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EyesOnImprovement t1_je7d0y2 wrote


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7ns73 wrote

So is this a real thing or did I inadvertently provide advertising for someone selling $10 stickers?


vv_jc t1_je7oujn wrote

He's a talented artist. He just happens to put some of his work on stickers.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7q3ye wrote

That happens to sound great from someone that has 1 karma from posting and 24 karma from comments

I know internet points are worthless but I have nearly 100,000 karma on Reddit, so are you going to provide a real answer or just be another advertiser for this person?


Kelv_ t1_je7rp1g wrote

bro fighting for his life


aquaticanimal t1_je7wtjd wrote

Okay but have you considered he has nearly 100,000 karma


blucifers_cajones t1_je9yvyf wrote

but i thought internet points were worthless?


Vidvix t1_jeat4k9 wrote

dudes life is clearly digital, he takes one analog step into the real world and the pictures on the walls confuse him.

OP. Darling. This is Jersey, not an XBox game. if you can only handle sarcasm in fake settings you might want to step out of your hotel room more often.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je85cs4 wrote

Maybe spend less money on Overwatch and Hearthstone and get your ass out of that leaky apartment?


jstuckey t1_je8agpd wrote

Not gonna lie dude, you sound kinda toxic. There’s no real good coming from you browsing his post history to say something personal regarding his life.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8bhr8 wrote

I asked a question, I got only a link to a store and nothing else, I responded


Iamdonewithusernames t1_je8q4gh wrote

Artists aren’t free. You pay to go to Moma or the Met to view art. Why are you discounting a current local artist for trying to sell his artwork? You asked and you definitely received the answers that this group has provided. After the link to his gallery, your only response should have been thank you and bought a piece from a local artist. Or, wait for it, you could give two shits about local artists and your sister is one of those Disney nuts who just wants to know why this artist portrayed Mickey! Going with the latter. It’s like someone seeing Warhol’s soup cans. “My sister loves soup! Tell me more!”


jstuckey t1_je9mhc8 wrote

Does that mean you need to comment what you did? I think not.


BloodFalconPunch t1_je9uuci wrote

Commenting on somebody's gaming hobby as if it's a negative, posted by a guy named gamerdude....?

Okay lol


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7tdp5 wrote

So I asked a question and was provided a link to store instead of any type of answer, should’ve I just bought something?


oekel t1_jeah3pw wrote

A link that tells you the identity of the artist? That’s what you find wrong about this?


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je872qt wrote

Lol what a loser


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je87q4z wrote

Yup I’m the loser, coming from the person who regularly post on r/virgin and r/amithedevil

But yeah, I’m the loser


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je88r9v wrote

Lol yeah. You are.

Trying to push vulnerable people away from Incel/black pill shit and…. AmITheDevil are both fine. You really just said the first shit you saw with no context huh?

What an absolute loser.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je89e5u wrote

First shit I saw with no context?

Like you did when you saw this post


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je89it7 wrote

No, I read the post, laughed at your dumb ass, the commented.

You’re literally a troglodyte assuming everyone else must be as dumb as you are.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je89tgs wrote

Ok Groomer, let me know how that Sandy beach dream turns out for you 👍


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je8bnpx wrote

You might be the dumbest person alive

“oK gRoOmEr” lol wtf are you smoking?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8d87b wrote

you better just go chat with your wife about it and pop a few Xanax or Ativan while you wonder if your awake or actually on that beach


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je8dsim wrote

Ok, so I went from being a virgin, to being a groomer, to now… having decent health insurance?

Damn dude, not really the own you think that is lol.

All jokes aside, you might actually legitimately be the dumbest person alive


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8e1vn wrote

Ugh where did you get “decent health insurance” from that?

Maybe lay off the Xanax and Ativan, but I’m sure your wife has already asked you that multiple times


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je8kuwy wrote

Has she? I don’t really talk about my wife on Reddit, beyond acknowledging that she exists when it’s relevant. What post are you pulling that from? You couldn’t connect two pretty obvious pieces of information earlier but now you’re going full Sherlock?

More like Mr.Bean.


Not__original t1_je8g547 wrote

Does karma create validity or assholes?

And the link has the name of the artist in it. Not hard to put two and two together.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8he2f wrote

It creates validity because someone i.e. the owner of a store could create multiple accounts to falsely inflate the reviews of their company

That small amount of karma on Reddit could mean that the account was just created to give a positive review

And if you never heard that artist’s name and had no idea who it was, there’s no way anyone could see that name in a random link sent to an anonymous message board


Not__original t1_je8ivdu wrote

I'd click on the link - oh, and look what appears - a name, and in the background an exact image of the same Micky Mouse. Would you look at that? All that Karma and you never learned how to click a link and not be a dick - better get more karma, or better karma, like super karma, you super redditor you.


oatmealparty t1_je8ihrf wrote

Congratulations on all that karma, you're a real hero.


Iamdonewithusernames t1_je8pb0o wrote

You do understand that artists don’t just exist to make you and your “Disney obsessed” sister happy, right? They sell their artwork. It’s their livelihood. You asked, you received. Should we give you a lesson on art history and how artists make money as well? Stick to video games and leave the arts to the adults.