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LateralEntry t1_jbi1cn2 wrote

RIP peace and quiet of Vyv residents for the next few months


drkensaccount t1_jbi4k35 wrote

Not just them, We'll be hearing this from Newport to Harborside. But don't worry, there's only 4 more towers to go after this one. And then the 6th Street Pier Buildings, the Avalon tower, the parking lot in front of The Lively, The Evertrust parking lot, the rest of Urby, The tower going up where they have Smorgasburg, and the old 111 1st street site. But, once those are built, you probably won't hear any piledrivers. Unless the city builds that park over the river Soloman's been talking about. Then that should be it.


leboeufie t1_jbk8g5a wrote

Wait, I thought in total there are supposed to be 12 towers so 10 more to go, 9 after this one is done. Did the plans change?


drkensaccount t1_jbklkdo wrote

Good point, I was considering the remaining 4 blocks each individual towers, but some inevitably will be double towers (the one currently being built is one tower). Since double towers are usually built sequentially, it'll one after the other so it definitely counts as 2 separate buildings. To be more accurate, it'll be 4 to 8 more towers in TSCFKAMP, plus everything else. Also, I forgot there's one more tower to be built on Marin, next to the (not Jared) Kushner building, so add that to the list. But once all those are built, we won't have to deal with piledrivers. I for one look forward to this time of peace and tranquility.


NaedDrawoh t1_jbi2l1m wrote

Those fuckers are BRUTAL. Construction can be like 3 blocks away and they're still driving you mad.


whybother5000 t1_jbj61tx wrote

You get used to the sound after a while. Where I live near the beergarden they’ve been building towers continuously the last decade. Just don’t try to be a late riser on a weekday. And by late I mean after 7:30am.


FinalIntern8888 t1_jbjhgma wrote

Darmok and Jelad at Tenagra


SkyeMreddit t1_jbjtoha wrote

The rhythmic sound of progress


Jahooodie t1_jbk642y wrote

I think you forgot air quotes there around progress, but who knows anymore.


blondieboo12 t1_jbkfjzk wrote

We just moved out of VYV and just the tests for the pile driving were insane. Not to mention in the midst of it the building raised rents $500 across the board


vams19 t1_jd0j7sh wrote

Did you find a similar building with amenities that's more affordable ?


blondieboo12 t1_jd0jxjq wrote

To be honest we moved out of jersey city because it was crazy that we were being asked to spend $3500 on a 700 sq ft 1 bedroom when we could get a HOUSE only 30 min away. But I would say ANY of the buildings at the same price point as VYV in JC would be “more affordable” because your peace and quiet wouldn’t be disturbed by the construction (not to mention the terrible management and unusable amenities)


vams19 t1_jd0k9ro wrote

Thanks, yes we thought of buying too but the interest rates are crazy ..we will just rent for now and try to stay away from the shoprite area.


tophatter47 t1_jc4fyaa wrote

what is going to be built here?


Ainsel72l t1_jc54g87 wrote

More luxury units to combat the massive housing shortage.


BYNX0 t1_jbkzmon wrote

Is that a parking lot? In jersey city?? Are you sure this is really JC?