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We hate brunch and every weekend, when we go out for lunch (around 1) the question becomes "Where can we go?" as every place around in downtown seems to be just serving brunch menu. Any recommendations?



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BigAlOof t1_jdrau8l wrote

is it the vibe you hate? all the brunch menus i’ve seen have breakfast and lunch. brunch isn’t a meal it’s a menu.

but if it’s the vibe, i get that. most asian/south asian don’t have brunch.


ebastoria t1_jdreamw wrote

White Star serves lunch and brunch menus.


jcnative t1_jdrqcvh wrote

Plus it opens at 11, which means its empty around that time. Probably need a reservation for 1 though.


MarieSkiis t1_jdr9rcl wrote

City Diner serves, breakfast, lunch, brunch and/or dinner all day long. Afterwards take a walk along the waterfront.


whybother5000 t1_jdrw6tw wrote

Try any place that’s Asian / Indian


NYY16 t1_jdrc0yq wrote

Hamilton Pork


a2309tu t1_jdrhfkc wrote

Krewe in McGinley Square!

It's a bit of a walk from downtown, they technically have a brunch, but it's not your typical waffle and eggs Benedict, it's very good Cajun.


SpicyMargarita143 t1_jdsj1gi wrote

Rumba Cubano


aa043 t1_jdvpohk wrote

Rumba's Cafe on Central in the Heights has parking; a lively place usually full with diverse clients. People can choose whatever they want during lunch times. If too crowded, just take out coffee and food to nearby Washington Park and enjoy the fresh air.


karliejai t1_jdvcasl wrote

so you hate breakfast or lunch? brunch is litearlly a combination of the two. so don't go out or wait til dinner.


scubastefon t1_jdthkli wrote

Uncle Momos serves brunch and their main menu during brunch hours, I think.


alexCinJC t1_jdtvnmj wrote

you like dim sum? there's Chengdu