Submitted by dedbutalive t3_120k96c in jerseycity

Hi everyone, first time with all this. The writing on the pamphlet is SO LIGHT, it’s not even there. So I’m really really worried because I told the officer that I don’t want texts for summons, I believe they send you something in the mail. But idk what my date is what exactly do I need to do now.

I’m so scared and if I could I’d revert it. Please help me.



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JerseyCityGeordie t1_jdhv4dq wrote

Pay to use the PATH or leave the area. It’s that simple. Now pay the ticket and pay to use the PATH going forward. You aren’t better than anyone else.


el_tigrox t1_jdhlted wrote

1 mistake is not going to define your life, this is a misdemeanor offense and it will not disrupt your life terribly. Reading between the lines, it sounds like you're nervous about someone else finding out about it - if that's the situation, it's best to have that conversation with people early and let them know what happened.

The ticket will likely take a few days to "go into the system," and then give a call to the PATH police: 201-216-6078; they should be able to give you more information.

You're going to be alright.


dedbutalive OP t1_jdhnj86 wrote

Thank you. Will it show up in my records or something ? I’m not a citizen.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_jdhx2ri wrote

I hope you are absolutely broke to justify it cause as someone who knows what the immigration process is like I can't fathom risking it all over $2.75.


el_tigrox t1_jdhp4ab wrote

Yes, there will be a record of it.

You may have some challenges if your intent is to apply for citizenship, but if your timeline is 3-5 years then it will likely not be an issue as long as you don't run into other issues.

I'm not a lawyer, so please take anything I say with a healthy amount of skepticism. You should consult with an immigration lawyer for more of the intricacies of the system. Here is a discussion about this very issue that happened in 2018:


No-Practice-8038 t1_jdnzqrq wrote

If you are trying to get your citizenship or going through other immigration processes, to be on the safe side consult a lawyer.

They don’t care that you skipped out on 2.75. They care about whether you’re honest. And they are going to wonder how long you were being dishonest. They take this seriously.

Whatever happens. Pay your fare share. Good luck.


throw495887 t1_jdhlwe7 wrote

You should probably be getting something in the mail the next few weeks. If you don't see anything call the municipal court in whichever city they caught you in.


glasssa251 t1_jdhy40j wrote

Something similar happened to me years ago. I accidentally grabbed my mom's unlimited card because we both had one, but hers had a senior discount and mine didn't. Got caught with it and was given a ticket with an option to fight it. I went in to fight the charges, and ended up having it dropped because the officer forgot to write on the ticket what I was being ticketed for. My advice, read the ticket thoroughly.


FinalIntern8888 t1_jdizi52 wrote

How on earth did they know you were using hers? Does it say “senior” when you tap through the turnstile?


glasssa251 t1_jdj25p7 wrote

Apparently it's a special colored light that goes off when you go through the turnstiles when you have a senior pass


dedbutalive OP t1_jdi9sfa wrote

It’s so light I can’t make a single word of it.


glasssa251 t1_jdiakt9 wrote

Is there contact info on the top of the ticket? You can call or email and ask for a copy