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michael_scarn17 t1_jbtpi3t wrote

Very conveniently waited until the last sentence…. “Kalil Blake acknowledged in media reports that he had a "small knife" on him, but said he wasn't using it.”

Ok sure buddy.


No-Practice-8038 t1_jbuk612 wrote

Everyone knows that a small knife is extremely useful in helping little old ladies cross the street.


RiseofParallax t1_jbthida wrote

Win-win for the family. Either the lawyer wins the case and they get a payday or they lose and the city will settle and they get a payday.

Lose-lose for everyone else. People will pay for it ultimately (through taxes one way or another) and cops will take their sweet time going to the food court now.


Dependent_Map_3940 t1_jbtqyoz wrote

it’s the only food court where you can’t sit down and eat because teens feel as if it’s the best place to play tag & throw footballs around as everyone looks on helplessly because they’re minors.


Excellent_Guava3114 t1_jbugw88 wrote

Kid fucked around and found out. Talking tough is one thing throwing the first punch is another. Adequate force was returned to him in swift fashion. Once he was subdued they didn’t keep throwing punches. Sucks he will get some sort of payout to shut them up, but at our expense.


ChissWiz t1_jbtfz9l wrote


Also according his Dad : "He Din Do Nuttin"


vocabularylessons t1_jbuytsx wrote

This the case where the teen punched a cop in the face and then the cop subdued him without using excessive force? Yah, this dad and his teen can eat shit.


Sylar350 t1_jc47dti wrote

he can kick rocks....i saw when that kid connected with the first punch as i posted my experience about this incident in the original thread with the video....dude is not innocent by any means.


HobokenJ OP t1_jbt84ey wrote

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