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zero_cool_protege t1_je01e4x wrote

I worked in farmers markets and street fairs all around NJ/NY for years including JC/Hob.

It is unbelievable how much drama occurs. Almost always it has to do with vendor location, market rates, and most commonly with product.

I have seen fist fights over pasta sauce. But when the fish guy starts selling pasta sauce and the pasta sauce guy is already competing with the bread guy's pasta sauce, things can get saucy.

I have seen many fights over constantly arriving late. Driving a van around a packed market. Hitting someone's van with your van. Taking too long to set up and holding other vendors up. Usually the same bs.

I have even seen a vendor shamelessly steal another vendor's concept who was at the same market. So basically the chocolate guy shows up one day and isnt selling chocolate but has instead made a carbon copy of a jelly vendor on the other side of the market. everything from product to decor. We were all shocked. For "legal reasons" the market manager couldn't kick them out until the end of the season. Had to ride out months of them just blatantly copying. Crazy.

I used to think "this would mark for a great reality TV show".

But what a lot of vendors forget is that most people are coming to farmers markets to get good produce from local farmers. So as long as the drama is between vendors and the market manager, the farmers and shoppers dont really care


BlueBeagle8 t1_je02ftq wrote

I have no earthly idea what this is all about, but in my experience you should never trust someone whose pitch is literally "so you're just going to have to trust me on this."


microbeparty t1_je03ttc wrote

“I’m upset about something, and I will write cryptic paragraphs about how upset I am—but dont ask me any questions!”


mickyrow42 t1_je0cr8h wrote

“But you need to know how emotional I am so I get attention but please respect my not wanting to talk about it. But def reach out so I can drop more vague terminology about the situation”


microbeparty t1_je2ekvz wrote

“There is a safety issue for me and for you, but I please no more questions. I need time for myself…for my next vague post about this serious safety issue.”


griffmeister t1_je26tk6 wrote

It's like facebook posts that say "So upset, don't ask" when they do in fact want people to ask about it


AccountantOfFraud t1_je0co9h wrote

I think she does some good stuff for Communipaw and a farmer's market there is a good idea but idk. You can't try to be an influencer and then complain about drama and shit. Its just kind of cringe.


elation_success t1_je1j8xm wrote

No idea what the drama is but I know she works a “real job” too, and I’m shocked they haven’t fired her. She is such a spectacle


sjs-ski-nyc t1_je0jae6 wrote

for real, what a dramatic cryptic bullshit post that makes me like the poster less, and i have no idea who this person is to start with.


whalebonerz t1_je0k2dj wrote

What is "goss"? Is it better hot? Where can I get some? Like a pop-up or something?


pigdog12 t1_je0o8au wrote

Slang for gossip. Yes. By keeping your ears open.


lightspeed_derping t1_je0oq8y wrote

I can buy that there's politics and interpersonal clashing around farmer's markets, but can also confirm that she's the sort to project Community Paragon of Virtue vibes and then stir up shit / talk smack about people behind their backs. So it could be a "why not both?" situation for sure.


el_oso_furioso t1_je033z1 wrote

She’s actually someone who is very active in her community and genuinely cares about it.


cmc t1_je03g91 wrote

That may be true but that doesn’t mean we should take her word as gospel with zero further information. Im also someone who genuinely cares about the community and sometimes I’m in the wrong 🤷🏽‍♀️


el_oso_furioso t1_je03v53 wrote

Lol no one said you should.

I’m just providing a little info for anyone reading who might take what ‘beagle’ said to heart and immediately disregard someone who actually cares for her neighborhood.

You guys do you.

Edit: a word


yayforhooray OP t1_je044r2 wrote

I have nothing against her, but this post assumes we know everything going on with her and I have literally no idea what she’s talking about.


el_oso_furioso t1_je04c72 wrote

No one said you did anything wrong.

My comment was at beagle for his/her blanket statement about “never trust someone ……..”


TacoCityJC t1_je05elr wrote

Based on the title of this post I was expecting some tea. Maybe a little hot goss?? No tea has been served. Sadly, no hot goss.


KingAoki t1_je0v9q3 wrote

Sounds like someone’s a race chaser


kalehound t1_je0vmit wrote

I used to follow this person a couple years ago and she's definitely made posts like this before "I need to step away for my own mental health" type posting. I'm paraphrasing here, but I eventually unfollowed because I just like finding out about new restaurants, I don't need influencer existential dread along with it.


whybother5000 t1_je01v1h wrote

“Drama at the Farmers Market” sounds unbelievably bougie. Hope they can resolve before long.


PhilipRobertson t1_je05b2f wrote

Wasn’t this on The Smiths second album ‘Meat is Murder’?


mikevago t1_je09eh2 wrote

Eponymous means self-titled. So you can talk about The Smiths' eponymous first album, or their second album, Meat Is Murder.


STMIHA t1_je3fcez wrote

Its like a new grunge album title


IamLars t1_je0osr6 wrote

Has anyone here ever read anything like this and immediately thought something other than this person is creating the drama?


centech t1_je0pj9g wrote


Ok, thanks. Watch she's mad they gave someone else her normal spot or something..


Byzantium-1204 t1_je0pq2l wrote

I’m wondering if it’s due to Chromium that was in the area.


FelixTaran t1_je0xbhy wrote

I mean as long as they’re not growing the vegetables in the chromium-filled soil of Bergen-Lafayette, I don’t see why it would matter.


idkinfo t1_je1evns wrote

Growing up in that area whose parents literally grew veggies on the chromium sites 🫣 🤭 explains why I glow in the dark 🤷🏻‍♀️


[deleted] t1_je1iqlf wrote



idkinfo t1_je1je6n wrote

My mom worked in a factory that was torn down, for over 20 years, she passed of a quick moving cancer. The companies that were there and were part of the contamination were supposed to track people who lived and worked in the area to see if they developed any abnormalities, the community never received information on how it was being done.


Jersey-City-2468 t1_je07p3s wrote

For “safety”?? What could be so dangerous about a farmers market? Or am I just that ignorant to believe that a farmers market carries little risk?


IamLars t1_je0xd4i wrote

Hot sauce guy farts on the produce when no one is looking AFTER it’s been “triple washed”.


mrphreems1 t1_je0lkdn wrote

Maybe some local mafioso are shaking down the vendors for protection money?


BenevolentCheese t1_je0tr6k wrote

A feral wolverine let loose on the premises?

Gallons of radioactive sludge being dumped from the back of a PT Cruiser in a sewer grate right next to the vendor's tomato kiosk?

Frequent run-ins with durian-sized rats?


photo-smart t1_je0n7ga wrote

Tons of things could be deemed dangerous, depends on your inclination. A vendor could be improperly storing some kind of fuel and too close to the shoppers. Or, farmers/vendors could be falsely using words like "organic" and "all natural". Or anything between those two extremes.


JourneymanHunt t1_je0dg3u wrote

If you want to know the crux of the problem, Google June Jones. She's the reason.


new_account_5009 t1_je0zunc wrote

The offensive coordinator of the XFL's Seattle Sea Dragons? Your post is just as vague as the OP providing zero additional context. Why is everyone being so cryptic about this stuff?


WikiSummarizerBot t1_je0zwfl wrote

June Jones

>June Sheldon Jones III (born February 19, 1953) is an American football coach and former player who is currently the Offensive Coordinator of the Seattle Sea Dragons. Jones was the head football coach at the University of Hawaii at Manoa from 1999 to 2007 and was the head football coach at Southern Methodist University (SMU) from 2008 to 2014, before resigning on September 8, 2014.

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Byzantium-1204 t1_je0lis4 wrote

Is this because she is trying to hold up the development of the building there. The entity she runs has unjustified influence and needs to be dissolved.


JourneymanHunt t1_je0zm5c wrote

She will attack anything related to that park if it doesn't go through her 1st, and will burn something to the ground rather than let someone else help the community.

But she will do nothing to help the community herself. Only if she gets kicked backs from stakeholders.


1200r t1_je0pli2 wrote

Is she implementing the run and shoot offensive strategy?


Jahooodie t1_je0d4wh wrote

>OP: "I just can't" coy wink


BenevolentCheese t1_je0t7rt wrote

>Something bad happened but I won't tell anyone what it is and I won't accept questions but you all need to trust me and sacrifice your livelihood because trust me bro



robocub t1_je0vkrj wrote

I can’t stand blind items like this with no context or background. So if you’re not in the know, then you won’t know.


Byzantium-1204 t1_je0kkoc wrote

Maybe the farmers market will be a two for one deal. Food and a Fight amongst vendors. Lots of hair pulling, scratching of eyes, foul language. If we are lucky one vendor will pick up another and slam them in a table like you see in movies. If it is this two for one then the popcorn vendor will make a mint.


whybother5000 t1_je0lnx4 wrote

Jerry Springer Farmers’ Market. Putting the “farm” back into the experience. Bring your own chair.


badquarter t1_je13ns3 wrote

This IG post comes off like vapid attention whoring. "I will not be answering questions on this ... I have never done anything self serving, selfish, immoral." Over a farmers market?

Personally, I will hope for kind messages and support in my search for more affordable farmers market pies.


jerseycityfrankie t1_jdzyykc wrote



yayforhooray OP t1_jdzz45x wrote

I actually don’t have much. The foundry girl is a jc instagram “blogger” of sorts…. I do know there is a petition to have a farmers market in Berry lane park:


BeMadTV t1_je01dhb wrote

  1. How are the vendors gonna get out of their parking spots if all the blacked out whips from people going to The Factory block them in?

  2. They talk about SNAP and affordable food...will vendors be forced to sell things at a certain price? Because I can picture mangoes going for $5 each here.


RAWisROLLIE t1_je0bf3b wrote

The farmer's market in JC Heights has a program that matches $10 of produce purchased by customers using a food assistance card.


SpeedySpooley t1_je0a26q wrote

> They talk about SNAP and affordable food...will vendors be forced to sell things at a certain price? Because I can picture mangoes going for $5 each here.

A friend of mine is a vendor who sells at multiple farmer's markets. They accept SNAP/EBT, but it's at regular prices. While the prices are often higher at farmer's markets, they are also often held in urban areas where fresh produce and other items aren't locally available (food deserts).


BeMadTV t1_je0adcu wrote

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying. The church nearby gives food away about once a month and the proximity made me conflate what that survey aspires to accomplish and what the church does.

But what you're saying makes way more sense for a farmers market.


ScumbagMacbeth t1_je0n0k3 wrote

If you ever spent any amount of time in that neighborhood or around Berry Lane Park, you'd know that parking is much easier to come by there than anywhere else in town that we have farmers' markets. And that The Factory only gets busy at night. Farmers markets are usually in the morning and early afternoon.


BeMadTV t1_je0pjvf wrote

>If you ever spent any amount of time in that neighborhood or around Berry Lane Park, you'd know that parking is much easier to come by there than anywhere else in town that we have farmers' markets.

Yeah, vs anywhere else in Jersey City, parking is objectively easier. You could spend zero time in the neighborhood or around Berry Lane Park and know this.

>And that The Factory only gets busy at night.

The Factory does not only get busy at night.

> Farmers markets are usually in the morning and early afternoon.

Usually, yes.

Nevertheless, this would be great at Berry Lane in the big circle area morning, noon, or night.


idkinfo t1_je1ftin wrote

Doesn’t Jerry Walker give free produce on weekends at the park on Johnston sometimes berry lane?

Isn’t there a farmers market by Harmon St. and grand Ave by St. Patrick’s Church?

What happened to the farmers market on Lafayette in Rev Ercel Webb Park?


MailenJokerbell t1_je3a6s2 wrote

Sounds like someone I should follow.

If you wanna follow someone who's messy, follow The Cottage JC, they always have something going on against clients. 😂


yayforhooray OP t1_je3amz3 wrote

Omg that used to be my favorite!!!! They have a new owner so it’s a little tamed down but not 100%. Sooooo funny when they used to dox complaining customers. And like, email their employers. Incredible.


carne__asada t1_je13y0z wrote

I obviously don't know the details here but I've heard from multiple local business owners that the people who run the JC market are not the nicest to deal with and it's overall a painful and stressful experience trying to get a stall there.


FelixTaran t1_je27mlr wrote

I am somehow even more confused.


marullos t1_je5ka75 wrote

What I'm wondering is - what makes someone dangerous? What about the person threatens our safety??? Those such strong accusations, and with no examples. Which we need. For our tea. 😬🤣


NationalizeBaseball t1_je3lltg wrote

I’ve met her and honestly she’s very nice but you can’t call this anything but unhinged. No details. All blame casting. Zero self reflection. Wild post


yayforhooray OP t1_je3lqw4 wrote

Unhinged is definitely the word I was looking for. Honestly hope she can focus on something positive ✌️


lordGwillen t1_je0qaus wrote

Attendance at the farmers market may put one at risk of GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM or DEATH.

Source: military


MarieSkiis t1_je0wz99 wrote

“I don’t want any attention but what I really want is attention so please respect my right to privacy and contact my PR agent if you really want my exclusive side of the story.” Sincerely Yours, Meghan Markle


FelixTaran t1_jdzz0mh wrote

What petition is she talking about?


yayforhooray OP t1_je0044h wrote


bodhipooh t1_je031p4 wrote

I am more confused by the amount of people that seem to believe a farmers market equals "access to cheaper or more affordable produce". My experience is that the farmers markets in JC are ridiculously priced.


AccountantOfFraud t1_je0exbe wrote

As far as I am aware, haven't explored the Communipaw/Bergen-Lafayette area too much, that area is a food desert. Would need to hike over to atleast 99 Ranch for grocery shopping.


FelixTaran t1_je05ft4 wrote

Listen, my grocery store suuuucks and is extremely overpriced but at least it doesn’t try to sell me one leek for six dollars or whatever.


lucidrevolution t1_je0t7cq wrote

Don’t worry Whole Foods is coming and everyone can have their 6 dollar leeks.


BlueBeagle8 t1_je06xk3 wrote

The best place to access cheap high-quality produce is actually Walmart, but nobody wants to hear that so ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯


ScumbagMacbeth t1_je0po4a wrote

Is there a Walmart in that neighborhood that I was not aware of? Nearly half the population of JC doesn't have a car.


jxj t1_je09zhs wrote

Cheap, sure but high quality? Really? Maybe I'll have to check it out


BlueBeagle8 t1_je0atpq wrote

In my experience they have good quality control. You're not going to buy an heirloom tomato that changes your life there, but you're also not going to buy tomatoes that taste like cardboard or rot after 3 minutes. It's a safe choice.

(I also haven't regularly shopped at Walmart in NJ for what it's worth, and the experience probably varies location-to-location.)


photo-smart t1_je0pdpe wrote

I occasionally buy produce at walmart and it's never been bad, but like you said it's nothing spectacular either. The main issue with it is that I only go to walmart when I need to do bulk shopping -- mainly for household goods -- which is once every month or every two months. The best place to get produce is from my local grocer. On that note, I have found that living very close to a supermarket and a grocery is life altering. Seriously, having quick and easy access to produce whenever you want makes life so much better.


BenevolentCheese t1_je0tymp wrote

Most farmers markets are just factory farms pretending to be small local farms and selling the same product you can get at Shoprite for twice the price.


bodhipooh t1_je16v59 wrote

Precisely my point, and it is really fresh that they are trying to portray this as some sort of benefit to those in the community relying on food stamps as I can't imagine how it would make sense for those with a very limited food budget to spend double the money on produce. Spending $3 to $5 for a pound of whatever is a surefire way to run out of food budget way too fast.


yucca_beluga t1_je1gnx4 wrote

Idk the grove street one has historically had good prices on in season produce (e.g. squash, cucumbers) and it is typically tastier than ShopRite. No shade to ShopRite


NeitherPot t1_je1s246 wrote

The organic farm stand is definitely expensive but their produce is beautiful. I usually shop at the other (non-organic) ones and I agree with you, if you’re buying in season fruit and veg and not exotic stuff like avocados or their extremely overpriced mediocre baked goods, you can get a lot for your money. And it’s better/fresher than what you get at the store.

It’s easy to tell the difference between what they actually grew themselves and what they buy in bulk to resell. Look at the packaging (if any—like plastic containers of berries or twisty ties around greens) and think about whether it’s normal for a farm in NJ to be growing that thing in March or whatever.


1200r t1_je0roq5 wrote

"Further, the Berry Lane Farmers’ Market will disrupt decades of environmental and structural racism that have created a lack of access to affordable, nutritious food options"



UnderstandingFluid18 t1_je14ccm wrote

Considering that people like to exaggerate certain things, and act as if it’s life altering to them although it’s probably not, I prefer to wait for the tea to actually be spilled.


Wild_Air9090 t1_je0ww12 wrote

What value does this account add to the community other than advertising businesses, which it could be getting compensation for?

What role does it play in farmers markets? Are they a vendor?

Are they a council member? Someone that pushes their opinions on others, expecting for all to agree, and go above and beyond to oppose those who disagree?


Vidvix t1_je2hl6v wrote

She’s clearly worried about a defamation suit but has zero clue on how to navigate something she cares about professionally. Which should concern her employer, Hoboken Girl.


Hank929 t1_je0y2tm wrote

Awww I actually like her though. Told she should run and just chuckled at my comment. More than likely she probably peeped something she didn't like and backed out before it got messy. Or we're overthinking it 🤷🏿‍♂️


Cap_Space t1_je12cdq wrote

I have the tea


Jahooodie t1_je13gx0 wrote

Is it organic? Which stall are you?


Cap_Space t1_je1bxtg wrote

Stall #3 in the city hall restrooms


Jahooodie t1_je1l5v6 wrote

I'll leave the money in a paper bag on top of the sink. I know this is how it works due to experience, I have an underground raw milk guy that does the same thing. I'm a LUXURY millennial


burlybroad t1_je3glwo wrote

This person needs to go touch grass lol


burlybroad t1_je3gtsr wrote

I want a fight club amongst the farmers market vendors


Byzantium-1204 t1_je2dtzv wrote

This is better than watching General Hospital or Days of Our Lives. One big Soap Opera. The evil villain has yet to be unmasked. Maybe in tomorrow s episode.