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I get the reasons why...I've read the 200+ posts/comments about the incident. But that pic does nothing but say JC sucks. I lived in JC in the 90s when I attended NJCU...I have zero love for JC and was thrilled to move to Sussex Cnty. But that pic...oh my



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kittyglitther t1_jefstxl wrote

So you don't like JC, you don't live in JC, but you have big luxury opinions on how the JC subreddit should operate?


mooseLimbsCatLicks t1_jefsl8k wrote

So, you don’t like jersey city. But you want me to change the picture 😆


kittyglitther t1_jefv6hy wrote

I had to Google Sussex County. Even though I'm from NJ I still had to Google it.

I'm not sure I'd tell people I moved there, and I think I'd only find myself living there if by some chance a witch put a curse on me.


mooseLimbsCatLicks t1_jefvefd wrote

This is like Amy’s old childhood friend or something lol. Or someone who has an interest in her political reputation.



Byzantium-1204 t1_jefxn8r wrote

You have a massive attitude problem. And you are not too swift if you need to google NJ Counties and you have lived in NJ your whole life.


garth_meringue t1_jeg6dxo wrote

Where does the picture show up? All I see is the skyline photo up top I've always seen, even in other browsers and not logged in.


nuncio_populi t1_jeftjdo wrote

Wow! Talk about a convincing sales pitch.

“Hey, this city sucks and so do all of you losers. But this is why you should listen to me and change the picture on a subreddit for a city I don’t give two shits about.”

You, my friend, are about to make the Mickey Mouse commentator look like a genius.


surrendertomychill t1_jefvk1k wrote

And it's not like that guy needs someone to make him look like a genius. After all the 100k Reddit karma speaks for itself


kay141414 t1_jefzqca wrote

Maybe it says the people on this sub want to hold their elected officials accountable.

It’s also kinda the most Jersey City profile pic ever, like noone else would do this. I’ve come to embrace it.


iron64 t1_jeg92fb wrote

Lol Sussex county sucks, like nearly every other county in New Jersey :) (besides, of course, Hudson county)


Lowkeylowthreadcount t1_jegdryf wrote

Tell me you just discovered Reddit without telling me you just discovered Reddit


jerseycityfrankie t1_jegwe2g wrote

It’ll likely come right down within days of her resignation. After the victory lap.


Economy-Cupcake808 t1_jeg44ns wrote

People in this sub think that Amy DeGise accidentally hitting a biker who ran a red light is worse than the holocaust.