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MrLurker698 t1_jdcgc5x wrote

Don’t let a few anonymous people on Reddit instill fear in you over this. Nobody who was actually going to visit 902 is going to avoid your business over letting a group host an event that those people don’t agree with. Just don’t make any donations. Charge them full price!


el_tigrox OP t1_jdcgv6q wrote

I go there pretty often, have enjoyed music on the roof, and make sure to pick up their beer in cans in the local stores, because it is inherently a good thing to support local businesses, but this is a big local issue, and depending upon where they really fall on it - that will absolutely change my habits. There’s more local beer to buy than beer that supports this cause.


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdco7dk wrote

Departed Souls has a really good lineup, and their taproom is certainly cozy. Easier to get food near by, too.


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[deleted] t1_jdd9v8f wrote

>So you promote privatization of the park?



MrLurker698 t1_jdcjklv wrote

No, I support local businesses. It’s different but you seam to be closed minded and unable to empathize with a business owner who clearly didn’t know what they accepted. See the situation, not just the outcome. You’ll be a happier person.


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MrLurker698 t1_jdcotic wrote

I know what this is and I don’t support it. I don’t understand why any member of the public would support it.

I’m not saying give them 3 chances. I’m saying give them this one. If you’ve spent time there, you would agree that there is no way the staff would support this cause if they knew what they were signing up for.

If they host more events now that they know, feel free to judge. Gotta give everyone a chance.

It’s not fair to assume that anybody knows anything.


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdcog03 wrote

So now that the local business knows that a good number of its customer base is vocally against Fireman's park hijacking scheme, do you think they should continue to allow the event?