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pixel_of_moral_decay t1_jbydatz wrote

He overlaps demographics behind a lot of the anti-asian sentiments the past few years. I’m sure they’re part of the calculus behind that post.

Racism is systemic. Not just white on black racism.


whybother5000 t1_jbydnku wrote

Or as a dyed in the wool progressive activist might word it — Asians are now “white adjacent.”


Inevitable-Hair-3279 t1_jbyqa6k wrote

White adjacent? Lol. Honestly who are they trying to impress? Anyone that fawns over language like that is not worth associating with


No-Practice-8038 t1_jbyrxue wrote

A lot of Asians are giving their votes and support to Republicans ever since attacks on their communities during covid. And I do believe authorities and many politicians did not do enough.


whybother5000 t1_jbys6r1 wrote

Dems have long taken Asian voters for granted so none of this is surprising.


sutisuc t1_jc0mx53 wrote

What are republicans gonna do about it?


AccountantOfFraud t1_jbyunp1 wrote

Ah yes, support for the people who peddled the conspiracy theories and proudly shout Kung-flu at rallies. Makes sense.


No-Practice-8038 t1_jbyvzcy wrote

It’s complicated. But the violence those communities experienced had a profound impact. Another issue which is making many Asians support Republicans is education and affirmative action.


AccountantOfFraud t1_jbywyfk wrote

Its not that complicated.

> In New York, the last decade has seen members of this newer, relatively higher-income group of Chinese Americans align more often with Republican candidates, said Pei-te Lien, a professor of political science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
> “I think what the Republican Party has done well is to make very stark for people that they are the party that’s going to keep people safe,” Mr. Albert said. “Whether they’re actually doing it or not is probably less relevant.”

Its just successful propaganda.


ILoveHotDogsAndBacon t1_jbz3xg1 wrote

So the Asian community is just ignoring the former presidents kung flu comments and the violence that was associated with it? Not to mention the white supremicist language and actions from the right? As a minority myself I would never support the Republican Party as it is currently


AccountantOfFraud t1_jbz5q4o wrote

No, that's not what I'm saying at all. Republicans always run on law and order (as hypocritical as it is) and NY Dems dropped the ball hard by trying to follow suit. Many in NY bought what the Republicans were saying, not just Asians.


ianisms10 t1_jbz77se wrote

Correct. New York was really the only place the GOP did well in the midterms, largely due to the crime messaging. They flipped 2 blue districts on Long Island, picked up seats in the state legislature in the city, and had the closest gubernatorial election in almost 20 years.


No-Practice-8038 t1_jbzlfab wrote

They made inroads in places like San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and other traditional democratic strong holds...even if they didn't win the midterms....but some how the Republican party isn't as dead as one would think. And we haven't even mentioned that they have made huge inroads with the Latin/Spanish communities.


sutisuc t1_jc27txj wrote

Which demographics are you referencing here?