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GriffoGerritszoon t1_jdcc13b wrote

It would only take a few people protesting on the sidewalk outside to kill the vibe.


xTheShrike t1_jdepwcb wrote

What is the controversy over him and the organization? I am moving to JC in a few weeks and don't keep up with anything going on there.

This sub seems to be outraged over something new every single week. I hope most of the residents aren't like the people on this sub.


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xTheShrike t1_jdetw9d wrote

> I hope most of the residents aren't like the people on this sub.

Point still stands.


moobycow t1_jdevhds wrote

The plan leaves all the existing accessible open space. It doesn't mean it's a good plan, but that's the plan.

Also, no one is charging access to go for a walk. There's plenty to hate about what is being proposed without making shit up.

Dumbass indeed.


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moobycow t1_jdh1gr9 wrote

They are proposing to build up the area that is currently behind the fence and not in use

It's amazing to be this angry and aggressive about something you apparently haven't spent 5 min looking at.

Edit: to be clear. It is the timing and motives and potential conflicts of interestand ownership that suck about this.

The golf course bit no longer exists (I suppose you could argue it will come back). The area proposed to be developed here, is the exact same area the DEP would be proposing to develop (albeit it is likely with a lot more stuff/ buildings).


mcmuffin103 t1_jdi3l1c wrote

The DEP plans to restore wetlands and bring back some of the natural wildlife of the area, not build a stupid fucking stadium and racetrack as a cover to try and seize another part of the park for a golf course. It doesn’t need to be developed. If you want new basketball courts and shit go complain to the city council directly instead of bitching about it online and defending a shit-smear of a human being that wants to take something away from everyone.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_jdbf07p wrote

Been meaning to check out 902. Guess I never will.


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innocentsubterfuge t1_jdckd0q wrote

Maybe support the community if you want the community to support you. Just an idea from the community.


summerhairfrvryoung t1_jdd94nh wrote

isn’t hosting a public forum with someone people want to question a form of supporting the community? they’re not taking sides, just giving an opportunity for people to ask questions. i think 902 is getting an unfair amount of flak for just hosting a Q&A session. obviously, it would be different if this was after the event and only softball questions were allowed


fruit__gummy t1_jddfmb7 wrote

they are making money off of an event run by supporters of privatizing the park, it’s that simple


summerhairfrvryoung t1_jddphw7 wrote

are they getting paid for it though?


innocentsubterfuge t1_jddrqmw wrote

Are you seriously asking if they’re going to be making money from people paying to use their facilities and purchasing their product?


edgertor t1_jdbiymv wrote

do i boycott 902, or show up and ask difficult questions?


glo46 t1_jdcq1hg wrote

Protest against Paul firedouch at 902 to kill the vibe and show that he isn't welcomed.

Boycotting 902 distracts from the actual root issue, which is fireturd


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jerseycityfrankie t1_jdd70sg wrote

“Assault on the venues”? What are you talking about? Some kind of weird “yes we took the money to host this attack on democracy, but.....something something we’re the real victims here”?


sutisuc t1_jdd5u98 wrote

I’m sorry what’s an “assault on a venue”?


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdd5wy5 wrote

This thread lol


fruit__gummy t1_jdd9zkc wrote

you all want to host an event which is actively harmful to the community and then claim you’re being ASSAULTED for backlash? these are the predictable consequences of your actions

if people being mean to you online is assault then what do you call it when a billionaire tries to tear down a public good so they can make more profit?


sutisuc t1_jddilzt wrote

Yeah but the words HURT his FEELINGS! It was also a hate crime cause he…hated it.


njkid30 t1_jdd9jst wrote

Lol I mean you should clearly see that a billionaire's astroturf org is using you to push his agenda so he can continue to hoard wealth by using public resources. But hey, both sides am I right?


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdcnoxv wrote

I understand why 902 would be willing to host the event and even support the efforts - as it would mean a direct increase in business due to their proximity to the park. For sure, it makes total sense.

HOWEVER - it is in direct opposition with what their CURRENT community patrons value and want. I've given lots of money to 902 over the years, and this is honestly really upsetting to me to see them hosting this event. Paul Fireman is NOT a "people's park" person, it is a label designed to dupe people into support. I hope u/BrewedInJerseyCity understands that they can't just hide behind "We're just hosting! We don't support!" excuse... Dingbatz in Clifton got torn a new one and lost a lot of business as a result of having a nazi metal band perform. They used the same sort of excuse too...

I won't be boycotting the brewery as that is not consistent with supporting local business, but I will be very critical of them for this. I hope NO ONE comes out to that event, and if they do, it's to protest the event.


EDIT: Looks like they're doubling down on their defense and saying we are "assaulting/internet bullying" ... so there goes that. There's a few other breweries in the area I really like: Defiant Brewery & BBQ is the furthest in Pearl River NY, but damn good food. Departed Soles in downtown is a tiny but mighty, and Bolero in Secaucus has some very creative brews.


yethica t1_jdcyhfb wrote

The whole point of a boycott is to hurt the business to show them that doing things against the community needs isn't ok. You can support other local businesses. Being critical, frankly, does a whole lot of nothing. Boycott them. Hit them in the wallet, where it hurts.


sutisuc t1_jdd5rp8 wrote

Yup it’s a tried and true method of protest for a reason.


doglywolf t1_jde4qp3 wrote

except when their is social media - they already acknowledged they did no digging into the org , looks good at face value - booked it for that and regret it but can not cancel the event due to agreements .


They know they fucked up at this point and i genuinely believe they regret it


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdd78ab wrote

I don't think a boycott of 902 would be effective in this situation, as it really distracts from the real issue which is the park. I am *really* trying to be fair to 902 and their position of neutrality, regardless of my own opinion, and if it comes to a point that I stop giving 902 business then so be it.


mcmuffin103 t1_jdi4grr wrote

I understand wanting to be fair to them, and it sucks, but associating with this sort of thing that is actively attempting to damage your community, then blaming everyone else for being upset, is the issue. That’s what they have been doing with this situation. Boycotting businesses associated with this group shows others to not risk doing so in the future. That’s how you show the guy he isn’t welcome


AccountantOfFraud t1_jdd0v6d wrote

> Dingbatz in Clifton got torn a new one and lost a lot of business as a result of having a nazi metal band perform.

Dawg holy shit. They should've blasted that Dead Kennedys song at them.

I agree with your entire post. I like them more than Departed Soles (although I do love that Southward Ale) but I think I'm definitely going to give Departed Soles more of my business in the short-term.


mcmuffin103 t1_jdd0fp5 wrote

Boycott them otherwise you’re using a similarly worthless excuse.


doglywolf t1_jde3yb2 wrote

They addressed it on twitter - they did Zero Research into the org. Thought it was a legit good org trying to improve the park.. i mean the entire point of the org it to get the community to support it at face value ...lets be honest the average citizen and person doesn't dig much deeper then face value. I mean lets cut them a bit of a brake and let this be a lesson to them to check on who they are allowing to have events at their space.

Honestly if it wasn't for reddit and only seeing the media / propaganda i might think they weren't so bad if not of the giant venue in the middle at least.

Ive meet them a few times - talked to them when it was slow the seem like good people that made an honest / lazy mistake .


Side note if your willing to drive all the way to Defiant - you might want to check out Carton its less then an hour from JC. Edit* Except in the peak of beach season btw since its in that general direction . But this time of year is AWESOME to go to it .


el_tigrox OP t1_jdbdov3 wrote

What a shame. Do with this information what you will, but I won’t be spending my beer money with them anymore.


uieLouAy t1_jdcrgw4 wrote

Hey u/brewedinjerseycity — I live in the neighborhood, visit the brewery, buy your beer, and plug you all to all my friends in and around JC.

This group is an Astro-turf campaign funded by Reebok billionaire Paul Fireman who wants to privatize LSP so he can profit from it at our expense. With new state funds available to renovate the park, and no plan in place, these next few months are going to be critical in determining the future of LSP for generations. Which is to say — the stakes here are so high, and even if you don’t want to be political or pick a side, by hosting this event you are, hence the comments here. Please do the right thing for the community and do not host this event — by doing so you are giving a platform and credibility to Paul Fireman and his Astro-turf campaign.


sutisuc t1_jdcw68l wrote

Well that sucks. At least there’s still departed soles


robin_tern t1_jdbf10w wrote

That's a shame, I liked that bar prior to this :-(



BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdcd2w8 wrote

Hi, 902 Brewing here. Here’s brutal honesty: we are over worked small business owners that put insane hours in to run an honest business. If someone inquires to host an event, we do a 10 second skim to make sure it’s nothing hateful. In this instance, “people park” sounded harmless enough so we said sure. Plus we respect Coach Hurley. We’re not into politics and quite honestly have no idea if they are/what they’re doing. We had a sustainable JC Meet-Up last night, and a real estate meet up the night before. It’s not an endorsement of anything. Want to host a Disney themed bday party for yourself? Happy to oblige.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdcdjfv wrote

Totally hear you about maybe being duped by an organization that sounds good on paper, but has deep ties to wanting to forever change the park by adding stadiums, race tracks and commercial elements in the name of “people.” And it’s good that people can use your business as a community space. But now that you have a bit more information about this event - will you cancel it?


[deleted] t1_jdcgafl wrote



el_tigrox OP t1_jdcgmto wrote

Seems like it unfortunately. “Oops our bad” window dressing, and a healthy degree of spin. Want to give the benefit of the doubt here, but after the initial comment, and the “Not political” thing, seems like the plot got lost a bit.


RAWisROLLIE t1_jdcu2fi wrote

But now you know some of the facts, or are choosing to ignore them. I sympathize with your dilemma, but it's OK to disagree with their platform out loud.


shanes3t t1_jdchxie wrote

Admitting that you'd take anyone's money because you didn't bother to research and don't care where it's from is not the flex you think it is.


sutisuc t1_jdcwbam wrote

LOL “not into politics” in 2023


[deleted] t1_jdd98tp wrote

Why do you have to be interested in politics in 2023? It's such a toxic subject that I don't blame a lot of people for investing their energy elsewhere.


Organic-Hovercraft-3 t1_jdey2uo wrote

Because politics has bleed into every aspect of life. Guns in schools, gender, abortions, taxes for the wealthy. It's unavoidable.


[deleted] t1_jdhlo2m wrote

Be careful what you wish for. If you force everyone into it you may not like the political outcome


fruit__gummy t1_jdcl4wk wrote

So now that you know you are hosting an event that’s harmful to your community, you’ll cancel it right? ….right?


yethica t1_jdczdn5 wrote

This, frankly, sounds like a cop out. If you're not into politics, then don't host an event like this. And do more research than a 10 second skim when it's something to do with the community you are in and the people who frequent your establishment. Besides... a 10 second skim would have immediately brought up all of the information about this. You were intellectually lazy about this. Own that you effed up. Cancel the event. Do better.


shrillbill t1_jdd9xa6 wrote

Cancel the event and I'll come spend $100 if you host a Friend's of LSP event


TastyCuttlefish t1_jddcazv wrote

This isn’t the same as a regular corporate event. It is a political event giving a platform to a group that is very opposed to a large chunk of your customer base and is aiming at closing off a decent portion of public park space for the benefit of a few very wealthy people. You should always investigate political groups seeking to utilize your venue.

Your response makes sense as a regular person. You aren’t a regular person in this situation, though. You are a member of the community and depend on that community for your business and employees. Given the pain already felt due to rampant inflation and the pandemic, and given the darker economic situation on the horizon, it would be prudent to consider the longer term effects of your actions. Recessions decimate discretionary income. Breweries are very much dependent on discretionary income. This isn’t a good time to alienate patrons.


lordleft t1_jdcnoum wrote

I honestly sympathize with you. I strongly oppose efforts to privatize LSP and will vote against it/support politicians who oppose it, but I don't see much wrong with a group of private citizens assembling at a brewery to advocate for a political cause, even if I disagree with that cause. And I don't think you're unethical for hosting them either.


BBFshul71 t1_jdcv1kk wrote

So long as you’re not donating to them I don’t see a problem. Because it’s an event that the public can access, 902 is also giving a platform to those that disagree with the group and want to come to speak against them. 902 is a good local business that makes good beer. There is no reason to go after them when you can just go after the shit-head politician instead


MrLurker698 t1_jdcgc5x wrote

Don’t let a few anonymous people on Reddit instill fear in you over this. Nobody who was actually going to visit 902 is going to avoid your business over letting a group host an event that those people don’t agree with. Just don’t make any donations. Charge them full price!


el_tigrox OP t1_jdcgv6q wrote

I go there pretty often, have enjoyed music on the roof, and make sure to pick up their beer in cans in the local stores, because it is inherently a good thing to support local businesses, but this is a big local issue, and depending upon where they really fall on it - that will absolutely change my habits. There’s more local beer to buy than beer that supports this cause.


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdco7dk wrote

Departed Souls has a really good lineup, and their taproom is certainly cozy. Easier to get food near by, too.


[deleted] t1_jdcgu3f wrote



[deleted] t1_jdd9v8f wrote

>So you promote privatization of the park?



MrLurker698 t1_jdcjklv wrote

No, I support local businesses. It’s different but you seam to be closed minded and unable to empathize with a business owner who clearly didn’t know what they accepted. See the situation, not just the outcome. You’ll be a happier person.


[deleted] t1_jdcjxok wrote



MrLurker698 t1_jdcotic wrote

I know what this is and I don’t support it. I don’t understand why any member of the public would support it.

I’m not saying give them 3 chances. I’m saying give them this one. If you’ve spent time there, you would agree that there is no way the staff would support this cause if they knew what they were signing up for.

If they host more events now that they know, feel free to judge. Gotta give everyone a chance.

It’s not fair to assume that anybody knows anything.


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdcog03 wrote

So now that the local business knows that a good number of its customer base is vocally against Fireman's park hijacking scheme, do you think they should continue to allow the event?


ThenIGetAChipwichOK t1_jdcatd3 wrote

Major bummer. I just see so many business in my Bergen Lafayette neighborhood falling for this stuff and it’s so depressing. I have a lot of respect for Friends if LSP but I’d like to see a more organized pushback from them or somewhere on this AstroTurf bullshit from Fireman and co.


moobycow t1_jdcgxld wrote

In fairness to the Bergen Lafayette community, they've been waiting for better access and rec fields since 1978.

Check out pages 13 & 14.

1978_master_plan.pdf (


ThenIGetAChipwichOK t1_jdcihkq wrote

Yeah, but Paul Fireman isn’t running this campaign because he wants soccer fields for local kids. He’s doing it so he can take over part of the park for a golf course that will not benefit our community. To think otherwise is naive at best.


[deleted] t1_jdcjf6j wrote



moobycow t1_jdcmcdx wrote

What strawman? Part of the privatization proposal includes getting the fields and access done. You may think that it won't happen, or it is a bad trade-off, but it's not a strawman.


AccountantOfFraud t1_jdd223p wrote

Plus, you can play soccer wherever you want. LSP has huge fields all you need is to buy those small nets. Shit we used to play with a crinkled-up can on asphalt.

Its like they think kids don't have any imagination for play.


moobycow t1_jdcjja4 wrote

Yes, but if you don't want scummy private interests to make a campaign out of you not fulfilling your promises to a community, you should probably fulfill your promises to a community.


jtactile t1_jdcr6ws wrote

yeah wow, I can't believe they published this and it didn't just happen the next day /s


RAWisROLLIE t1_jdcxb6o wrote

Everyone knows that tracking down corporate polluters of the environment and getting them to pay for and execute the remediation of their abandoned contamination is the smoothest and fastest process, and that's why we need to totally trust corporate interests for privatization! We'd never get burned twice!!


moobycow t1_jdcro0s wrote

The next day? It's been 45 years.


jtactile t1_jdcuzg3 wrote

and we both know nothing has changed since then, anywhere. same ol 1976


moobycow t1_jdd453x wrote

I'll bite. What's a reasonable timeframe?


jtactile t1_jdevmjd wrote

Here's the thing: I have no idea. I do know that until 50 years ago, it was a pile of garbage and industrial waste from a rail yard that nobody but a few hippies gave a shit about.

Then, direct from what you linked, LSP began as 35 acres in 1976 (vs. a total area of 1,212[via Wiki]). From what I understand 240 acres are closed off due to contamination still. So that's a gain of some 900+ usable acres?

The plan you shared has some prospective dates, but also a giant price tag, reliant on government budgets and lobbying. Then, as others have pointed out, some of the funding needed to be fought out in court with the pollutants. Fighting I imagine versus the types of lawyers only a Fireman type could afford. Then you run into problems like the massive remediation needed. Or a hurricane turns the park into "a disaster movie".

I don't pretend to have an idea of how long this should take as I don't have a full list of contributing factors, nor an engineering degree. However, when you consider even a few of those factors and have the insight of being involved in a large scale, complicated project, describing its Current progress as "broken promises to a community" is not only unfair, it's just wrong.


moobycow t1_jdewp8s wrote

Funny you mention, "fighting, I imagine, versus the types of lawyers only a Fineman can afford."

Turns out some of the biggest obstruction over the years has been from Friends of LSP, who very much did not want it cleaned if cleaning it meant a ball field would be put in.

In any case, the point stands, if after 50 years the government can't get the funding done, then it makes sense that private interests would get some traction.


jtactile t1_jdexiex wrote

And you’re the exact kind of myopic turd you sounded like originally.


moobycow t1_jdf043y wrote

Ha. Serves me right for trying to have an actual discussion.

All the best.


jtactile t1_jdf1blp wrote


  • cherry picks one line from response
  • and in response to maybe considering the complexity of things and admitting to what you don’t understand
  • doesn’t consider the possible environmental impact of a sports field vs a marsh, how that may have influenced FoLSP’s POV or other contributing factors
  • no response to anything else

“Actual discussion”


moobycow t1_jdf3bij wrote

Almost the entire list of points was, "price tag, lobbying, funding, remediation."

With price, lobbying and funding being for the remediation.

My one line addresses most all of them by pointing out a big reason it was so difficult to get funding for remediation is Friends of LSP lobbying against it because it has almost always come in the context of them getting ball fields.

You may think that they were correct, because of environmental concerns, or just different priorities.That's OK.

It doesn't change that a lot of people want the recreation and access that was originally in the plan, and it is not surprising that development interests would capitalize on the complete lack of anything being done for 45 years.


[deleted] t1_jdcdc0u wrote



ThenIGetAChipwichOK t1_jdciokb wrote

The biz I was referring to wasn’t actually hosting an event, just reposting this group’s propaganda. It’s easy to fall for it — a park for the people sounds great.

In the politics/policy world, they call a fake/paid grassroots campaign astroturf. That’s what this group you’re hosting is:


[deleted] t1_jdcfxjh wrote



gigiwasabi_jc t1_jddl58m wrote

Moving into a community without being aware of even the broad strokes of issues and players important to that community (aka “politics”)? Then doubling-down on pretending giving platform to a billionaire’s AstroTurf group isn’t implicit endorsement?

Sounds about right!


[deleted] t1_jddiz06 wrote



mcmuffin103 t1_jdi5qoy wrote

I agree one thousand percent. How have they claimed to be a part of the community yet they weren’t aware of this issue? Apparently friends with coach Hurley yet they never knew about his affiliation with this HUGE issue? Ignorance is never an excuse.

I would go further and say that this issue is a statewide issue, even more of a national issue considering the location of the park and significance of the landmarks it overlooks. People come from OTHER COUNTRIES to come to this park and see the statue, let alone people from out of the city and out of state.

Furthermore, it sets a precedent that state land should and could be developed for private use, which shouldn’t be the case as it’s state land for public use. Imagine high point state park having mansions all around obstructing the view? Or if the wetlands in Cheesequake state park in central Jersey were developed into condos or an expansion for the PNC center?


Conscious-Bass-1788 t1_jdd8o5x wrote

Ok so i loved your brewery you were close and great but i cant back this at all please try to take the community into mind this man is against the community by all regards


njkid30 t1_jdcrp5t wrote

Lol convenient that 902 isn't mentioning this on their IG page....


el_tigrox OP t1_jddcuhy wrote

Well… they are deleting the few comments that were there that voiced concern. Some good ol’ damage control.


njkid30 t1_jdddd27 wrote

Lol funny, they didn't have time to do a little a bit of due diligence when this group asked to book, but plenty of time to pick fights on Reddit and sanitize their IG comments


Jimmoe t1_jdcjc08 wrote

I just sent an email to 902 expressing my deep disappointment and requesting a response. If I get one, I'll post it. In the meantime, if I'm able, I'll go to tonight's shindig and grouse and bitch. Next step, boycott 902.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdd3z33 wrote

Haven't received anything. You can email me personally, . I can promise you a reply.


Jimmoe t1_jdd5cmf wrote

Just did.


Jimmoe t1_jddjhrm wrote

I heard back from 902, and it sounds like they genuinely stumbled into this dilemma through ignorance. To paraphrase: and old friend who hosted other sports-related events at the brewery (Coach Hurley) asked to host this event. They said ok, without knowing anything about the People's Park Foundation, Paul Fireman, the Liberty State Park turmoil ... until this blew up this morning. Now they feel obliged to go through with it. Beside the beer they sell, there's no money in it for them. I'm buying their story. 902 always struck me as a good, community-minded business. They screwed up. It happens.


TacoCityJC t1_jdcnapc wrote

Fuck that noise!!! I understand the brewery needs money to stay afloat but this is a bad look. I imagine they are being handsomely rewarded for holding the event but it’ll probably hurt 902 in the long run.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdcxu1v wrote

It's pay as you go and open to public.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdd0iih wrote

Ah bummer, that’s the confirmation that you’re willing to host this event. I can’t support you anymore. This is one of the largest issues locally and you’ve decided you’re cool with Paul Fireman and his group.

His people by the way have had other public events canceled around this - this isn’t about public debate or questions.


TacoCityJC t1_jdd0mik wrote

I hope you are being handsomely compensated for hosting this event. If you aren’t you should ask for more money. IMO.


robocub t1_jdclyuw wrote

If the owners of 902 are vehemently against Fireman and his anti-LSP douchebags then make VERY VERY loud and consistent statements condemning them and how 902 does not support them. You made a bad move and you regret it. Now its on you to correct that. But its got to be loud and consistent. I would even suggest you host a benefit for Friends of Liberty State Park group and promote it heavily.


jerseycityfrankie t1_jdd8kun wrote

Every social media move this shitstain makes is a buffoonish bungling of low effort AstroTurfing. How is it that someone with such deep pockets fails so hard, again and again, at publicity campaigns? I guess we should be grateful he continually hires incompetent people to handle these things.


nuncio_populi t1_jde7xj9 wrote

I encourage everyone to go to 902 tonight. Don’t buy a single drink but make your voices heard.

Let the fraudsters at People’s Park know what the people of Jersey City think of their astroturf campaign to try and takeaway one of our great open spaces.


halocene_epic t1_jdc6z48 wrote

Calling to boycott 902 Brewing because of this is stupid.


[deleted] t1_jdcf12t wrote



moobycow t1_jdckbtm wrote

Does waiting 45 years for their access and fields have no negative impact?

I don't want it privatized, but at some point you have to fucking deliver.


[deleted] t1_jdcki1o wrote



moobycow t1_jdcopmb wrote

Honest question, do you know the history of the park? Because for most of those years privatization wasn't stopping ball fields and active use, Friends of LSP was.

That's not to say there hasn't been a shit load of awful proposals over the years (amusement parks, etc.) but the people 'protecting' the park have also been, until basically last week, vehemently opposed to any active recreation.

The local community has every right to be skeptical of pretty much everyone.


njmids t1_jdeirh2 wrote

I’ve been waiting my entire life for the interior of the park to be opened. I don’t support fireman but he clearly saw the opportunity Pessins lack of action created.


moobycow t1_jdejpvc wrote

Not lack of action, intentional obstruction because he wanted a completely passive park.


njmids t1_jdem0u8 wrote

Agreed. I don’t think he ever wanted the interior opened and did everything he could to delay it. That gave Fireman a lot of valid ammunition.


ThenIGetAChipwichOK t1_jdcakp6 wrote

Why’s it stupid? Businesses can choose which public causes to support, and the public can in turn choose which businesses to support. I won’t support one that is either a) craven enough to back a billionaire who wants to take land away from the public for a private golf course or b) stupid enough to not realize that’s what Fireman’s astroturf campaign is doing.


[deleted] t1_jdcdf5o wrote



ThenIGetAChipwichOK t1_jdciayn wrote

A cause doesn’t have to be overtly political to be, in my opinion, wrong, craven, and disgusting. I’d urge you to read up on this subject. Sorry, but Paul Fireman isn’t pouring money into this fake grassroots campaign because he loves soccer fields. He’s doing it because he wants to take over part of the park to make more money for his golf course, which you and I will never be able to afford to visit. I promise you that if he succeeds, none of the rich people who come to the PGA events will stop at your brewery. They’ll get on the ferry that leaves from his walled-off golf course and go back to Manhattan.

I, on the other hand, live in walking distance! I like your beer! Love when you have an emo band! I’ve spent lots of money at your place. But this kind of thing is a huge turn off.

I’d encourage to read more about the cause you are hosting:


Stunning_Lingonberry t1_jdcf682 wrote

Was it political when you held a press conference over state regulations with a handful of politicians, including Amy Degise the day before she hit a cyclist? Because I was inclined to support you there, but right now, FUCK 902.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdcfk2f wrote

Yes, state regulations against the brewing industry. Us and every other brewery in the state have spoken up there. It is/was directly in our lane. Read the presser. That is the extent that we ever get involved in politics.


Stunning_Lingonberry t1_jdch1z6 wrote

Well, enjoy losing more business, from actual residents. Whether with the boys after a long day at Cinelease or alone at E and M's, I'll never touch your beer. I love the PATH ipa, but there are other beers that don't support a Billionaire trying to take our park.


njmids t1_jdehsow wrote

Relax bro. “Actual residents” money is just as green as anyone else’s.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdcfwnl wrote

Can you answer if you will be canceling this event?


glo46 t1_jdcosqq wrote

How about you do something more proactive and start a go fund me to cover their losses of the event and the possible consequences they'll face down the road for canceling?


mikevago t1_jdcjy7y wrote

It's absolutely political. The billionaire behind this astroturf campaign is trying to change the law so that private entities can develop public land. And he's trying to destroy the Caven Point nature preserve, (which apart from being a crucial wildlife habitat, is a beautiful spot that belongs to everyone), so he can wall it off for his millionaires-only country club.

Every part of that is political. It's 100% political down to the bedrock. And when you support the deeply shitty politics of a billionaire who wants to destroy a nature preserve and take away public land to make a greasy buck off of it, you absolutely deserve a backlash. Because you took a political stance on behalf of a deeply dishonest cause, and now you're being dishonest on top of that by claiming it's not political.


Tina_Las_Vegas t1_jdchhaa wrote

Ehh not really. Their beer isn’t THAT great


ebastoria t1_jdcmhwo wrote

Went last weekend - honestly the beer was so bad. I’ve gone a few times but I just don’t love the product. We returned the seltzer because it actually smelled like burned hair. I want to support a local business but go to Departed Soles instead!


Goodbye_Sky_Harbor t1_jddbgln wrote

Look man, I agree with all the issues towards this event. But do not get into comparing the beer between 902 and Departed Soles. It's just not a thing you can say with a straight face unless you're gluten free


Organic-Hovercraft-3 t1_jdeybke wrote

Absolutely. And when you can get other half beers in every store I'm surprised they could stay in business before they started promoting events to privatize the park.


jgweiss t1_jdcykba wrote

havent been since i tried to check it out in early 2021 and they were happy to go without masks inside the brewery, and got some weird looks for walking in with mine on.

maybe im being unreasonable, but maybe not!


halocene_epic t1_jddlhd5 wrote

Yea pretty unreasonable considering you can’t drink or eat with a mask on. What did you intend to do at the brewery when you visited?


jgweiss t1_jddm2cs wrote

buy some beer and bring it outside, to the many tables available? it just struck me that at a time where people were not vaccinated, and were still not really doing commerce without precautions, nobody had a mask on in the place. i guess they thought the large doors were large enough, and they were practically outiside.

like i said, maybe...but maybe not!


jzini t1_jddyrat wrote

Just commented on their page here:

I think it’s important to give them context instead of going after them for hosting. Let them understand but there is a level of being reasonable canceling event the night of. I’m not sure what their knowledge is of this, as I wouldn’t research every event in detail… but if you share your opinions now, they can at least make informed choices.

Let’s not interpret ignorance as malice. Pitchforking doesn’t lead to understanding - it builds resentment. I liked a lot of the events 902 hosted - like Ukrainian night comes to mind. If they continue to support after being informed, then you can do what you want with that information.


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jzini t1_jde10f0 wrote

I saw the response and they are being defense after stepping in some shit. They are human and do you think the booking person throughly researches everything? I don’t. I’m down for a boycott if they host again, but we can still protest outside regardless of our feelings of 902. If I was 902, I’d let both happen and carve out a safe area visible from the road to let people who want to protest do it safely.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdfv713 wrote

Latest: 902 Brewing u/brewedinjerseycity is allowing filmed videos on their rooftop, in which people have scripts and are filming propaganda:

This absolutely proves this is more than just a public forum, but is an official organized use of the space by Paul Fireman and his team. It’s clear their claims of innocence are bullshit.


Maleficent-Baby-1926 t1_jdgbpfa wrote

i dont get it. if they develop the park will it not still be free to go there?


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jddjfhc wrote

Actual final statement:

We are genuinely sorry for the outrage this has caused. We mean it when we say that we had no idea of the controversy we signed up for. It's too late to cancel it, but we will be much more proactive of knowing what we're getting into in the future. Between trying to run a small business and trying to balance family life, we sometimes overlook details. That's on us. For what it's worth, we have been paid $0 to host this. It is a public event open to the community. Our only financial ties are transactions from attendees, which is business as usual for us. We encourage you to come and communicate your frustrations with their plans directly. We want what's best for the community. We're sorry for the commotion.


ja_dubs t1_jdeb4w2 wrote

I'm willing to give you guys the benifit of the doubt that your team did a cursory search to make sure that the Peoples Park group wasn't anything criminal or hateful and you missed that it had ties to Fireman and is actually an astroturf campaign. It's an easy mistake to make given that is the whole point of an astroturfing campaign.

More importantly, going forward, what new vetting procedures are you putting in place before allowing a group to host an event at your establishment?


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdedg7a wrote

Maybe this makes us sound like dumb brewers, but honestly didn’t even know what astroturfing meant. Had to google it a few hours ago. There will certainly be more in depth vetting going forward. Namely, a lengthy google search for any associated controversies.


nopeallday t1_jdg0pmb wrote

It's happening on your roof right now, no need to google it!


DeepFriedAsses t1_jdg9ks1 wrote

My last visit to 902 is also my final statement in terms of ever going back


BenevolentCheese t1_jdhvw6f wrote

> It's too late to cancel it

Well, no, it certainly wasn't too late to cancel it, you just chose not to because despite all your grandstanding and claims of innocence, you still prioritize money over doing the right thing for the people of the city you have occupied.


Byzantium-1204 t1_jdeldp3 wrote

I’m now thinking 902 made an honest mistake after reading their comments. I do wonder though if this Hurley fellow had undo influence as they make his beer.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdelufw wrote

They doubled down on a lot of their positions (and deleted some posts and content where they said some things to people) - so if you came in a bit late, it’s a modified/edited version of the story.


SwordfishAdmirable31 t1_jdcruxa wrote

How is peoples park foundation connected to Paul Fireman? I see he's mentioned in some early articles on the ppf news and more section


el_tigrox OP t1_jdcsmke wrote

In the 15 years I’ve lived here, he’s attempted this multiple times - first it was called “Liberty State Park For All,” and now it’s the rebranded “People’s Park Foundation” - they’ve all been directly funded by Fireman as he’s attempted to pull in a coalition of interests. There’s a number of articles that address his direct connection. The money funnels from Fireman’s charity right into these groups - and they try to maintain an illusion of local people running them, but they’re not.


caroline_elly t1_jdcjp66 wrote

People on this sub really love their small businesses.

Forcing them to choose between getting paid and cancelling events that are already booked.

902 really should have scrolled through reddit every night after working their ass off in the day to know which clients are permissible by redditors.


mcmuffin103 t1_jdd1zrv wrote

Or maybe they should have been aware of this issue that has been persistent in there community for close to, if not longer than two decades??


GreenTunicKirk t1_jdd9c8c wrote

That's really disingenuous. u/BrewedInJerseyCity is an account that's at least a year old and posts regularly in our area subreddits. Additionally, their instagram account is followed/following community accounts that talk about the LSP renovation and activism in support of keeping LSP free to the public and not privatized by Paul Fireman.

They may not know the ins and outs of the situation, and Fireman's astroturfing campaign and PR is designed to trick people. However, there's no excuse at this point...


michael_scarn17 t1_jdcgi50 wrote

Everyone here who is ‘boycotting’ 902 are the softest humans I’ve ever seen. Like 902 is giving you the opportunity to question these people and speak out in person, and instead you all complain online and throw hissy fits. Like show up and voice your opinion. Y’all are acting like they’re hosting a trump rally. Sheesh.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdczxbc wrote

Final comments here.

  1. We aren't members, donors, or in any way affiliated with this event itself. We're a venue that has no skin in the game.
  2. Here are some of the events we have actually HOSTED: Veterans Fundraiser's, Toy Drives for Children, Brain Cancer 5K Fundraiser, Breast Cancer 5K Fundraiser, Food Drives, Right to Counsel for Rent in JC (hosted 2 weeks ago), Adopt A Pup, the list goes on. Those are events we WORKED hand in hand with the organizer. We had skin in the game. Hold those against us, too.
  3. Some of you mentioned we should 'host' Friends of LSP. They are more than welcome to use the space in the exact same manner as those tonight are. Have them email
  4. We woke up today having zero idea any of this was controversial. No master plan to profit from a billionaire takeover of the park. No strategic plotting to capitalize off of the community. No sinister plotting behind closed doors. NOTHING. So, thanks for the morning assault
  5. We're not going to cancel a public event over internet bullying. That being said, as actual humans that reside right here in Jersey City alongside of you, we hope that all of you attacking us will leave your computer screens tonight, come out alongside your community, and have your voice heard. It's not a private event. The doors are open to YOU. Give YOUR feedback. Holding it against us will do absolutely nothing to them.

We've unfortunately spent out morning reading up on why any of this is controversial instead of brewing beer. So, you got us there. Back to producing local liquids.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdd3x4o wrote

Internet bullying = people letting you know legit grievances against this group. But you don’t really care, you just want to throw a shield up, or to plug your ears and carry on.

Going back through your comments (54 days ago), you’ve in the past called for boycotts of other bars that serve mass chain beer - showing you want consumers to vote with dollars on their choice for beer and even hurt other bars. So you’ve made my choice for me - I will now boycott you.

Your call for boycott tactics:


EyesOnImprovement t1_jdd7b8n wrote

Actually, I think Fox news was on every time I went in there. Now they're going to cry about being cancelled.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jdd5jlu wrote

Intentionally misleading headline is cyber bullying. It reads like we are a proxy for something that we're not.

If you are referring to this, we we're discouraging the boycott of small bars and restaurants. Intention was to fight back against the large scale distributors which is ironically aligned with your LSP views. Again, you're intentionally misleading.


el_tigrox OP t1_jdd66vm wrote

I don’t see anything misleading about a purposefully generic headline “902 Brewing to host Paul Fireman backed event” - that’s just a straight up fact based headline. That’s what’s happening here.

Look, you got other shit to worry about, I’m done the tit for tat thing too and I know you are as well - it’s clear. You have beer to brew, there will be plenty of people coming in the door, you may not even feel a pinch on your pocket, but next go around, think about the groups you invite indoors.


GreenTunicKirk t1_jddamq9 wrote

Oh c'mon ...

What you're seeing is a public outcry from people who are regular customers that are upset by this. And you're not taking ANY responsibility???

"Hey, very clearly we misjudged the situation. We're going to take all this into consideration and ensure we do not affiliate with the group in the future. In the meantime, it's too late to cancel the event and so we invite you all to come and speak out against the people's park foundation. We're sorry, and we hope we can move forward with trust in the community."

How hard would this have been?

Your defensiveness really says something about your integrity, and I'm so incredibly disappointed by this.


jerseycityfrankie t1_jddsvht wrote

They were pushing back all morning in the comments, now it’s “we’re the real victims here”.


BrewedInJerseyCity t1_jddcxos wrote

We can certainly get behind your above statement. Thank you.


lucke0204 t1_jddi31t wrote

I was planning to bring a decent sized group in to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks' time, but reading your reactions to some of the comments has been so disappointing to the point where I am reconsidering.

If you are serious about agreeing with the sentiments in u/GreenTunicKirk's statement, that's great. I would encourage you to take a beat and discuss with your team putting out your own statement to that effect.


fruit__gummy t1_jddag94 wrote

I’m sorry but profiting from this organization IS being affiliated with them. you can shift the goalposts and muddy the waters as much as you want, it doesn’t make a difference.

Maybe cancel it because it’s the right thing to do?


nuncio_populi t1_jddv55q wrote

You’re hosting a group whose “cry-baby campaign” and lobbying forced a state agency to delay a big reveal on redevelopment plans that would have helped our community and protect our park from private development.

We’re allowed to be upset at you for hosting them on the day those plans were supposed to be released. This is a topic that matters to the community you operate your business in.

If you can’t take a little heat, get outta the kitchen.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_jdfplnw wrote

Fuck you. "Hold those against us, too" is a bullshit strawman argument. You were informed multiple times how and why this was bad and you're comparing someone trying to rob public land to a dog adoption as if that's the same thing. Go fuck yourself and your business.


allugo1211 t1_jddmlkx wrote

You guys are trying to be heroes and defame 902 brewing company. Instead of acting hardcore on reddit, do something active for the community.

902 brewing is just having events to bring people in the doors and get them to buy beer. They just want to sell beer, not have major effects on the geo-political climate.

I will personally be going to 902 daily and drinking enough stinky IPAs to keep their business thriving.

Its a cool place and the 13 people boycotting them will not be missed.


HumanityIsTheDevi1 t1_jdffplu wrote

This person needs a dictionary and a map. “Defame” and “None of you people”. Might be a Fireman puppet


allugo1211 t1_jdfim0d wrote

This guy must be off a perc what are you talking about “fireman puppet”???


Dependent_Map_3940 t1_jdeg1bx wrote

your getting downvoted to death but you’re not wrong. the thousands of dollars they will make today will be greater than the fake reddit outrage.


allugo1211 t1_jdegw5v wrote

Thank you for understanding. They are making it seem like 902 is calling for literal genocide.


[deleted] t1_jdeqpob wrote