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JohnnyVanderbilt t1_je7rtse wrote

He is a legit street artist and creates images and art, does advertising work, and is generally a nice person. He also sells shirts, hats, stickers and stuff. You got downvoted for your lame karma reference.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7s11a wrote

Did you see the very first response I got? Did you bother to look at that?

Did you see that the very first response I got was a link to a store?


JohnnyVanderbilt t1_je7sg36 wrote

You asked and Reddit provided. It answered your question. Move on with your life.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7t67c wrote

Whatever makes you feel better

I asked a question and was provided a link to an online store without any context

You’re obviously too smart to read anything in full


EyesOnImprovement t1_je7yvj7 wrote

You might be the dumbest person alive.


Direct_Ad18 t1_je81597 wrote

I am actually laughing out loud picturing you, an internet stranger, spending two seconds answering this dudes question, putting your phone down for two hours, coming back to learn of the mess you have created, and posting this perfect response. Thanks for making my night.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je81j1m wrote

Yeah makes me laugh too, someone could’ve said “this is the local artist and this is his work” and that’s all I wanted

I thought I was weird that the first response I got was a link to a store and it evolved into this


Direct_Ad18 t1_je81va9 wrote

You might be the dumbest person alive.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je832f8 wrote

You’re obviously too stupid to read the story form the beginning, but whatever helps your sleep 👍


Direct_Ad18 t1_je83dwv wrote

Can you tell me the story from the beginning?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je841c9 wrote

Of course, so basically the title was the original question I asked:

My sister is a Disney nut and I live in JC but what is this?

And the first and only response I got was a link to a store, nothing else, no context at all.

I do like it, I never said it was shitty or the artist was shitty, I just thought it was very weird that the first and only post I got was a link to a store

And as soon as I responded that “it must be an ad” it snowballed


Direct_Ad18 t1_je8464q wrote

Oh, I didn't realize that. When you put it that way, I can see your point. I take it all back.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je84scs wrote

Yeah when I originally posted it I thought someone would say “this is what it is and this is who did it and they’re known for this other stuff”

But I thought an immediate post to a store with no other text at all was some sort of bot scam


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8168g wrote

You must’ve read the post from the very start, makes sense


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je87bg8 wrote

You were provided a link to the storefront of the artist that created the art you asked about.

Do you literally have some type of disability?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8816t wrote

It was a link to a store, no one said “this was the artist and here’s the store”

I think r/virgin is waiting for you since you post there so much


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je892tz wrote

Yeah, trying to push vulnerable people away from incel communities before they get to them.

You should take a second to read what people say on subs and not just the name of the subs. You’ll make yourself look dumb less often… though actually I don’t know about that considering the absolute Herculean intellect you’ve displayed here. Imagine being almost 40 years old and completely unable to connect basic context clues.


EyesOnImprovement t1_je7d0y2 wrote


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7ns73 wrote

So is this a real thing or did I inadvertently provide advertising for someone selling $10 stickers?


vv_jc t1_je7oujn wrote

He's a talented artist. He just happens to put some of his work on stickers.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7q3ye wrote

That happens to sound great from someone that has 1 karma from posting and 24 karma from comments

I know internet points are worthless but I have nearly 100,000 karma on Reddit, so are you going to provide a real answer or just be another advertiser for this person?


Kelv_ t1_je7rp1g wrote

bro fighting for his life


aquaticanimal t1_je7wtjd wrote

Okay but have you considered he has nearly 100,000 karma


blucifers_cajones t1_je9yvyf wrote

but i thought internet points were worthless?


Vidvix t1_jeat4k9 wrote

dudes life is clearly digital, he takes one analog step into the real world and the pictures on the walls confuse him.

OP. Darling. This is Jersey, not an XBox game. if you can only handle sarcasm in fake settings you might want to step out of your hotel room more often.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je85cs4 wrote

Maybe spend less money on Overwatch and Hearthstone and get your ass out of that leaky apartment?


jstuckey t1_je8agpd wrote

Not gonna lie dude, you sound kinda toxic. There’s no real good coming from you browsing his post history to say something personal regarding his life.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8bhr8 wrote

I asked a question, I got only a link to a store and nothing else, I responded


Iamdonewithusernames t1_je8q4gh wrote

Artists aren’t free. You pay to go to Moma or the Met to view art. Why are you discounting a current local artist for trying to sell his artwork? You asked and you definitely received the answers that this group has provided. After the link to his gallery, your only response should have been thank you and bought a piece from a local artist. Or, wait for it, you could give two shits about local artists and your sister is one of those Disney nuts who just wants to know why this artist portrayed Mickey! Going with the latter. It’s like someone seeing Warhol’s soup cans. “My sister loves soup! Tell me more!”


jstuckey t1_je9mhc8 wrote

Does that mean you need to comment what you did? I think not.


BloodFalconPunch t1_je9uuci wrote

Commenting on somebody's gaming hobby as if it's a negative, posted by a guy named gamerdude....?

Okay lol


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7tdp5 wrote

So I asked a question and was provided a link to store instead of any type of answer, should’ve I just bought something?


oekel t1_jeah3pw wrote

A link that tells you the identity of the artist? That’s what you find wrong about this?


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je872qt wrote

Lol what a loser


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je87q4z wrote

Yup I’m the loser, coming from the person who regularly post on r/virgin and r/amithedevil

But yeah, I’m the loser


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je88r9v wrote

Lol yeah. You are.

Trying to push vulnerable people away from Incel/black pill shit and…. AmITheDevil are both fine. You really just said the first shit you saw with no context huh?

What an absolute loser.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je89e5u wrote

First shit I saw with no context?

Like you did when you saw this post


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je89it7 wrote

No, I read the post, laughed at your dumb ass, the commented.

You’re literally a troglodyte assuming everyone else must be as dumb as you are.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je89tgs wrote

Ok Groomer, let me know how that Sandy beach dream turns out for you 👍


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je8bnpx wrote

You might be the dumbest person alive

“oK gRoOmEr” lol wtf are you smoking?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8d87b wrote

you better just go chat with your wife about it and pop a few Xanax or Ativan while you wonder if your awake or actually on that beach


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je8dsim wrote

Ok, so I went from being a virgin, to being a groomer, to now… having decent health insurance?

Damn dude, not really the own you think that is lol.

All jokes aside, you might actually legitimately be the dumbest person alive


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8e1vn wrote

Ugh where did you get “decent health insurance” from that?

Maybe lay off the Xanax and Ativan, but I’m sure your wife has already asked you that multiple times


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je8kuwy wrote

Has she? I don’t really talk about my wife on Reddit, beyond acknowledging that she exists when it’s relevant. What post are you pulling that from? You couldn’t connect two pretty obvious pieces of information earlier but now you’re going full Sherlock?

More like Mr.Bean.


Not__original t1_je8g547 wrote

Does karma create validity or assholes?

And the link has the name of the artist in it. Not hard to put two and two together.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8he2f wrote

It creates validity because someone i.e. the owner of a store could create multiple accounts to falsely inflate the reviews of their company

That small amount of karma on Reddit could mean that the account was just created to give a positive review

And if you never heard that artist’s name and had no idea who it was, there’s no way anyone could see that name in a random link sent to an anonymous message board


Not__original t1_je8ivdu wrote

I'd click on the link - oh, and look what appears - a name, and in the background an exact image of the same Micky Mouse. Would you look at that? All that Karma and you never learned how to click a link and not be a dick - better get more karma, or better karma, like super karma, you super redditor you.


oatmealparty t1_je8ihrf wrote

Congratulations on all that karma, you're a real hero.


Iamdonewithusernames t1_je8pb0o wrote

You do understand that artists don’t just exist to make you and your “Disney obsessed” sister happy, right? They sell their artwork. It’s their livelihood. You asked, you received. Should we give you a lesson on art history and how artists make money as well? Stick to video games and leave the arts to the adults.


READTHEBOOKJC t1_je7wybg wrote

Does anybody realize that the first response is a link to a store ? ?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7xj5o wrote

That’s all I’m saying!

Give me the guys name, as a local artist I’ll support him just like any local business

My sister asked a question, I asked who the artist was, and I get a link to a store with no explanation or context at all

I really thought it was some sort of sales bot

But thank you for realizing what i originally was asking, who made this and what’s it about


Direct_Ad18 t1_je7y2tf wrote

Think you're not picking up on the sarcasm here.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7ynaa wrote

Well I do believe I owe you at least a beer and a shot someday


munsuro t1_je85w8y wrote

I've never seen an OP be so wrong in the comments and double down so much. It's kind of impressive.


RealFunBobby t1_je86yr6 wrote

At this rate, OP can just say absolutely nothing (write a ".") and get downvoted to oblivion 🍿


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8etbq wrote

And only one single person answered my actual question, if they would’ve responded first this whole thread wouldn’t be here

But I tried to protect my fellow redditors by calling out a bot selling things


Haec_In_Sempiternum t1_je84x5a wrote

Now every time I walk past this mural I can remember the dumbest person alive, thanks OP!


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8651d wrote

Such an appropriate response… that’s why you’re the DoodleBob and I’m the SpongeBob


dcballantine t1_je8bfeb wrote

Bro getting his ass beat in the comments 😭


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8c5pz wrote

Must just be salty because you never got that Jigglypuff, right?


yayforhooray t1_je7x0nk wrote

There’s a farmers market looking for art critics.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8eyy1 wrote

I like it I just asked what it was

I’d rather critique the food at the farmers market


DarkJokernj t1_je9uwr4 wrote

Ey yo what the fuck is going on in this thread lmao


oekel t1_jeahvjj wrote

it’s funny because the comment you need to really understand what’s going on is not at the top


legoracer t1_je9jozm wrote

I imagine your sister asking if you ever got an answer and you sifting through all the vitriol you spat to eventually find the link and say "yeah it's by some artist named Dylan Egon."


FuelQuick5251 t1_jeada6x wrote

Wish I understood anything about this thread


jersey385 t1_jeai9x0 wrote

The amount of unnecessary hate on this thread is worthy of jclist. What the hell?


[deleted] t1_jebflzs wrote

So what happened was OP posted the post and someone originally commented the artist’s website link. OP thought it was a scam or something because the artist was selling stickers, and OP started trashing the artist. People here are either defending the art and artist, trashing the art and artist, enjoying the discussion on the ethicality of the artwork, and/or reporting the artwork to Disney for copyright infringement. Gotta love Jersey City ♥️


jersey385 t1_jeblw7b wrote

I did not get any of that from the thread. Makes a tad more sense now.


jzini t1_jeb074q wrote

I walked by here today and laughed - this thread has brightened all my future days in Jersey City.


Icy_Buyer_9642 t1_jebgzvx wrote

Wow lol save this drama for the farmer’s market


totrickornot t1_jeaj8sl wrote

It’s called art, look it up. Dylan is an OG. Many of these images pre-date your move to Jersey City.


Aggravating_Lemon_32 t1_jeapyvl wrote

Oh wow, the comments on this thread are unreal. What happened here?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7skcb wrote

Ok so apparently I’m the asshole, I posted a picture asking about graffiti art in the city and the first response I got was only a link to a store without any context

So I’m the ass hole for questioning it


Direct_Ad18 t1_je7u7ta wrote

The person responded with the artist's website which happens to be a store, which is generally common of all artists since selling their art is literally how they make a living. It was the easiest way for you to figure out what the artwork was and where it came from. Not everyone is famous and has a Wikipedia page. Wtf? This is the weirdest thing I've seen someone get angry about on Reddit. Just admit you are overreacting, learn from this experience, grow as a person, and move on.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8ffov wrote

It was a link to a store, that was the only response

It could’ve said “the artist is THIS and this is the Store”

A person sending a link to a store could’ve been anything, it could be a bot trying to steal that person’s work from the actual artist.

When a completely anonymous, random thing on the internet sends you to a site to buy something, do you always do it without question?


Direct_Ad18 t1_je8g5jt wrote

If I asked the question you asked and someone responded with a link to the artists storefront? I would have responded and said, "cool, thanks!" and it would have been the most boring reddit exchange on the planet.

Take the L man. Seriously. It's ok. Reddit is anonymous. You can still go out in public without people knowing you might be the dumbest person alive.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8gleu wrote

Yeah it’s hard to argue against actual logic, as you’re well aware


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je87qwu wrote

You might be the dumbest person alive


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8i04d wrote

How many times a day does your wife say that? If she’s still around?


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je8l6xo wrote

Is she still around? Lol, have you confused my post history with someone else’s or would you like to elaborate?


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_je7tpll wrote

Dunno about the rest, but if you click on the link, that artwork is literally on display on the banner. Are you able to put 2 & 2 together?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7uj9d wrote

So this is the confusion

I posted a picture of that Art, I asked what it was and if anyone knew why it’s all over the city

If you look at the post history, the very first response was a link to a store with no other context but a link to A store

I feel somewhat concerned when I post something and the first response is to a store without any context

And responded to everyone since then and people don’t like that I don’t like the first response to be a store without context


Direct_Ad18 t1_je7wx02 wrote

Everyone knows the first response was a link to a store. You said it ten times. It's also the first website that comes up when you search the artist's name. Bro took two seconds googling the dudes name, sent you the first website that came up, and went on with his night, not thinking about you or this artist again. Yet here you are still angry about it.

Spend your energy on something else for the love of God.


[deleted] t1_je7w55b wrote



gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7wlbx wrote

How would I have known the artists’ name? I posted a picture and asked a question?


Direct_Ad18 t1_je7xb2p wrote

You aren't supposed to know the artist's name. But the person who answered your question spent two seconds googling the artist's name and subsequently shared the first website that came up without even realizing it was a fucking store. Move on.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7yglk wrote

Shouldn’t know his name? The name that is included In the store website? The first post? It’ll be impossible to figure out his name!


Byzantium-1204 t1_je8c10u wrote

I’ll report for infringement as the artist is selling items.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8cfc7 wrote

He better give me a custom piece for all the attention I inadvertently generated him for asking a simple question that the JC crowd erupts over


jstuckey t1_jea0fqv wrote

Lol you know the crowd did not erupt over your question. It’s obviously your attitude


Byzantium-1204 t1_je8cown wrote

It’s not the best stuff honestly. He is just taking previously created items and putting a very small spin on them. By far not very artistic.


DarkJokernj t1_je9si41 wrote

Ooooooh so you’re the guy that randomly reports people shit on the internet. I always ask myself “Damn bro, that person was just minding their business, sticking it to the man and just getting paid….what self-righteous dickhole would actually SNITCH like that?”


Synn_Trey t1_je9isa7 wrote

Tell her its the new mickey mouse that isnt woke and isnt a liberal. Fuck disney and fuck you and your sister.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7rb3u wrote

So I’m getting downvoted for asking a legitimate question, getting a “response” that is just a link to this persons store, makes sense

No one answered my actual question, the first response was a link to this person’s store

Shows what kind of people they are


psychicsoviet t1_je7svj2 wrote

You are getting downvoted for your entitled and generally poor attitude


NMS-KTG t1_je7yxy7 wrote

Did you consider that he has 100,000 karma on reddit though?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7tphm wrote

I asked a question and the first response I got was a link to a store, is that normal for everyone?


asherlevi t1_je80ym9 wrote

Yes. The name of the link is the artist's name, and his only website is his store - so that's what you got.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8243q wrote

Would you look at “dylanegon” in a random website link post and assume it’s a name and have any idea what it is? In a random link with no context or just looks like scrambled letters?


asherlevi t1_je85mmx wrote

Maybe get checked for dyslexia bro.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je86rz2 wrote

Maybe come down to reality bro? I guess you finely read every random web link sent to you


objectimpermanence t1_je7u6gg wrote

Dear gamerdudenyc,

I want to take a moment to offer you a sincere apology for the lackluster response to your recent question on Reddit. I'm so sorry that our highly-trained team of experts wasn't able to provide you with the answer you were looking for.

I mean, we're really sorry that we didn't just tell you to "Google it." That would have been a much more efficient use of everyone's time. But we're just trying to be helpful here, you know? It's not like we have anything better to do than spoon-feed you information that you could easily find yourself.

So, once again, we apologize for the inconvenience of not providing you with the exact answer you wanted. We'll try to do better next time and not waste your time with our inferior knowledge and expertise.


ChatGPT (I gotta start using this thing to write more comments for me)


[deleted] t1_je7zwuh wrote



gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je80m9i wrote

Must be hard to view things from start to finish 🤷‍♂️


oekel t1_jeainov wrote

says the person who, after asking for the name of an artist, was unable to consider that a nine-letter domain name was a person’s name


chochejtreat t1_je8jkwe wrote

I’m with OP on this … I don’t know why he’s getting downvoted. I’d also be hesitant about clicking a random link with no context. Calling him a dumbass for asking a clarifying question just seems rude … Hope you encounter better people going forward OP, but maybe also don’t brag about your points in these pointless arguments.


Byzantium-1204 t1_je8bbmm wrote

Looks like massive copyright and or trademark infringement. Needs to be reported to Disney.