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FinalIntern8888 t1_je2mx7y wrote

Also used the lack of sleep excuse. Maybe she shouldn’t drive then


IamLars t1_je2vj08 wrote

Lack of sleep, coordination and morals. Interesting combo.


No-Practice-8038 t1_je3e12d wrote

Maybe also drinky drinky….or snort snort or poppin poppin pils…..the world will never know.


Iconospastic OP t1_je4d7gc wrote

Or be involved with daily policy decisions affecting a quarter-million people.


SenorObvious t1_je4kg59 wrote

Wait, did she really list a job she almost got as an interesting fact about herself? Please tell me the AMA was satire and not actually real...


Inkysin t1_je4pmhr wrote

That’s honestly what got me. Who would even tell that story about themselves?


FinalIntern8888 t1_je4rtvm wrote

Almost as if she couldn’t get a job on her own without the help of nepotism


xTheShrike t1_je4witd wrote

In gender studies of all topics.


zippy1981 t1_je58u4m wrote

I think it's too show her passion for fever t studies to voter she thinks would like that.

It's the gender studies version of "the army wouldn't take me, so b let me serve here"


Ezl t1_je37710 wrote

Jokes about the accident aside, that’s kind if a weird selection of “fun” facts.


Iconospastic OP t1_je4dq6d wrote

The page was full of answers meant to make her seem both very fascinating and yet relatable, and it all comes off as kind of weird instead.

(But part of that may just be hindsight.)


Ezl t1_je6gom0 wrote

Agree. I don’t think it’s hindsight either - as you suggested, I think she was trying to pick things to make an impression but missed the mark. As another commenter said, The uncanny valley of political blurbs.


Iconospastic OP t1_je6tc7x wrote

At the very least she does seem highly insecure -- in all seriousness, possibly family-related and now drug-exacerbated. (I know I'm speculating.)

...The truth about a person tends to leave room for sympathy. But right now, all I can think about is her dodging responsibility for a felony and giving the public the middle finger. I wonder if we'll ever truly know why.


IdealGuest t1_je3ei3s wrote

Someone should make a political button of her running over a bicyclist.


Neat-Guarantee-4643 t1_je33upa wrote

Sleep paralysis? Hmmmm. I have to laugh. This is so Hudson County. Nice airbrushed photo Amy.


Electrical_Fox_193 t1_je54af3 wrote

(I am no way supporting her and agree she needs to resign) I went to high school with her, and can definitely agree.. she trips over her own feet.. a lot.. and I vaguely recall her falling out of her seat in class once.


BuySignificant522 t1_je6wyi9 wrote

So she’s clumsy and sleep deprived… this is incriminating


Aggravating_Lemon_32 t1_jear301 wrote

If she becomes the mayor, god save pedestrians and cyclists 🚴‍♀️ 😅