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microbeparty t1_je03ttc wrote

Reply to comment by BlueBeagle8 in Farmers market drama? by yayforhooray

“I’m upset about something, and I will write cryptic paragraphs about how upset I am—but dont ask me any questions!”


mickyrow42 t1_je0cr8h wrote

“But you need to know how emotional I am so I get attention but please respect my not wanting to talk about it. But def reach out so I can drop more vague terminology about the situation”


microbeparty t1_je2ekvz wrote

“There is a safety issue for me and for you, but I please no more questions. I need time for myself…for my next vague post about this serious safety issue.”


griffmeister t1_je26tk6 wrote

It's like facebook posts that say "So upset, don't ask" when they do in fact want people to ask about it