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BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdd5jlu wrote

Intentionally misleading headline is cyber bullying. It reads like we are a proxy for something that we're not.

If you are referring to this, we we're discouraging the boycott of small bars and restaurants. Intention was to fight back against the large scale distributors which is ironically aligned with your LSP views. Again, you're intentionally misleading.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdd66vm wrote

I don’t see anything misleading about a purposefully generic headline “902 Brewing to host Paul Fireman backed event” - that’s just a straight up fact based headline. That’s what’s happening here.

Look, you got other shit to worry about, I’m done the tit for tat thing too and I know you are as well - it’s clear. You have beer to brew, there will be plenty of people coming in the door, you may not even feel a pinch on your pocket, but next go around, think about the groups you invite indoors.