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gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je7t67c wrote

Whatever makes you feel better

I asked a question and was provided a link to an online store without any context

You’re obviously too smart to read anything in full


EyesOnImprovement t1_je7yvj7 wrote

You might be the dumbest person alive.


Direct_Ad18 t1_je81597 wrote

I am actually laughing out loud picturing you, an internet stranger, spending two seconds answering this dudes question, putting your phone down for two hours, coming back to learn of the mess you have created, and posting this perfect response. Thanks for making my night.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je81j1m wrote

Yeah makes me laugh too, someone could’ve said “this is the local artist and this is his work” and that’s all I wanted

I thought I was weird that the first response I got was a link to a store and it evolved into this


Direct_Ad18 t1_je81va9 wrote

You might be the dumbest person alive.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je832f8 wrote

You’re obviously too stupid to read the story form the beginning, but whatever helps your sleep 👍


Direct_Ad18 t1_je83dwv wrote

Can you tell me the story from the beginning?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je841c9 wrote

Of course, so basically the title was the original question I asked:

My sister is a Disney nut and I live in JC but what is this?

And the first and only response I got was a link to a store, nothing else, no context at all.

I do like it, I never said it was shitty or the artist was shitty, I just thought it was very weird that the first and only post I got was a link to a store

And as soon as I responded that “it must be an ad” it snowballed


Direct_Ad18 t1_je8464q wrote

Oh, I didn't realize that. When you put it that way, I can see your point. I take it all back.


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je84scs wrote

Yeah when I originally posted it I thought someone would say “this is what it is and this is who did it and they’re known for this other stuff”

But I thought an immediate post to a store with no other text at all was some sort of bot scam


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8168g wrote

You must’ve read the post from the very start, makes sense


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je87bg8 wrote

You were provided a link to the storefront of the artist that created the art you asked about.

Do you literally have some type of disability?


gamerdudeNYC OP t1_je8816t wrote

It was a link to a store, no one said “this was the artist and here’s the store”

I think r/virgin is waiting for you since you post there so much


WooliesWhiteLeg t1_je892tz wrote

Yeah, trying to push vulnerable people away from incel communities before they get to them.

You should take a second to read what people say on subs and not just the name of the subs. You’ll make yourself look dumb less often… though actually I don’t know about that considering the absolute Herculean intellect you’ve displayed here. Imagine being almost 40 years old and completely unable to connect basic context clues.