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Nuplex t1_jbm4bi6 wrote

For PATH people should be using the PATH card because it is discounted the more trips you load.

All of the MTA has tap to pay (OMNY) now, so there is no reason to have an MTA card. Even the argument for unlimited goes out the window because the tap to pay system gives you free rides after your 12th anyway.

So there's actually no reason for someone in NJ to have an MTA card, there's no benefit.


3mothsinatrenchcoat t1_jbmn2b4 wrote

Theres a couple reasons you might still want a metrocard. One is that OMNY restarts your 12 ride count every Monday, so if you're visiting from out of town you might be better off with a 7 day unlimited card (depending on which days of the week you'll be using it). They also haven't quite finished rolling OMNY out everywhere; I know the Roosevelt island tram didn't have it as of last month, and maybe there's some other niche services that haven't been updated yet.

Aside from that i really like OMNY, though. They seem to put a lot of thought into it.


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_jbmnhx4 wrote

Most transit savings plans don’t support ONNY yet, so for people who prefer to use pretax dollars there’s incentive to not use OMNY.


Complex_Difficulty t1_jbma6pg wrote

Oh, I was worried metrocards were phased out. I still have a ton of money on mine because I always flush out excess commuter benefit money to it before it expires. Looks like I need to get me an OMNY card.


jtsarracino t1_jbo1qxu wrote

I personally don’t use it because the discount is really small (15 cents??) for the hassle of dealing with an extra transit thing.