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Iconospastic OP t1_je4dq6d wrote

The page was full of answers meant to make her seem both very fascinating and yet relatable, and it all comes off as kind of weird instead.

(But part of that may just be hindsight.)


Ezl t1_je6gom0 wrote

Agree. I don’t think it’s hindsight either - as you suggested, I think she was trying to pick things to make an impression but missed the mark. As another commenter said, The uncanny valley of political blurbs.


Iconospastic OP t1_je6tc7x wrote

At the very least she does seem highly insecure -- in all seriousness, possibly family-related and now drug-exacerbated. (I know I'm speculating.)

...The truth about a person tends to leave room for sympathy. But right now, all I can think about is her dodging responsibility for a felony and giving the public the middle finger. I wonder if we'll ever truly know why.