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BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdczxbc wrote

Final comments here.

  1. We aren't members, donors, or in any way affiliated with this event itself. We're a venue that has no skin in the game.
  2. Here are some of the events we have actually HOSTED: Veterans Fundraiser's, Toy Drives for Children, Brain Cancer 5K Fundraiser, Breast Cancer 5K Fundraiser, Food Drives, Right to Counsel for Rent in JC (hosted 2 weeks ago), Adopt A Pup, the list goes on. Those are events we WORKED hand in hand with the organizer. We had skin in the game. Hold those against us, too.
  3. Some of you mentioned we should 'host' Friends of LSP. They are more than welcome to use the space in the exact same manner as those tonight are. Have them email
  4. We woke up today having zero idea any of this was controversial. No master plan to profit from a billionaire takeover of the park. No strategic plotting to capitalize off of the community. No sinister plotting behind closed doors. NOTHING. So, thanks for the morning assault
  5. We're not going to cancel a public event over internet bullying. That being said, as actual humans that reside right here in Jersey City alongside of you, we hope that all of you attacking us will leave your computer screens tonight, come out alongside your community, and have your voice heard. It's not a private event. The doors are open to YOU. Give YOUR feedback. Holding it against us will do absolutely nothing to them.

We've unfortunately spent out morning reading up on why any of this is controversial instead of brewing beer. So, you got us there. Back to producing local liquids.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdd3x4o wrote

Internet bullying = people letting you know legit grievances against this group. But you don’t really care, you just want to throw a shield up, or to plug your ears and carry on.

Going back through your comments (54 days ago), you’ve in the past called for boycotts of other bars that serve mass chain beer - showing you want consumers to vote with dollars on their choice for beer and even hurt other bars. So you’ve made my choice for me - I will now boycott you.

Your call for boycott tactics:


EyesOnImprovement t1_jdd7b8n wrote

Actually, I think Fox news was on every time I went in there. Now they're going to cry about being cancelled.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdd5jlu wrote

Intentionally misleading headline is cyber bullying. It reads like we are a proxy for something that we're not.

If you are referring to this, we we're discouraging the boycott of small bars and restaurants. Intention was to fight back against the large scale distributors which is ironically aligned with your LSP views. Again, you're intentionally misleading.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdd66vm wrote

I don’t see anything misleading about a purposefully generic headline “902 Brewing to host Paul Fireman backed event” - that’s just a straight up fact based headline. That’s what’s happening here.

Look, you got other shit to worry about, I’m done the tit for tat thing too and I know you are as well - it’s clear. You have beer to brew, there will be plenty of people coming in the door, you may not even feel a pinch on your pocket, but next go around, think about the groups you invite indoors.


GreenTunicKirk t1_jddamq9 wrote

Oh c'mon ...

What you're seeing is a public outcry from people who are regular customers that are upset by this. And you're not taking ANY responsibility???

"Hey, very clearly we misjudged the situation. We're going to take all this into consideration and ensure we do not affiliate with the group in the future. In the meantime, it's too late to cancel the event and so we invite you all to come and speak out against the people's park foundation. We're sorry, and we hope we can move forward with trust in the community."

How hard would this have been?

Your defensiveness really says something about your integrity, and I'm so incredibly disappointed by this.


jerseycityfrankie t1_jddsvht wrote

They were pushing back all morning in the comments, now it’s “we’re the real victims here”.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jddcxos wrote

We can certainly get behind your above statement. Thank you.


lucke0204 t1_jddi31t wrote

I was planning to bring a decent sized group in to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks' time, but reading your reactions to some of the comments has been so disappointing to the point where I am reconsidering.

If you are serious about agreeing with the sentiments in u/GreenTunicKirk's statement, that's great. I would encourage you to take a beat and discuss with your team putting out your own statement to that effect.


fruit__gummy t1_jddag94 wrote

I’m sorry but profiting from this organization IS being affiliated with them. you can shift the goalposts and muddy the waters as much as you want, it doesn’t make a difference.

Maybe cancel it because it’s the right thing to do?


nuncio_populi t1_jddv55q wrote

You’re hosting a group whose “cry-baby campaign” and lobbying forced a state agency to delay a big reveal on redevelopment plans that would have helped our community and protect our park from private development.

We’re allowed to be upset at you for hosting them on the day those plans were supposed to be released. This is a topic that matters to the community you operate your business in.

If you can’t take a little heat, get outta the kitchen.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_jdfplnw wrote

Fuck you. "Hold those against us, too" is a bullshit strawman argument. You were informed multiple times how and why this was bad and you're comparing someone trying to rob public land to a dog adoption as if that's the same thing. Go fuck yourself and your business.