that Fireman got renowned architect Art Vandelay to design his stadiums??


mikevago t1_je53y5u wrote

And Professor von Nostrand from the Clinic signed off on the environmental impact!


nuncio_populi t1_je59wex wrote

"And I designed Caven Point. Leave it alone, Paul." — The Almighty


mooseLimbsCatLicks t1_je5xurl wrote

That’s the benefit of active moderation on Reddit, I can filter out most of these bogus accounts.

Most of them.


el_tigrox t1_je6fk0g wrote

Hey - big ups to the mods here... I just got like 7-8 "random" posts on old content that was obvious Fireman and co spam, and it was GONE before I could even click on it. Thank you for your vigilance in taking out the obvious trash. Debate and all that is healthy, but an organized effort to spam lies is not.


el_tigrox t1_je6iqa2 wrote

Yeah, that's the one... suddenly my inbox lit up. There were like dozens of them on older content... in the span of maybe 3-5 minutes. Some variations, but pretty much the same writeup.


mooseLimbsCatLicks t1_je6fr36 wrote

A lot of it is automatic Reddit removal of spam which exactly what these guys are.

But then we have to decide what is and is not spam.


nuncio_populi t1_je6i7ih wrote

Ooooh. What were some of the more deranged ones?

I caught a glimpse of one calling Sam Pesin a trust fund baby. I'm sure, as a former pre-school teacher, he'll get a kick out of that!


mooseLimbsCatLicks t1_je703n6 wrote

Just very one sided stuff yea from accounts that only talk about that when the astroturfing starts up


DeepFriedAsses t1_je53js8 wrote

idk but I assume he'll be speaking soon at 902 Brewing


nuncio_populi t1_je5a09v wrote

902's best patrons moving forward will be fictional Facebook accounts.


el_tigrox t1_je5ks1d wrote

I was arguing with this "person" on Instagram (before People's Park Foundation blocked me) - and it was just random mumbling and bumbling stuff - so this makes more sense now.


doglywolf t1_je5cp1e wrote

JC Times has been black listed by your Bitdefender security platform....well thats new.


hammaulsbeer t1_je5z2z3 wrote

Finkel is einhorn. Einhorn is finkel.


gretschenwonders t1_je5qck4 wrote

My dumbass thought this was about Paul McCartney’s side project called the Fireman 💀