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mikevago OP t1_jck5rnn wrote

Since the article is paywalled, I"ll also share this post from Friends of Liberty State Park:

Thanks DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette for powerfully rejecting billionaire Paul Fireman's LSP commercial venues plans! "Visions of a 5,000-seat sports arena, gone. Thoughts of a 7,000-seat concert venue, also gone. "The head of the DEP laid out general plans for the revitalization of LSP Thursday, but he was specific in saying there would be no major commercialization or privatization of the state park on the Hudson River waterfront".

“Privatization of a public asset that is owned by no one because it belongs to everyone is not a thing, period, full stop,” said DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette.

But we must stay involved as billionaire Paul Fireman's front groups are still pushing lies about the interior 165 acres of spectacular diverse habitats and paths, and pretending that the DEP isn't going to add 61 acres of active recreation to LSP

Please attend to support the Thursday March 23 DEP Open House from 6:30 to 8pm at the Terminal with poster exhibits of the amazing urban nature plans and improvement concepts for LSP and with DEP staff there to answer questions and receive any comments. It's an information session and not a public hearing.


HappyArtichoke7729 t1_jck8g8c wrote

Thank you very much for this post.

It's my honest opinion that we don't need a rally as much as we need to speak when we go to the polls, that we want a functional police department and a fully public state park. In the end, the only things that matter are votes and dollars.


Ainsel72l t1_jclax47 wrote

Thanks so much for this tremendously good news. What a big relief.


SonOfMcGee t1_jclkbjq wrote

What a Merde! well-written and Putain! concise article. Thanks for copying it Salope!

Pardon the outbursts. I have LaTourettes.


A_Downboat_Is_A_Sub t1_jcklszz wrote

Paul Fireman and his rich buddies can get fucked. I'm so sick of seeing their stupid ads on every youtube video I watch.


DeepFriedAsses t1_jclk9gu wrote

If you watch on your browser, Ublock Origin blocks YT ads


A_Downboat_Is_A_Sub t1_jcltrm6 wrote

I don't really care about ads, obviously there are ways to block them.

What I do care about is millionaires trying to get what they want built in Liberty State Park, by shoveling money into statewide reaching non-profits with ads like this one.


DeepFriedAsses t1_jcm1j59 wrote

I like how they got someone with an accent to lead the ad. So progressive!


jzini t1_jdg5kmu wrote

So I just responded to all but one of the YouTube ads. Woof.


SlamaCo t1_jckc870 wrote

B-but where will all the rich folks park their yachts and play golf on public land sequestered off from the plebs?


PIZT t1_jcknwg7 wrote

Great news LSP needs to stay public at all cost


cC2Panda t1_jcl3u3l wrote

Great news until next year or the year after when they try yet again to build a race track, casino, hotel, etc. on it again. Until there is a law on the books protecting it explicitly it will be in constant danger of destruction.


sutisuc t1_jckcojs wrote

We’ll see


Warm_Introduction_93 t1_jcn5yrg wrote

Protect the wildlife above all. We humans have enough venues around the area for our entertainment. Give the wildlife space for a home.


jzini t1_jdg5pfa wrote

The person from animal control was in my building today (stray dog) she said all the development pushed them all to the park and her calls have gone up from all the development.


Sybertron t1_jcqddow wrote

I'd just like a dog park, maybe some nature trails, and do SOMETHING with the old ferry terminals instead of just having them rot into the ground. Gosh even just a local vendors market would be swell.


mikevago OP t1_jcqg7ri wrote

I still haven't seen the DEP's plan for the park; I'd be surprised if it didn't include at least some of those things.

And it's funny that we have booming farmers markets at the PATH stations and Fisk Park, but Lincoln Park's is tiny and LSP doesn't have one.


Byzantium-1204 t1_jckv5y5 wrote

Does this mean that proposed plan for all those venues are now canceled? There were many things all around the park. Not just the waterfront.


mikevago OP t1_jckwdxk wrote

The DEP has their own plan in place for more active recreation in the park, but it's not paid venues and doesn't involve filling up every bit of open space like the billionaire's plan.

Not that I expected that plan to ever be enacted — it's a trojan horse so Fireman can bulldoze the Caven Point nature preserve to expand his millionaires-only golf course. It's what he's been after for years, and he's run one astroturf campaign after another to try and open up the park to development.


aa043 t1_jcm2j0r wrote

Thank you chief for protecting this lovely green space!


HobokenJ t1_jckahau wrote

Narrator: "It's going to be privatized,"


mikevago OP t1_jckas04 wrote

What are you basing that on? The DEP controls the park. I'm not sure even Murphy can overrule them.


HobokenJ t1_jckrkus wrote

Hey, I hope I'm wrong. But when it comes to NJ standing strong against developers, well... I have little faith.


mikevago OP t1_jckti5p wrote

Headline: After a long struggle, we finally get some good news!

JC Reddit: I bet this is bad news.


theiLLmip t1_jclv0p1 wrote

FWIW that dude is “HobokenJ”. Us here in JC DO appreciate the good news.


objectimpermanence t1_jckz2rb wrote

Yeah but this is New Jersey, not Texas. We actually do have a pretty decent track record when it comes to parks, even though we could probably do better in urban areas.

NJ ranks second in the nation for the proportion of land dedicated to public parks and wildlife. Thats pretty impressive for a state that’s also the most densely populated in the country. Source


Anonymous1985388 t1_jclbghl wrote

I don’t even know what Downtown JC used to look like pre-WW2. Now it’s all luxury housing towers but maybe there were some historic buildings that used to stand in downtown JC. I guess the history/architecture was torn down by developers so that they could build luxury housing. Hopefully Journal Square can preserve some more of the old architecture during their growth phase.


nuncio_populi t1_jclp0fr wrote

What are you going on about? Downtown has a ton of old buildings in Paulus Hook, Van Vorst, Harsimus Cove, and Hamilton Park.


nuncio_populi t1_jckfh5e wrote

The head of the DEP is a political appointee who reports to the governor. He can definitely overrule the commissioner.


sutisuc t1_jclfvxj wrote

Yeah but when we elect another Republican as governor then what? That’s why we need to enshrine this stuff into the state constitution.


Knobbies4Ever t1_jclfhv1 wrote

Tru dat. But I don't think this is a case where Murphy has to approve this specific DEP plan - the way he'd sign a bill. Control over DEP comes through initially appointing a leader who (presumably) aligns with his agenda, and then having the ability to fire (or threaten to fire) that person.

Maybe I'm splitting hairs with that distinction, but I understand now why LaTourette kept his head down when Fireman's proposal came through the legislature last year.